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:bulletpurple: You must be a Gorillaz fan to join, obviously.
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:bulletpurple: If you wish to add your Gorillaz related art to the Group's gallery, go ahead and add it to one of the categories. I made categories so the Group's gallery would be organised instead of sticking them all in one place.
:bulletpurple: PLEASE SUBMIT ALL COSPLAY PHOTOS TO THE COSPLAY FOLDER, NO EXCEPTIONS. All written work goes in Gorillaz Written Work, again NO EXCEPTIONS. I am getting sick of telling people where to put their pictures because they don't bother to read the rules.
:bulletpurple: NO OFFICIAL ARTWORK ALLOWED IN THE CLUB!!!! I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY OFFICIAL ARTWORK IN THE CLUB, NOT EVEN IF YOU'VE MADE CHANGES TO IT. POSTING OFFICIAL ART AND SCREENSHOTS IS AGAINST DeviantArt POLICY! I can't stress that enough. It says on the left of the galleries not to submit them but people still do because apparently they don't bother to READ.
:bulletpurple: PLEASE don't post so much Gorillaz slash art. A lot of the members aren't interested in seeing it and there are other groups for that. Check our affiliates and you will see them. Also, NO fetish art please. Not everyone likes it and I want to keep this group clean.
:bulletpurple: Also, please keep concert photos to a minimum; this group is about ARTWORK, not snapshots of concerts. We know it was awesome seeing Damon and the others for real but please only post one or two, we don't need to see them all!
:bulletpurple: Please don't post art just drawn in Jamie's style unless its a pic of one or more of the Gorillaz band members. THIS IS NOT A GROUP FOR GORILLAZ OCs, ONLY THE OFFICIAL CHARACTERS!!! There are other groups for Gorillaz OCs, check our affiliates! We only accept OC art if the OC is with the actual Gorillaz characters.
:bulletpurple: I do NOT tolerate put-downs, flames of any kind, or down-right meanness in general. So if you choose to become a big meanie about the whole thing...then kindly fuck off.
:bulletpurple: Hail Gorillaz, always.

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Phase 1 Art
Noodle by Ginger-Root
birthday child by Aurora-Silver
images taken moments before disaster by Commander-Katelyn
subject 23 by Commander-Katelyn
Phase 2 Art - Demon Days
El Manana by The-Happy-Spaceman
Noodlee by NenosoFox
El manana by Bluegirl123456
Noodle - Phase 2 by AJ-Illustrations
Phase 3 Art - Plastic Beach
Boogieman Portait. by beebonic
big man does a big swim by Commander-Katelyn
2-D 2d 2-d 2D by Ginger-Root
Noodle - Phase 3 by AJ-Illustrations
Phase 4 Art - Humanz
Noodle time?? by SleepyJigen
Murdoc is God by SleepyJigen
2D is a bi- by SleepyJigen
Muds by JekyllDraws
Phase 5 Art - The Now Now
2D by CartooonKaylaa

Mature Content

Ace Copular by SamTheMoose101
Tranz by SamTheMoose101
2D by Martyna-Chan
Phase 6 Art - Song Machine
Rat encounter. by beebonic
PacMan gorillaz by NenosoFox
Pacman Gorillaz by whitebunny1063
2D is gonna beat Pacman by SycrithTheSquid
The Whole Band
ghost man's day of birth by Commander-Katelyn
Gorillaz None-Shaded Version by Dambusta-Animations
Fanart Friday - Gorillaz by Dambusta-Animations
TWENTY by Commander-Katelyn
Band Members
Happy Birthday Noodle! by CelmationPrince
Happy birth day 2016! by rumrock
Gorillaz - 2D by DigitalCubist
The Guitarist by The-Happy-Spaceman
Band Members II
My man 2-D by Ginger-Root
Hug me by Kaoru13th
fem!2doc by Kaoru13th
Noodle by Ginger-Root
Other Related Artwork
Noodle and Octavius by Ginger-Root
Gorillaz Cosplay
Gorillaz cosplay by Ginger-Root

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Gorillaz by Evilchildren Gorillaz :iconevilchildren:Evilchildren 304 70 commission - GORILLAZ RULZ by Go-Devil-Dante commission - GORILLAZ RULZ :icongo-devil-dante:Go-Devil-Dante 3,690 510 Gorillaz by IMarcI Gorillaz :iconimarci:IMarcI 632 35 Gorillaz by iulia89 Gorillaz :iconiulia89:iulia89 695 51 GorillaZ by Hare-Bo GorillaZ :iconhare-bo:Hare-Bo 1,310 175 Gorillaz by d-ranged Gorillaz :icond-ranged:d-ranged 1,017 49 gorillaz by keitaro021781 gorillaz :iconkeitaro021781:keitaro021781 550 93 Gorillaz - Group image by 2Dark Gorillaz - Group image :icon2dark:2Dark 2,030 217 gorillaz by KeloidCouture gorillaz :iconkeloidcouture:KeloidCouture 1,842 128 gorillaz by juliluli gorillaz :iconjuliluli:juliluli 2,022 109 Gorillaz by Themrock Gorillaz :iconthemrock:Themrock 1,372 231 Gorillaz by blackstarsshine Gorillaz :iconblackstarsshine:blackstarsshine 2,048 201 Gorillaz by daekazu Gorillaz :icondaekazu:daekazu 5,018 952

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Just released, the source of this article is The Lad Bible and you can read it here.

Summary is here:
Gorillaz have announced their new album, The Now Now, teasing the info on with retro visuals and a release date of 29 June.

In a clip from their chat, which was also shared with the tweet, Albarn said: "I feel really good about it. I feel really, really good about it."

Lowe then asks Albarn if there are any major collaborations - as there were a fair few for previous album Humanz - prompting Albarn to mention George Benson, among a few others.
"Not really any," Albarn says, adding: "Snoop's on it because we were in LA."
Initial reports of the album surfaced at the end of last year following an interview with artist and Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett, who revealed plans of new work.
"We're working on another Gorillaz album that we're going to be releasing next year," He told German art-book publisher Taschen.
"Usually we have a good five-year break between each album but we decided, you know what? Let's keep going. Because there's ideas for a few more albums so we're going to go straight into that. So that will be all of next year and probably the year beyond that."

Looks like there are lots of exciting things in store for us Gorillaz Fans!

It's the sweet sensation, over the dub...

Ah, yes. The sweet nectarous sound of Gorillaz pouring through your headphones. You are a Gorillaz fan, yes? Then you've come to the right place. This is the place where Gorillaz and deviantART collide, in a shining supernova of catastrophic proportions. Brace yourself for vicious viciousness, because the Geep is running and there's not a moose in sight. Let loose...and prepare to get down with vigor and candor.

And now...your tyrannical overlords--I mean, staff.

President :iconsilvolf:


Gorillaz Links
:bulletpurple: Official website
:bulletpurple: Gorillaz Forums
:bulletpurple: Jamie Hewlett's Instagram


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It's the music that we choose.
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