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What words cannot describe,
My heart will try,
Like our love in a landslide,
Too ready to die.

From then there was light, that blinded the sky,
And shone right through ; the heart of my eye,
Now what once was, forever now is,
Dreams of kings once forgotten,
Shall be only his,
The echoing laughter ; the painful rapture,
I will remind to her of consigning me to such a hurting bliss.
But that was then ; and this is now,
I've shed all my waste,
And in this desolated place ; of memories subside,
I shall save face ; to shield this place,
From your scarred fingers touch.

Now, there is nothing left to feel,
Emotion ground down to dust,
With only one thing left to tell to you,
That what I did would always be worth it,
To strip from you ; love ; breath, and life,
So kill yourself ; and never forgive, your tainted soul ; you dirty slut.

For it's over.
I wrote this about many things.
And I'm not entirely sure why.
I loved her.

But now all women are the same thing to me.
Retail sluts.



P.S: Women, I don't hate you and I don't want to cause offence. It is just my feelings and emotions. I'm sure you are all nice people. :D (Big Grin)
ruahh Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2002
kewl! staight up man all womens are waiting for you! BIZZZZ!
peaty Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2002
Hey, Really great poem.
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June 24, 2002
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