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The Stupefied Cherry Blossom

(Sakura’s at least 18 in Fates. If Elise is, then she has to be too, because they often mention being the same age)

“I choose… to fight with Nohr! To side with the family that raised me. I’m… so sorry everyone.”

Gasps were heard all around, and Sakura was devastated. The brief time she had spent with Corrin had been wonderful, and now she’s decided to turn against Hoshido? It felt like a personal attack. “B-big sister! How could you??” She yelped.

“Everyone! Attack this traitor! Show them the might of Hosidan steel!!” Ryoma bellowed, electricity crackling as he drew his sacred katana. Takumi and Hinoka obliged, launching themselves at Corrin. Sakura held back, unsure of a strategy to take.
What is this power?? Ryoma was thunderstruck that he wasn’t able to immediately overpower his opponent. “Have you seen her stats? They’re ridiculous!!” Takumi barked back. Hinoka was there too, though she didn’t do too much. Even with three vs one, Corrin seemed to handle their onslaught just fine. She had good DEF.

Alas, with Corrin occupying the three eldest Hoshidans all by herself, the Nohr four were left twiddling their thumbs. Luckily, Sakura had broken off from the group and looked to be ready for a fight. “B-BIG SISTER!” she cried out, “I-if you would truly abandon your family and Hoshido, then I must try to stop you!”
“I’m sorry Sakura, truly I am. Someday, I hope I can explain everything to you, but for now… you’re going to have to take a little nap for a while” said Corrin, still fighting the rest of Hoshido.
“B-big sister…” Sakura lowered her head for a moment, then straightened out and drew her rod with determination. “I won’t stand down! I’ll fight with all my strength!”

“…Little princess, what shall we do? She has clearly resigned herself to fighting us.” Xander awaited Corrin’s orders.
“Do what you must, but please don’t kill her, only put her to sleep.” She replied, “In fact, don’t kill anyone else for the rest of this route either. I hate killing now.”
“As you wish.”

With renewed purpose, Leo, who was closest to Sakura, ensnared her in vines and trotted up to her, where she struggled fruitlessly as vines coiled around her legs. “L-let me go! Rrrrrgh! I-I can’t move!”
“Don’t worry,” Leo smiled, “it’s not going to be one of *those* stories… but I’m still going to show you the power of Brynhildr!” He then closed his eyes and started slowly raising his hand, which glowed a deep purple. As Sakura looked on helplessly, a thick tree began to emerge from the earth. “W-what are you going to do with that?” Sakura asked nervously.
“I’ve already told you. Introduce you to the power of my divine tome! Behold, Hoshidan! You seem well suited to grovelling!” Xander, Camilla, and Elise caught up to Leo just as he brought down the heavy tree onto Sakura’s head, causing everyone to fall off their mounts because the ground shook so much.


The Nohrians picked themselves up as the leaves settled. “That tree could have fallen on any one of us, Leo! Don’t be so careless.” Xander scolded.
“You’re right, older brother. I… apologize. I was merely trying to defeat their princess, Sakura. Look, there she is now.”
Sakura was poking out of the side of the tree, her messy hair covered in leaves and bark. A bird’s nest sat on the top of her head and her half lidded eyes lazily followed the angry birds that circled her concussed noggin.
“Look” Leo spoke, “I’ve done her in.”
“n-No y-yOu hAVen’t” Sakura mumbled. “i-I’m tOo toUgh fOr you!” She continued to watch the birds that tweeted at her with a tiny smile on her bruised face.
“Unbelievable. She’s still awake. Corrin wanted her to take a nap, if you’ll recall. It seems then, that it’s my turn to put her to sleep. I will not fail my sister.” Xander said. He walked menacingly up to the now very dopey Sakura.
“I highly doubt she’s a threat now, older brother. Look at her, she’s smiling at you.”
Alas, Xander didn’t listen. He unsheathed Siegfried and turned the blade sideways, as to not maim the cherry blossom. He’d have to get used to not killing for the rest of Conquest.
“Do you submit to Nohr?” He asked sternly, kneeling down and shooing the birds away. “n-nohrbsolUtely not” came the dimwitted reply. Her head rolled around slowly on her neck.
“Fair enough.” He then slammed Siegfried’s hilt down on Sakura’s head. Stars exploded in front of Sakura’s eyes, and her immediate look of shock melted into a wide and goofy grin! She felt well and truly silly now, and defending Hoshido was just a nice afterthought that she’d take care of after she’d spent some time with these lovely lights and colours dancing for her. Her eyes crossed and cherry blossoms started dancing around her head, accompanying the stars. “hehe~ s-soooo purdy…” she slurred. Xander was quite frustrated that his first blow didn’t KO the dopey princess on the first try, so he stepped back, cocked Siegfried like a bat and swung it broadside into Sakura’s pretty head.


