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August 22, 2008
I Speak Alone by =Gordorca is a very strong concept that tells in its simplicity so much about the problems in human communication.
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I Speak Alone

As soon as I open my mouth to speak of any of this...

... My words just crumble as they leave me... Never ever to reach you...


Click Download for a wallpaper version of this.

My first try at typography, fun stuff, though a little tedious. Might make more in the near future.

Critique Appreciated, comments too! :)

Done with the GIMP, 2 1/2 hours, a lot of layers. (Each line of text counts as a layer. :o )


EDIT: A Daily Deviation? :iconfuckyeahplz:

Since thanking close to 1400 people individually for your faves would be a bit on the insane side, here's a big thank you to all who have faved, going to fave and will fave this! :)
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aTwistOfTulips's avatar
This is adorable! It makes me feel so sad, I completely understand!
foofoothesnoo123456X's avatar this what love is like? I'm scared to like someone even a little bit now. But that aside, great picture.
Bewinxed's avatar
This is beyond amazing, i want the text i'm too lazy :iconlazycryplz:
RMadnessM's avatar
eyankulov's avatar
Big thumbs up! This is awesome!
Meow7900's avatar
Amazing Piece. I love the wording.
Jake-Greek's avatar
plaid-crayons's avatar
that's absolutely beautiful!
stickdude32's avatar
you, get a hug.
kakashiluvr1's avatar
this is excellent. no more needs said
sweet-moe's avatar
I love this. It speaks volumes for those things we can't find the heart to say how when our minds get muddled and our tongues tie up and hearts puddle on the floor. i like the way it's presented in the shape of a person. very inginuitive. :blowkiss:
Gnomyst's avatar
Very nice piece! I very much identified with your composition...
Gordorca's avatar
itsDivine's avatar
D= This is so beautiful. <3 Faved.
Gordorca's avatar
AconitumAnthora's avatar
instant favourite ! ;P
Gordorca's avatar
VonGod's avatar
I still very much like this piece. So much power in just one picture.
Gordorca's avatar
Thank you so much. :)
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