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.......This is too long.....

Anyways, 2017 is..... nothing much. Some good, some bad, but otherwise, still manageable. I do however need to practice self-control, since it's hard to keep my finance in stable condition.....

Hmmm...... events?


I've gone less at the arcades now ever since Tekken 7, the only hit fighting game at the arcades for now is finally out on consoles, so most of the players, especially the top dogs has it at least on the PS4 or the PC (and yes, Malaysia is not famous for Xbox One, although there's a lot of them having the Xbox 360, well my brother has it...). So most of my time at the arcades are spent on rhythm games like Groove Coaster (Which I spent the most on), MaiMai and Taiko Drum Master. I do play Tekken 7 a bit in the arcades, but it's not that fun anymore with not much challenge and dwindling players.

But the home version though......

Tekken 7 for the home port is already out on June 2017 (LOL early 2017 my butt, Bandai Namco! XD), and it's pretty great. Finally got some time to practice and do some combos at my own leisure. The addition of the new mechanics such as Rage Drive and the inclusion of guest characters which totally breaks to mold of the gameplay of Tekken was really fun. Gameplay wise, it's still the same Tekken that I used to know, but this game is very pleasing to look in the eye, and is very fun to watch! Previous installments of Tekken looks boring (except if you like some martial art moves) but with the slow mo where both players will give what potentially be a decisive blow was really hype! And the edition of Rage Art and Rage Drive really adds another layer of gameplay in the already established gameplay formula!

The content....

It's okay, though old time fans will get baffled by the lack of content compared to previous Tekken games. Fortunately updates have improving the content, but I'm not the guy who likes to spend money on it, especially Tekken Bowl in which the mode itself is pretty good but it cost a tad bit too much. Treasure mode is pretty much Ghost Battle with more crazy stuff. This is the mode to unlock the customization items for your characters or own HUD. Having to fight in double the speed or damages will be doubled during these battles is pretty fun, although like it's previous literature might be a bit repetitive. The main draw or this game is the main story which is "The Mishima Saga". And oh boy....

It's good. Better than Tekken 6's scenario campaign at least. The story itself ends up being ok at the least, not an NRS level or story but better than most out there. The main draw for this mode is the smooth transition from cinematics to the actual fight, which is pretty awesome! XD. There's a good amount of Easter Eggs for longtime Tekken fans too in this mode! It is a bit short, it might take only an hour to beat if you're really good enough (well I beated it in one hour...). Some of the gripes I have with this mode is that the narrator/journalist in this mode sounds.... flat and uninteresting as his narration kinda kills the mood in the otherwise well presented cutscenes (I mean I know there's no action but c'mon man...). And the side story is a very underwhelming. You'll get the character endings in this side stories, but it's only one fight and that's it. I guess that writing the stories for the other characters are a bit too much huh.... I know this is designed to eliminate the tediousness of unlocking this in the arcade mode but it just ends up being unsatisfactory. Al least it still got the charm of the goofy Tekken that we know today, even though it's not as good as previous installments. Fortunately there are a lot of unlockables in this series, and for the longtime Tekken fans, you can actually unlock all the previous cutscenes and art from previous Tekken games. So you can watch the creepy old PS1-era cutscene with all of its creepy glory! Even better for the PS4 owners, you can have access to all of the Tekken Music from every Tekken mainline games, and you can switch these song for your stages. So you can swap one of you campy old songs to your new game LOL!

Enough of that. Other events....

I've contributed something for my alma mater (Multimedia University) which is Comination, which most of them are cartoonist and student from that particular university. That's something, but they also introduce me about blockchains and the cryptocurrency market in which surprisingly my colleague in my workplace is also playing with before this event! Thus I got my own Steemit account. Here's the link of you guys wish to see it.

And of course, Comic Fiesta 2017....

It's okay. I only managed to go on the second day. Of course, the venue being in KLCC makes the ticket kinda expensive but that's what you get for that kind of venue. Of course, meeting old friends, even some dudes from the arcades! The tournament that I'm most excited for are the fighting game tournaments... and it's kinda blows. Those games in the grand finals were a total blowout, as all of the players at winners bracket completely dominates the tournament. The games in question were Marvel VS Capcom Infinite, Tekken 7, and Street Fighter 5. Although the stake for Tekken 7 and Street Fighter 5 are much higher, as the winner for that tournament will have a trip to Japan to compete at EVO Japan, one of the most prestigious fighting game tournament. But the night for that day though... 

I was kinda stressed out from my work that time, so I was thinking that the final event might blow me off some steam, and oh boy I was happy like a child. The DJ's KorsK and Ryu from the Bemani fame were some of my favourite composers back in my late teens, and finally listening to these songs live was amazing. kradness was really good too, so the night was really enjoyable!

.... I guess that's it. Buck o luck in 2018!


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