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Homerian Epic: The Minis by Gorpo Homerian Epic: The Minis :icongorpo:Gorpo 4 2 The Arcadian Two-Headed Bull! by Gorpo The Arcadian Two-Headed Bull! :icongorpo:Gorpo 9 4 Nicodemus the Healer by Gorpo Nicodemus the Healer :icongorpo:Gorpo 13 1 Homerian Epic: The Apollonides by Gorpo Homerian Epic: The Apollonides :icongorpo:Gorpo 5 1 Snoopy by Gorpo Snoopy :icongorpo:Gorpo 15 2 Lucy Van Pelt by Gorpo Lucy Van Pelt :icongorpo:Gorpo 8 3 The 5th Scout by Gorpo The 5th Scout :icongorpo:Gorpo 6 1 The 6th Scout by Gorpo The 6th Scout :icongorpo:Gorpo 6 0 My Cellist is Missing by Gorpo My Cellist is Missing :icongorpo:Gorpo 2 0 Pandora by Gorpo Pandora :icongorpo:Gorpo 2 4 The 7th Scout by Gorpo The 7th Scout :icongorpo:Gorpo 2 0 The 8th Scout shortly after regeneration. by Gorpo The 8th Scout shortly after regeneration. :icongorpo:Gorpo 3 0 The 8th Scout near the end of his life. by Gorpo The 8th Scout near the end of his life. :icongorpo:Gorpo 3 2 Into Egypt by Gorpo Into Egypt :icongorpo:Gorpo 1 0 The 9th Scout, young and in his prime. by Gorpo The 9th Scout, young and in his prime. :icongorpo:Gorpo 4 2 The Waiting Game by Gorpo The Waiting Game :icongorpo:Gorpo 3 0


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Hunting :iconsandara:sandara 3,007 114


Homerian Epic: The Minis
I'm not a stellar mini-painter, but this was sufficient to make my players -my family- happy. Used the ole' Dinosaur Table as a nifty backdrop! 
The Arcadian Two-Headed Bull!
In my Greek Mythology setting AD&D campaign, the first monster the characters met was this, a bright orange hided two-headed crazed bull, charging madly through the forest. It was sent by the gods to test the strength, courange and skills of the young Heroes, Achillios and Antiope. They passed the test and defeated the bull! (And shot up a level in the process! Hooray!)
Nicodemus the Healer
In the Greek Mythology AD&D campaign I'm running, one of the PC's is Nicodemus, a grumbly old Centaur who retired from Tribal Protection duty and now resides in the Arcadian Forest as a Healer Priest of Apollo.
Homerian Epic: The Apollonides
So I'm running an old 2e AD&D campaign set in Mythological Greece. These are two of my heroes, Antiope and Achillios, the twin children of the god Apollo and the Muse Terpsichore.  They were raised by Fauns and Nymphs in the lush forest of Arcadia. 

Peeking from behind a tree is one of their Faun friends. Fauns and Satyrs are different creatures, I'll deal with that later. Suffice it to say that there are both in this world I'm running, but the Fauns are by far the safer companions.


Current Residence: Nova Scotia
Favourite genre of music: Soundtracks
Favourite style of art: Good ole' 16mm film.
Favourite cartoon character: Gorpo the Clown
Personal Quote: "There's something to be said for the Lowest Common Denominator...It's easy to catch up to."
No promises, but if I were to open myself to viewer suggestion and ask you to tell me what you want me to draw, what would I get? 
I'm pretty swamped with stuff at the moment, but if I get a chance or need a break (or get something REALLY tempting) I'll give it a go.
  • Listening to: Mummy and Daughter reading stories upstairs.
  • Reading: "An Oak of Hope"
  • Watching: Crime documentaries on YouTube


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Gorpo Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2018
Oh thank you all so much! So very kind of you and it's really appreciated. I had a good day and this made it even better. :D 
Grendelkin Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday, and as many returns as you wish for yourself in happiness, health and prosperity. ^_^
MensjeDeZeemeermin Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2018
Today is a special day worthy of celebration--because you are a special person worthy of celebration, and it is your birthday.  You in all the universe are a unique product of unique experience that have shaped a unique and compelling perspective. You merit interest and attention; you merit praise.  Your presence in this shared reality makes that reality a better place.  For that, and your brave and generous sharing of the products of your experiences and creativity, I pause to note that I rejoice in you, and wish you a truly HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
AnkouMalkavian Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2018  Student General Artist
Feliz Cumpleaños!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Lord-Crios Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy BDay 

  Birthday Cake  :D 
daeien Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2018
Happy Birthday! :D (Big Grin) Party Have your cake and eat it too Party :D (Big Grin)
MrCaptainA Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2018
Happy Birthday, Rich!
(I'll be out of town tomorrow, so I'm wishing you Happy Birthday today.)
Grendelkin Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, thank you for watching me on DevArt! 
^^; To be honest, I had a bit of a fanboy moment when I saw the message that you started following me here; I'm a huge fan of YAFGC and your Comixblog.

If you don't mind my asking, what drew your interest?
Gorpo Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2018
You're Aebliss on the YAFGC site, aren't you? You posted a link to Sarcantasy in the YAFGC forum and I popped in to take a look. 
I got hooked on the story, though I didn't have time then to get through the whole thing to date, but I enjoyed it, so I decided to watch. :) 

Always a pleasure, heheh, imagine anyone having a fanboy moment for me! Very kind of you. Keep on drawing, man! :) 
Grendelkin Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes. Yes, I am! ^_^ Sorry I haven't been around the forum for a while. 

I'm glad you liked my story! The format is inspired by the old "choose your own adventure"-books by Jackson and Livingstone, the "Fighting Fantasy"-series.
Would you like to join the vote once you're all caught up? ;)

I will keep drawing, yes. It's one of my great loves in life. ^_^
And hey, I really admire YAFGC. It's one of the finest webcomics I have ever encountered, and I always look forward to the next new page.
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