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First off, I think its absolutely wonderful that you've taken an alternative approach to the character's ethniticity, and I think its a great choice judging by the reasons in your description. You captured Twilight wonderfully in this human interpretation, and put obvious thought into her design.

From an anatomy aspect, there are a few things I feel I should mention. Her ear is far too back and looks like its floating in her hair or stuck on the very edge of her head. Her neck also looks strangely thick, or her head is too narrow or too far forward, which makes the ear situation look even stranger. Aside from that I see no other issues.

I think you did wonderfully well as this is your first time with a new technique. I do believe the cropping or layout of the image is a little bland, though. Perhaps a closer portrait crop would look more dynamic. Composition can make or break a piece. I would suggest seeing how it looks with a tighter/more narrow crop and the moon directly behind Twilight just as an experiment and see how it looks. Its always good to fiddle with an image in this way before finishing it up.

All in all, this is really lovely. I'm very sorry to hear that you had some nasty feedback for interpreting Twilight as an Indian, I think that's ridiculous. Keep up the wonderful work, and I do hope this crit was helpful to some degree!
Twilight Sparkle
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This is a lovely piece, really. I particularly like how you've done the hearts in the background and her eerie, floating pose. There is something bothering me however; her nose is awfully short and understated, which I understand is in some people's preference in style but here I'm afraid to say it actually makes her look like Michael Jackson! Not a good thing!! Her shoulders are far too wide, they make her look a bit masculine, the positioning of her head suggests she should be leaning forward toward the viewer, however this isn't followed through by the rest of her body. If this was your intention her head should be larger and her torso foreshortened. The folds of her dress are quite lovely and elegant, but her feet are looking a tad small (in comparison to her hands) she's lacking in ankles and varying toe length, I feel like if you weren't prepared to draw her feet correctly then they should rather have been covered by the trim of her dress. Even so, I think you did well, but I just feel the pose could have been more dramatic if you pushed the foreshortening correctly, perhaps even added some depth to her hair and dress with some highlights, perhaps even some pink lighting from the hearts reflecting on that milky white skin of hers. All in all there are things lacking that I think could have made this piece twice as good if you had added them. You had the right idea, you had the VISION it just didn't follow through. Well done regardless! Hope I wasn't too harsh on you <img src="e.deviantart.net/emoticons/h/h…" width="15" height="13" alt=":heart:" title="Heart" /> I do think its a cool piece.
Tugging on your heart strings

Thank you ♡ I will be on indefinite hiatus from the internet in general within the next few months, depending on when Lockdown loosens up - so probably nowhere for a while.

Because of that, I'll still be available here until then with final wrap ups and last pieces and pages for the gang; and I may announce any new art locations here in future if I decide on one.

Too little too late. The viewing experience for non-users is confusing and abysmal. They have no option to switch to classic mode either. The new layout has cost me time, clients and any semblance of the professionalism that I once had here. After over a dedicated decade I am finally leaving this place, mainly because of your chronic inability as a company to design your website with sanity, rationality or forethought.

So long, and thanks for all the llamas.