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Published: August 17, 2010
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First, I would like to thank all who have supported and helped me over the years to make Gore Group possible. I want to give a special thanks to these four wonderful people: ----My wife, Marisa Dominguez, she is the fundamental stone of my life. I simply wouldn’t be here today without my wife’s unconditional support.---- Many thanks also go to Carlos Meglia, Humberto Ramos and Ciruelo. Their help was instrumental in the success of Gore Group.---- The Beginning of GoreGroup: Back in the early days just as now, I receive many phone calls from artists in Argentina asking me for assistance. Pablo Viggiano was one of them. I still remember the day Pablo called me by phone. He wanted to show me his drawings. He was working as a telephone lines repairman. The funny thing is back in those days, I was working for local toy companies and I have no relation with the 2d art or the illustration, but I told him to come to my place. Since that point, the story of Gore Group is well known ….. I began to teach Pablo the techniques and materials I used to work with in the sculpting field. (Many of which I developed myself out of necessity for lack of materials here in Argentina). As Pablo showed great promise to be a talented student, he started to work with me as my assistant. Because of this, he was able to quit his full time job at the phone company and come to work full time with me. During the first years of Gore Group, we freelanced work through Argentina companies who held licenses for Disney, Warner bros. and Universal, just to name a few. At the same time I found the way to incorporate Pablo’s illustration work, allowing him to improve his skills. By this time he was able to buy his first Mac he began to develop illustration abilities with Photoshop. Between the years 2000-2001 Pablo decided to give a try to his first love, and with a friend they created an illustration studio, leaving his work with me for a while. Shortly there afterwards, I received my first commission work with Dynamic Forces. When Patt Monaham contacted me to do 2 figures from the famous Humbertos Ramos “Crimson” comics. Ramos got in touch with my work thanks to Carlos Meglia, who designed the figures I did for him based on his Cyber Six comic (Meglia/Trillo). It was Ramos himself who introduced me to Patt Monaham from DF. He wanted me to do the statues based on his characters. It was then I asked Pablo to become my partner in this new market. He immediately accepted, he left his new illustration studio to dedicate himself full-time to Gore Group. In no time we were organized, assuming each other our position in the group: Pablo specifically sculpted, working side by side with me in the realization of many figures, and in other cases, he sculpted the entire pieces under my art directions. As my part of the job was not only was to sculpt. I also was in charge of the creation process, bringing ideas and designs; and the general direction, preparation and coordination of the mold and casting assistants. This was hard at the beginning cause I wanted to offer these services, so I had to teach each assistant from nothing, not only the mold process but the casting too. With each passing year, my job as Art Director becomes more demanding. Supervising multiple projects through their entire creative process. I was also in control of the all free-lance work we commission to sources outside of the shop. The Gore Group studio started out of my home with basic tools and equipment. The molds and castings were done manually without pressure pots or vacuum chambers. We offered a full service studio no matter what our circumstances. Since the designs and turnarounds done by the excellent artist Juan Bobillo(between he and me we did most of the designs; he was able to see what I had in my mind, so he was very important in this Project in all aspects) to the mold making, casting and paint masters service. The incorporation of the mold and casting equipment (pressure pot & vacuum chamber) was another important step for the development of the Gore Group. A difficult situation as in Argentina there isn’t any type of store, which could provide us with such equipment. So after searching and searching for a long time about how they could be built. I had to find the right person lucky me I found Alejandro Martinez, an excellent engineer who built them with the information I gave him. Which brings us back to my main and original idea. To create a studio with the capacity to offer all the services needed for figure production. For me, this is why Gore Group started to make it into the bizz. For we were not only “Figure Sculptor’s” but for each client we could create: The idea, concept art, prototype sculpt, molds, castings and master paints. ----Special thanks to all those who participated in the Gore Group Studio over the years: JUAN BOBILLO--- MARCELO SOSA--- ROLDOLFO LABOREDE--- OSVALDO CANALE--- ALEJANDRO & GUILLERMO--- ALEJANDRO MARTINEZ--- MARTIN DEMONTE--- NICOLAS CANALE--- ALEJANDRA JORQUERA--- HERNAN AZCARATE--- ALEJANDRO HEREDIA--- GUSTAVO “FA” GONZALEZ------- Thanks to those who gave us a hand: GUSTAVO MELELLA--- FRANK DANIEL--- ANTHONY MESTAS--- LILIANA LABORDE--- DORA YAYA--- PATH MONAHAM--- SHIFLETT BROTHERS--- MARK MITCHELL--- CLAUDIO SETTI--- RALPH CORDERO--- JOHN LAFLEUR --- GINO VERNA--- ALEJANDRO FASCE--- LUCAS ALVAREZ--- ALTERTON--- ARKANOS --- ERIN FROM AVES STUDIO--- -----"And specially to our great friend NORMAN PIATT".------