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This was an illustration I did for Thanksgiving
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That kinda reminds me of a comic strip of "The Far Side" in which a cow can be seen grilling hamburgers and a couple of other cows disapprove of what he's doing as one of them says "You're sick, Jesse! Sick, sick, sick!". :XD:
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This would be cannibalism.

Reversing & inverting the order of things incl.
Ice cream cones eating children (may still be in my favorites gallery)
Christmas presents tearing children open...
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Could turkeys cannibalize each other? Now that's worth researching.
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Hello fellow deviantartist I am pleased to announce that you have been featured in my oddly named Thanksgiving feature: Gobble! Gobble! The link is [link] .
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I wonder if that is how turkeys feel.
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omg, that is so HORRIBLE!!! ROFL
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Poor Ned, let him rest in peace.

Great job with the expressions.
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Canibalism never it`s fun...
Well in this case, I do a exception.
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That's what you get for eating the chickens, Ned >:I
That's funny! A little caniballism to be thankful for.
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:giggle: How funny~! awww poor Ned... ^^;
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Ahahahaaaa!!! poor ned...
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LOL, It's a cannibal turkey
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This image is featured here [link]

Happy Thanksgiving :woohoo:
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wow ! poor turkey but its pretty funny
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