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The Curse of an Imagination and a Lovesick Lullaby
Version 1
I dreamt of you last night.
Without noticing my tears,
I whispered "Goodnight"
as though you were there.
Without noticing my tears,
I bent around your imaginary frame,
as though you were there,
because I forgot that you weren't.
I bent around your imaginary frame
and tried to hold a hand that didn't exist.
I forgot that you didn't. You never did.
You're only a music box melody.
I tried to hold a hand that didn't exist
because loneliness made be believe
that you aren't just a music box melody,
you're real, here, beside me.
Loneliness made me believe
that you were there last night.
You were real, there, beside me
when I whispered "Goodnight".
Written - 4/14/13 @ 9:38 P.M.
Version 2
Unwittingly, in loneliness, I dreamt of you last night.
Without noticing my tears, or the absence of your warmth,
I whispered "Goodnight" into the folds of my pillowcase
as though you were there to hear me mumble in the dark.
Without noticing my tears run through your absent warmth,
I coiled myself i
:icongoron-king-darunia:Goron-King-Darunia 2 3
Richter Skit Sprites full set with bonus by Goron-King-Darunia Richter Skit Sprites full set with bonus :icongoron-king-darunia:Goron-King-Darunia 13 18
Flanoir .:VORE:. Part 1
Warning! Please read the Artist's Comments before reading this story! You have been warned!
Flanoir (working title... which sucks)
Part 1: Pineapple Snowmen (also a working title... and a very stupid one at that! XD)
Flakes of snow fell gently over Emil's surroundings; he was pleased to see the weather had stabilized since his adventure to save the world. When he had first come here with Marta, the skies were eerily clear and the snow was slushy and muddy from seasons of unusually warm weather. Now, it had all returned to the way it should be - the ground was covered in a knee-deep layer of crisp, clean white and the air was filled with the usual painful chill; the sky overhead was filled with grey clouds as thick as the snow below, and the surrounding seas were filled with the hazardous, though beautiful, glacial ice.
Emil sat on the stoop of the local inn, watching the citizens go about their lives. Most of the men were shoveling a p
:icongoron-king-darunia:Goron-King-Darunia 33 11
Mature content
Together with Richter .:VORE:. Part 2 :icongoron-king-darunia:Goron-King-Darunia 9 6
Mature content
Together with Richter .:VORE:. Part 5 :icongoron-king-darunia:Goron-King-Darunia 7 13
Mature content
Together with Richter .:VORE:. Part 4 :icongoron-king-darunia:Goron-King-Darunia 6 5
Mature content
Together with Richter .:VORE:. Part 2 :icongoron-king-darunia:Goron-King-Darunia 4 14
Kitty Aster Page 1 by Goron-King-Darunia Kitty Aster Page 1 :icongoron-king-darunia:Goron-King-Darunia 19 13
The Unexpected Beauty of a Researcher's Roommate
Written from the perspective of Richter Abend from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.
Dimly lit cells, claustrophobic corners between towers of tomes
crowding me, mocking me. These damp stone walls are all I've ever known.
My entire world is made of rectangles, god-damned rectangles.
Unnatural abominations in the artificial light of monitors, dull screens
spinning data into webs of green numbers. The only things
organic here are the lab rats - namely us.
Some things clunk, some things whirr, and one or two
occasionally beep. They are lonely sounds, a background ambiance.
The machines would toil without us, and they do.
Only footfalls echoing down lonely, stone halls, pressing in like prison walls
break the undisturbed silence of these dungeons. Humming computers
gradually fade from conscious awareness as our senses die.
All that matters is the research, useless research. My job is to read,
extrapolate information from dead pages, store it for a mortal life,
vomit it up o
:icongoron-king-darunia:Goron-King-Darunia 3 12
Mature content
A Song For the Sun :icongoron-king-darunia:Goron-King-Darunia 1 9
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TDW Richter Abend

All my love to Aery-Child  for doing the art for me! The designs came out great!

Tamer Info

Name: Richter Abend
Age: 21
Nationality: German
Digivice: Nokia phone
Digital Shard: Courage
Height/Weight: 5'11" & 165 lbs
DOB: November 1st
Family: Mother 

Chips collected:


Richter is shy, curt, and not very approachable. He has a soft heart, but not many get to see it. He has a strong sense of justice and can get aggressive toward people who prey on the meek, but he mostly prefers to stick to his books in a quiet corner. He's often hesitant to act because he doesn't want to start trouble, but when friends are in danger or the proper motivation is applied, Richter will rush into the fray to help out. He's learning to be more assertive and is trying to get better at reaching out to others.

