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Old Blank Journal

By goRillA-iNK
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- My stock may not be redistributed, sold, or edited and redistributed or edited and sold. (In other words, you are not allowed to offer or sell my stock as your stock, edited or not. You are welcome to use it for creations)

Redistribution is defined as any posting of my own images, (including resized or unacceptibly low manipulation) to Deviantart or any other website. This includes sharing sites like Tumblr and facebook.

The art that you make FROM my stock may be shared, but you may not share my stock itself. Please link back to my site so that others become aware of my rules. They cannot follow my rules if they find my images on outside sites.

Here is an old blank journel to use.
You can use it for some creative art work, just be creative with it.

Link and credit as always please.

Now get busy!!! :)
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© 2010 - 2021 goRillA-iNK
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PN11 Phoenix
PN02 Skye

Used! plan to use it a lot more for other catalog pages

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Belmont Book Page: Gnash Fae (fanfic preview) by TheMaiaNightmareMoon  Used your stock here, thanks for sharing!
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Expression sheet: Tiago by Starhorse  used your fantastic stock here. Thank you!
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How did you leave the book with that older texture?

The-Monster-Shop's avatar

I just added some coffee/ tea stain textures c:

I used this for me and my friends' own work. we won't use it for commercial reason so don't worry. if you need I'll send our usage of this to you via e-mail!
Thanks for sharing this awesome image!
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Used here: Livre de Noel by MireilleD
Thanks! Hug 
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Here is somethin I did with it, many thanks!…
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Can i use this for breed information background? It will have my breeds information on it.
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I will use this for a collection of journals related to DayZ, if it's ok with you.
goRillA-iNK's avatar
Yes, that is okay with me. Just as long as I receive credit for the stock usage; it would be greatly appreciate. :D
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So I can use it for ex. reference, yes?
goRillA-iNK's avatar
You can, yes. And you can also use it here on deviantART. I just don't want anyone trying to use it as if it was there's without giving credit to me (the stock's creator)
And also no re-distributions of this stock as if you or anyone thought it was theirs to to sell or re-post as stock in their gallery.

Yeah, I know. My rules probably sound a tad bit complicated or confusing. :giggle:
And thank you for asking! :la:
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Oh also another question can I use it for example for specie sheet?
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Okey, I understand now :) Thanks ^^
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Thank you much! :3
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This is great! Thanks for sharing!
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Can I use this a background for books for my game. The game will cost, but does that mean I can't use it or??
goRillA-iNK's avatar
You can use it in a design that will make money as long as you don't sell it as a stock image.
TheTwistedScribbler's avatar
Oh, well, alright then. That's fine. I won't sell it as a stock image. :)
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thank you for uploading this stock 
i have used it here
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Thank you for sharing this!

This is my homepage where I have used the journal:

I have credited your image on my Credits page - here:…

I hope you are happy with how I have used your image :)

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