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Half Moon

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Funny idea! (and answer for "Why one side of the Moon is dark") :D :D :D

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Love this idea❤️
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sorry, kids....i wake up but i feel a little diffederent.....thanks to zfn
tonyair767's avatar
Fits my childhood vision about people doing cool things on the moon.
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:D I wondered how the moon got like that! Are they cleaning off the lighter part, or painting on the dark?
IrradiatedSocks's avatar
This is amazing! Whenever I look at the moon now, I will think of this :D
Fythea's avatar
lovely concept! 8'D
NixiPixie's avatar
amazing idea! ^_^
ShannonAllAround's avatar
That is brilliant! I love it!!! 
crow-proxy's avatar
Oh man a picture is worth a thousand words. Though I wish this picture is worth an animated short!
PupsKing's avatar
I won't be able to see the moon the exact same way anymore... Darn.
Snorthweast1's avatar
I love your concepts! I wish I was as creative as you Meow :3 
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Oh my goodness, so awesome and cute, really great!
I can't favorite your work anymore.  I would have to favorite all of them.  My favorite arts (be it writing, music, paintings, drawings etc.) all tell stories.  And your pieces always tell such phenomenal stories.  Great work again.
Gardd's avatar
wow! so cute!!!
LethalxLightning's avatar
Looks like he's either painting the moon or cleaning it. XD
kalivana's avatar
very sweet ! beautiful work:clap: 
putridCheese's avatar
Cleaning up the moon, one half at a time!
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