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Surprise kiss

By GoreChick
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Thor sure didnt see that coming ; ) about Loki's head-thing. I dont know what it is, I just drew it xD comments are much appreciated :3

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BeccaMalory's avatar
I love it 
It's original for the head thing and costumes
IoanaBuzz's avatar
When did Thor had a haircut? I like it....another!:)))
EmmaX12's avatar
Thor Ragnarok
Goth-Angel-13's avatar
awe~~~! Loki LOVES his older brother =^w^=
Love the idea of Loki surprising Thor like that! And Loki looks like he's giving the kiss all he's got, which is perfect.
HarleyQuinn2011's avatar
awwww x
give us a kiss!
ZuviosGemini's avatar
Thor without his beard is super adorable. XDD Especially with his expression.
GoreChick's avatar
thank you x) I kind of imagined them as a little younger in this picture
ZuviosGemini's avatar
They do look younger and I did think that when I saw it. :nod:
CrystalOokami's avatar
Well that caught Thor off guard.
I love Loki's helmet as a diadem instead. That way he can show off his lovely hair.
Loki's wonderfull : D
GoreChick's avatar
Hehe, yea, I wanted to try something different and I was too lazy to draw any helmets here
SonOfLaufey's avatar
How could I`ve ever missed this?
Awesome work, it looks really cute!
I love it >///<
GoreChick's avatar
I dont know x3 And thank you!! ^^
K9Swizza's avatar
You, my friend, should get checked out for awesomeness :|


GoreChick's avatar
Wow xD thanks alot! and thanks for the fave!
Tabitha-Kittywitch's avatar
I like his head-thing. And the rest of the picture as well.

(... we're almost icon twins.)
GoreChick's avatar
Thank you! haha, yea x)
LadyNorthstar's avatar
awwwwwwwwwwwwww :heart:

I like his helmet to be diadem-style, in fact I usually do it that way xD
GoreChick's avatar
Haha, ok xD it fits him pretty well and it's easier than drawing the whole helmet x3
LadyNorthstar's avatar
yeah the whole helmet is a pain in the ass *nods*
plus I love if his hair is showing~
GoreChick's avatar
yeah, me too :) I also really like how his hair shows on his neck under the helmet x)
MikachanXD's avatar
looks a little like a burger-king-crown... Loki-style!
I love Thor´s dumbstruck look!
GoreChick's avatar
Hahaha thanks xD I dont think I've ever seen a burger king crown
MikachanXD's avatar
ah, that a paper crowns you get when you go there on your birthday. They are always so big that they slide down to you forehead. One of my friends wore one yesterday, so I could not help but notice XD
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