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Hays Sunset

By gorkath
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I found this place using google maps. I was looking for a pier of any description and thought I had found one and this place was remarkably close to where I live. What looked like a pier on the map actually tuned out to be a storm water pipe...not very exciting. I found this tree anyway and shot it instead.

Edit: 18/11/08 (large file)

A number of deviants have asked me how this photo got the way it is, so here is the run down.

Equipment: Canon 350D with standard 18-55mm kit lens @ 18mm(28mm as a 35mm equivalent) Av mode AEB with remote, on a Manfrotto 785B TriPod.

It starts with 3 exposures: 1/13, 0.3. 1.3 at f16 raw (always shoot in raw!), converted to jpeg and then merged using dynamic photo hdr [link] . It's quite easy to get carried away here because even though it is a very simple program, you can go totally nuts and boost colours and detail off the charts! But my aim this time was to faithfully reproduce the colours whilst retaining the refection (which I couln't do from either one of the exposures). So the tonemapping process was simply a matter of comparing against exposure 2 (the middle exposure is normally the most acurate representation of the overall dynamic range of the captured scene) and adjusting to suit. Unfortunately the hdr process adds heaps of noise so...the tonemapped image was then opened in PS CS3. From here I made two layers: the top layer gets the smart blur treatment (this process takes away noise) and then the blurred tree is erased exposing the non blurred tree underneath. The image is then flattened and all dust marks are removed (you get heaps on 350d's) and finally I gave it a slight de-saturation.

So there you have it! All my secrets revealed...ok, maybe not all, but certainly all that relate to this pic. I personally love all of this technical stuff, but I'm sure some will find that it detracts from the experience. I'm sorry about that! On the up-side though, I hope this shows that anyone with a thrice superseded entry level camera with a dodgy kit lens can produce reasonably good results.

P.S. As a part of this 'edit' I'm uploading a much larger version in order to make this pic print ready so, because dA is now re-sizing, it may look a little different (not too much I hope!)
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I've featured your piece in my journal [link] I hope you don't mind :) Brilliant image!
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great photo ! Nice scene and well took :) :+fav:
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Very well taken~ and processed!
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WHOA, this one gave me chills looking at it..
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I hope it was in a good way!
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Yes in a good way, incredible picture, you should bump the resolution up a bit!
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I'm glad! I would love to up the res but some people have already stolen this photo from this site and sold it on ebay and other sites without my permission.
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Ouch, ghost watermark it?
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I've thought about it, that's for sure, and I may still yet do it, but that just ruins it in a different way.
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I would have to agree, but you should have at least something on there to mark it as your property, your post has reminded me to start marking my images.
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Beautiful photograph, and I really appreciate you sharing your method of how to create a photo such as this. It's very kind of you! =)
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No problem, I hope it is helpful.
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I have bad news for you i think
I've heard from JChanders, that he was being theft by a german firm.
And i think i've found THIS picture, on the german firm's site O_O
Here's the link [link]

All your pictures are in danger of theft
and this firm has just proven it

Anyways, good luck
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Thank you for letting me know. Unfortunately it is the second time this week that someone has stolen my pictures and is selling them online. The sad thing is that from now on I will probably have to watermark my images. Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to inform me.
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No problem^^
You deserve to know stuff like this since you own all the rights to your pictures.
You might wanna contact JcHanders.. Since he's planning on doing something against this german firm.
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wow, pure magic!
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very awesome ! timing was also important for sure.

did you use any ND filters to tone down sky while bluring with movement the foreground please ?
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Thank you! Unfortunately no , I did not use any filters. I still don't have a set of filters...Doh! I think that if I had had a set of ND grads the post processing would have been much easier.
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Featured here: :iconhdrenesys:
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Wow. Amazing. Just amazing.
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