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...Catch A Falling Star...


Sure catch one but than you'll find yourself trying to catch another, and than another. Where does it end? :rofl:

I hope you like it.

Thank you for the views, faves, and comments.:heart:

W-O-W!!! :iconjoyplz:
Thank you SOOO much everyone for all the love you've shown this cute little star...and me too.

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Dats ADORABLE! *Fangirl Squeals*
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Soooo cuteeeeeee ldkjgldsgdf! <3
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Im , I'm dying of CUTENES !!!!111 XDSLMKNAVONW
goRillA-iNK's avatar
LOL! :lol:
Thank you! :heart:
Love it! It never ends the hunger just grows as does the joy!
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YAY ^-^ How cuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is so cute, I just wish you had a better finger model. but it's really cool.
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:happybounce: :music:"....and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away. Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day." :music:

Ahhh, I love that song, and your pic is cute too! ;)
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smiles...many did,where you one?
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I love your Kawaii's and photography.
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excellent work! The subject truely pulls you in.
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Very creative and very cute.
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Very cute. I like that it's not all cute-star-ish, the nails makes a cool contrast. The picture gives me a "fantasy-meats-reality" feeling. Well done!
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I love this photo. Veeery Magical and cute ♥
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hahaha! It's so cute! :D
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Awww :D thats cute :heart:
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its so cute >_<"
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Next time, at least have the courtesy of trimming your dirty fingernails. Disgusting.
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