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Implosion 2

“Player” tested with Foobar2000 and Aimp, it should work with winamp too.

Temp skin by ~Punisher386 :
Celsius [link]
Fahrenheit [link]
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I've looked through a LOT of Rainmeter skins, and this one is my favorite!

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is there any way to resize?? i want to make them smaller on a uhd tv

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oh, is there any way to donwload it again? =/
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Is this still available?
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con este tema empece mis creaciones , gracias por publicar este gran skin :D
how to download?
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For xyNZ, Bathiel and other users:

Make a copy of folder Drive C BIG, and rename it to "Drive G BIG".
In the "Drive G BIG" folder rename "C BIG.ini" to "G BIG.ini"
Edit the "G BIG.ini", and rename all "Drive1" texts to "Drive5".

Then go to "resources" folder, and edit "".
Add new text "Drive5=G:"

You can make more discs, and apply the same technique to smaller version.
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Well that is not working at all.
And there is only the resources folder and it has no and making it does not solve it, probably because there is no specific format in it, but i do not know what it must be.
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I really like your gadgets and I've greatly enjoyed using and modding them to my heart's content. My only concern is that they are invisible on white backgrounds, and my level of familiarity with photoshop hasn't shown me any clear-cut way of making your semi-transparent backgrounds a different color whilst retaining the transparency level they have. Maybe you can point me in the correct direction?
P.S. I even managed to add a temperature meter of my own to your CPU/RAM gadget! <…
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my user info avatar just reset to the default flower avatar after sleeping , hybernate or my razer game booster 
i have to go back and reset the avatar ... THEN to reset the implosion 2 user info to make it right again
Can anyone help ? Please ?
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my user info avatar just lost after restart or sleeping , and i have to choose it again everytime ... any fix to it ?
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Awesome work!
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Thank you, this is absolutely amazing :la:
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Is there a way to convert this to work with Itunes?
I am having problems with measurenetinall & outall, not resetiing or correct count, any ideas?
I have figure this out, because I have many interfaces in my computer it was necessary to find the correct interface number, then add these statements, then I simply added a reset command on left click, love the look of this, great work!
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Could you tell me how to? I need this function!
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Lookin' great :D !! I've tried changing the player into "iTunes", but I failed ... Could u help plz ?! ty
How do I make the player work with winamp? Can somebody give me a step by step tutorial? XD
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Hi, Gordanj, I just downloaded your skin and it works perfect and it looks awesome, but I have a question that is making me insane: how can I add another HD? I mean, on your files you can only put HDs until the F, but I also have a G HD, and I wanna to configure the skin to show me that HD with its free space and stuff.
How I can do that?
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I love this skin, but I have a bit of a problem.
The player seems to be coded for winamp and I use WMP. Any fix, or do I need a new player?
The temp gauge you made [url=[link] seems to just not work for me. Suggestions?
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Edit: sorry, temp that ~Punisher 386 made.
I really like this skin, but on my 1080p monitor it's too small to read any of the text, and I'm planning to get a 2560 screen soon. A version of this where the entire thing was at 150% to 200% scale would be really nice; I tried adjusting the font size, but if you increase it by more than a couple points it starts to look weird, and I want to double both values, which just falls apart completely.
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Sure looks like imploding...
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