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Perdido street station

Based on the world and characters created by China Mieville for his book "Perdido street station".Max 4 and Photoshop.
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I just realized that the militia Pod lines are the maglev cars from "Riven".
Amazing piece. Love the colours and way the lighting looks. I was hoping that we could use this piece as the background of a video my friend and I are doing for YouTube. We would add your deviantart account as a link in the description or anything else you would like us to do.
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I'm reading PSS for the second time. Great book! What an imagination Mieville has. You have captured the essence of Ne Crobozun very well!  
magicmeg8's avatar
Wow! Love Yagharek up there!
orangeglasses2's avatar
This piece of artwork is amazing. Simply amazing! I bow to you, sir, and put this awesome piece of work in my "words cannot improve" folder.
I salute you!
Caius101's avatar
Used this image here:…
Put that one together before getting curious and looking it up (saved it a long time ago).
BoardtoDeathTV's avatar
I wanted to know if you would be interested in having this artwork 
in my board game? I am working on it right now and I am looking for artwork for it.
Please contact me if you want to help me.
Thank you!
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I generally avoid fan-stuff, but when somebody takes an author's words and then paints with them, this is what happens, and it's as brilliant as Perdido Street Station itself.
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you've probably gotten this allot, but
Valley of the flood
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This picture was used in an April Fools day joke. [link]
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This was used for an April Fool's Day joke?!
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BlueMoonAura's avatar
This is very neat.
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Utterly brilliant. superbly captures the city exactly as I'd thought it would look. more please.
Nearly finished the book, wanted to see other people's visualizations...this is beautiful. Blows away what I had imagined.
zh84's avatar
Magnificent. I think this is really how New Crobuzon ought to look. Much better than the cover image on my own edition.
everything i'd envisioned.
Silent-Pianist's avatar
Impressive. I love the way you captured the sky, it's beautiful.
Simeod's avatar
now now, that's what i call Perdido STreet Station! i can soooo picture it :D
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nice take on New Corbuzon. Always nice to see Steampunk done right.
Gaia-o-spades's avatar
I'm pretty sure this was the concept art for the new zelda game coming out soon...
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Great picture! Captures the book's atmosphere.
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