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Thursday 05 Melt - Teaser Poster 1

So the tradition for the Thursday games was that we played them on the Thursday before Halloween. 
That's because our gaming group got together on Thursday nights. 
Part of the gag of the original story was that the villain was a psychotic teenage girl named Thursday. 

As I was trying to come up with a story for Thursday 5 in 2002, I discovered that Halloween that year actually landed on a Thursday! So I made this poster for my friends to remind them to save the date.
Ironically, Thursday herself did not appear in that story, though it was connected to them, mostly through recurring characters and NPCs.
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I think I remember you having a small series of comics about Thursday on your comic blog a long time ago, but they seem to have disappeared after you remodelled it.

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I did.

Thursday 9: Reunion was the first Halloween Thursday where I couldn't get a gang together to run a game. So I started a comic about the original characters getting back together in their hometown of Harper's Falls and combating Thursday who'd been resurrected by a crazy vampire. I never got very far with it and I never posted or published it anywhere. I'm not even sure I still have the originals anywhere.

Thursday 11: Remembrance was the second time I wasn't able to get a gang together in time for a Thursday game, so I did a short comic summarizing all the Thursdays up to date, as narrated by Vampire Thursday and her (still human, but crazy) twin sister Tranquility.

That one was posted on the Comix Blog.

Thursday 12: Ritual of Terror was also a comic, but it had nothing to do with the Thursday plotline. What I did was I drew cards at random from a deck of "Graverobbers From Outer Space" and wrote a quick story based on them. It too was posted on the Comix Blog.

Thursday 13: MacDonald's Revenge was run by my old gang back in my home province, but the DM contacted me in advance and had me phone in as an NPC in a cameo scene to surprise the players.

Thursday 14: Halloween was a crossover comic I started (again, never finished and never posted) about a group of kids at a Halloween party hosted by the Vampire Thursday. But much to her annoyance, Michael Myers of the Halloween films shows up (Servers her right for hosting a party in Haddonfield Illinois). It was a prequel to a much longer and larger comic story I was planning with my wife about a 4-way crossover called 13:31, which would have featured characters from the Halloween franchise, Friday the 13th, NCIS and Criminal Minds. A brilliant story we concocted too that merged all the continuities, but it was so huge and complex that we got overwhelmed and put it aside and never went back to it. Shame, it would have been awesome.

When we revamped our websites and I had to move the comics over on the Comix Blog I just didn't bother putting up all the stuff I no longer liked and figured people didn't care about. And the Thursday related comics were part of that.

Thursday 15: Night Walkers was a concept by :Jarvisrama99: as a sort of fanfic sequel and prequel. Alas, he never finished writing it and I'll never know how it went, but I know it involved a creepy cult and a bunch of teenagers getting menaced was creepy walking scarecrows.

By Thursday 16: The Hauntings of Carpenter House I was finally back /in/ with a gamer group where we live now and they are the victims.... I mean players in the newest of my Thursday series of games. We don't play ON Thursdays anymore, they come over on weekends. But I'm continuing the series anyway.

And thanks to the Pandemic, we got back in touch with our old group on the interwebs and have been playing with them again too! And so I'm playing a character in their Thursday games! YAY!

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I loved your Thursday comics and was sorry to see them vanish. ^^;

But man, it's amazing to see how long the Thursday games have been going! :)