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I need to find a place to hide from the weather that plagues the outside of my corpse.
Somewhere, hidden from the eyes of the tortured world, I can rest my wethered soul in solitude,
Unfathomable depths of perception lie in the path beyond me,
Unending darkness of the void lie in the cave I submerged from behind,
Here I am now in a sense of unco-ordinated directional fury,
Riding like a fool with no conception of truth, riding bareback a landslide.

Times like, they are today,
Were not like the present you see,
Before a time I had peace,
In my heart and mind the will was sleeping still,
In my home,
I could cry,
But there came a time,
When I could not stay..

A rupture
in the earth
irreparrable reprocussions
fell on me
pebbles and boulders
rocks and stones
crash down
within my lonely life
to my essential ethers
they tether to
my child
our child
ripped from the womb
and struck down
upon the altar
of unbridled
I miss the precious broken shattered fragments of my life a time which I forgot.

After all,
Pain is not one to subside from this cadaver,
And like the stereotypical british man that I pretend,
Patriotic to my country and I know that,
In my pitiful hearth that one did deserve it,
Whose soul was mine,
My body my own,
The actions caused by our thoughts, our children, our mark. Do bear no recompense,
On anything I own.

So here I am in my life today with no recollection and no hope,
Doomed to a curse that was born from me and with me shall end,
And it is I who walks the trail of anguished dreams and plans,
Agony to befall all who follow the tainted paragon's path,
Our dream to escape,
To leave this worldly place,
To hide away within my home, my cave, my space,
Or else fail like a faceless name upon the page.
Etched out as time corrodes the pure thoughts undiscovered.
A poem I wrote, it tells a story. A story about life, rebirth, decisions and mistakes.
I really.. hope you like it, because I do.



I don't know why I think these things sometimes but I do and I like it.
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Submitted on
July 29, 2002
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