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Singing In The Rain

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Phenomenal art piece!
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D.O.P.E.!!! Love Nod Clap 
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I love this piece so much! I would love to have this as a backlit painting on glass.
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awesome work. Really stood out right away
TwistedTaken's avatar
It is so amazing i could never create something as spectacular *High five*
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If I wasn't so damn broke I would buy this
manglejaldonthefox73's avatar
is it look like overwatch to me but still cool
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noice i think this is some of the best work on deviantart this looks good keep it up!!
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omg i love this i wish i had enough to buy this i love the lonely robot feel and the guitar this is amazing XD your awesome
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Are your brushes still available for download?
DrSlipperyMD's avatar
Dude realistic asf looks so good.
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Strong and amazing works!
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amazing lighting , well done
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i havent seen this in ages.
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the addition of the cyber-cat singing is a nice touch:D (Big Grin) 
Such a cool piece! what program?
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