Among friends, Richter peeks out of his shell more, cracking jokes with a generally warm affect. He's enthusiastic about science, particularly biology. A bit of a momma's boy and a bookworm, Richter can be a bit reclusive and prefers to be approached by others rather than to strike up a conversation on his own. He does well with more extroverted personalities who are willing to take the reins and guide conversation and tends to sit in silence among other introverts. As a young adult, these traits come together to form a quiet, studious college student who's not involved in many clubs or activities who mostly gets roped into things by friends.


(I have permission from Aery-Child to use Aster as part of Richter's backstory as an established friend.)

Richter is the only child to a single mother. The whereabouts of his father are unknown.

Richter spent the first 5 years of his life in Germany before moving to England with his mom. There, he met Aster in third grade, and the two became friends, both sharing an interest in science. Richter spent most of his school years cooped up in the library, reading and avoiding bullies and general interaction with other people. When Aster moved to Japan for college, Richter stayed behind, taking general courses before he planned to follow after Aster to complete his degree at the same college.

The summer before he embarked to Japan, Richter was spending his final holiday at the beach. It was the end of the season, and the beach was mostly empty. A splash in the water caught his attention. That's when he noticed it. A floundering figure being carried out to sea. A riptide. He glanced up and down the shore for a lifeguard. He didn't think he could reach one of the towers in time, even if he ran as fast as he could. Mustering up his courage, he stripped down to his trunks and dove in, swimming out to the person struggling against the current. "Deep breaths! Just try to float! I'll try to pull you to shore!" The panicked young woman nodded, choking on tears and salt water as he towed her along the shore until they were out of the current. Richter could see a small shadow following them in the water. It was too small to be anything dangerous so he paid it no mind. By the time they were out of the current, a lifeguard had taken notice and threw them a life ring, helping the exhausted duo to shore. 

Once things had calmed down, Richter saw it again. A dark shadow darting around in the water. It washed up on shore, a brown stripey fish. Richter hadn't seen a creature like it before. "Uh, do you need to go back into the water, little guy?" Richter asked.

Ichthyomon just grinned, shooting a jet of water right in Richter's face.

"Hey!" Richter grumbled, his phone tumbling out of his bag into the sand onto a shard of courage.

Aster soon received a call "Hey, uh, buddy? I'm going to be bringing a new friend with me to college."

Extra Info: Aster is the reason Richter is into all sorts of nerdy stuff. Aster is also the one giving Richter fashion advice and helping him be more confident. Richter can't cook to save his life so he basically lives off ramen. Which frankly isn't that unusual for a college kid.

Digimon Info


Ichthyomon, called "Theo" for short, is a bubbly, affectionate Digimon. Theo prefers to be in the water when possible, but as long as he's kept hydrated, he can move around freely on land, if a bit awkwardly. Theo enjoys snuggles and playing games, preferably involving a beach ball. He can be quite mischievous and has a bad habit of spraying Richter with water to get his attention instead of just talking. As Ichthyomon Digivolves, he becomes a gentle, encouraging presence, always ready to give Richter that extra little push. 

•Digimon evolutions•

In-Training: Ichthyomon
Ichthyomon is a chubby, koi fish-like Digimon

Attack: Water Jet: Sprays a high pressured jet of water at an opponent.
Slap: Springs high in the air and smacks an opponent hard with the tail fin.

Rookie: Kuhlikoimon
Kuhlikoimon is a long, thin, loach-like Digimon with a koi-fish pattern. Kuhlikoimon is a bit less rambunctious than Ichthyomon, but still very peppy. Khulikoimon likes to lounge on Richter's shoulders and whisper affirmations in his ears.
Fireman's Gun: Sprays a high-pressure jet of water that can cut through wood.
Trip: Uses his powerful tail and body to knock an opponent's legs out from under them.

Champion: Pangiomon

Ultimate: ???

Mega: ???

Roleplayer Info

Time Zone: PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)
Rp Style: I like lengthy, in-depth roleplay but I'm fine with whatever.
Rp  Method: I'm flexible. I tend to give replies that are at least a few sentences in length and can work off replies anywhere from a single sentence to several paragraphs.
  • Listening to: Video game soundtracks
  • Reading: My most recent chapters, checking for errors
  • Watching: Nothing in particular
  • Playing: Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy
  • Eating: Nothing.
  • Drinking: Water.

Re-purposing this post to mention that my DA is going through some changes. I've got plenty in the works and things are actually going really well lately. Updates soon. Love you all.



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Personal Quote: I adjust my TV's color judging by how red Elmo is...



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