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Hi everyone, I really don't like to do it, but I've to name and shame not serious artists I commissioned. Indeed, I've been fooled too much times by artists: - who not answering me for weeks/months (for short term promissed commissions) although most are still active and took (and finished!) new commissions, and - who botched the job after letting me await for months, and - even several times, who just did not finished (or even began) the full-front-paid work! I am a (very) patient customer, but I'm fed up. I can understand an artist have "real life" problems, I can accept delays (I sometime waited upfront-paid work for 1 or 2 years!), or else. But, once an artist has been paid, he/she shall at least keep me informed of progress and of difficulties (and don't make promises they don't keep)! So, I decided from now any artist I commissionned that did not answer me fo more than one month after been paid will be named in a journal like this one. Also, from now, I will no more pay
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Today is September 11th attacks' 20th anniversary. But also the 20th anniversary of the acceleration of gloval surveillance and of erosion of liberty in the West.
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Jean-Paul Belmondo, French actor who acted in Breathless, Crazy Pierrot, That man from Rio... and who inspired Cobra (manga of Buichi Terasawa) and the original name of the Belmondo familly from the videogames Castlevania, passed away yesterday at 88. RIP.
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