Sakura erupted from her place in the tree just as fast as she erupted from her outfit. Soaring nude through the air, she slammed into the side of a cliff. A cloud of dust kicked up, obscuring the view of the Nohrians.
“Surely that would put her to sleep. I’ve never broken someone loose of a tree *and* their clothes” Xander said, gesturing to Sakura’s now unoccupied robes. “I’m fairly certain she was already pacified when I was through with her…” Leo mumbled. “But Leeeeeoooooo,” Camilla cooed. “We mustn’t disappoint our precious Corrin by leaving her awake… remember what she said?” Leo rolled his eyes and got on his steed. “I’ll have no more part in this. I’m certain you three can manage without me anyway. I’ll be waiting in the next chapter.”
Xander walked towards where Sakura had met with the cliff with Camilla and Elise following behind. The dust had begun to settle, revealing…

( S O U N D  E F F E C T S )…

Sakura sat clumsily against the side of the cliff, her legs splayed out, totally unaware of her total nakedness. There were pegasi trotting in one halo and stars in another, both orbiting ‘round her dizzy head. “w-wow… i-i can still hear the b-burdies… i-i looove burdies,” she blabbed, lulling her tongue out of her mouth. She was slack jawed with a big smile and lazily rolling eyes, listening to her birdies that no one else could hear.

As Sakura was technically still conscious, Camilla decided to take her turn with knocking the starstruck priestess out for good. If Xander couldn’t do it with force alone, perhaps she could do it with… height. She commanded her wyvern to grab Sakura and take to the skies.
“wheEeeeEEEEee” Sakura sang giddily. “look burdies, i-i can fly toooo~” The pegasi circling her head also enjoyed the altitude and started flapping their wings. Sakura giggled and pointed at them stupidly.
“Alllllll right sweetie, time for night-night!” Camilla said, waving goodbye to Sakura. She commanded her wyvern to drop its cargo. Sakura flew through the open air, very unaware of her predicament. She crashed into the earth headfirst with a thunderous


Elise walked over to the embarrassing scene that Sakura had become. She was planted headfirst into the ground up to her waist, and her lower half was entirely exposed as she lay there in derri-air position, one leg twitching. Elise blushed at the nakedness of the situation, and pulled Sakura out of the ground to get a better look at her. It wasn’t pretty. She had developed a nice shiny black eye, and those droopy and dazed eyes could barely stay open to watch the kaleidoscope of colours and birdies that the fall to the earth had provided her. Amazingly, she still looked cheerful despite now missing a few teeth, as evidenced by her wide grin and lulled tongue. She had even started drooling on her petite breasts! Pointing at the birdies, Sakura tried imitating them. “C-cuckoo~ cuckoo~ cuckoo~” she mused. Elise could tell she was on the verge of consciousness and was ready for a nice long nap.

“Aw, poor Princess Sakura! I know what can help,” Elise said. she brought out her staff and gave Sakura the lightest tap on the head…
With that, Sakura’s eyes rolled up, she gave one last dumb giggle, and finally passed out, splayed on the ground with a tiny smile on her face. She was asleep at last!

“FINALLY” the three siblings said in unison.
Corrin, who had finished clobbering the other three members of Hosidan royalty, met up with them and gasped at Sakura’s figure. How on earth did she lose her clothes? Why was there leaves, dirt, and tree bark in her hair?

“Xander! Camilla! Elise! What is the meaning of this?? I told you to just put her to sleep! And where is Leo??”

They would have more than a little explaining to do. The Nohrians gathered Sakura’s robes and draped them over her sleeping body, before heading off to do the rest of FE Fates: Conquest.

The other three Hosidan royals collected themselves and dusted off their clothes. Corrin would pay for her betrayal eventually, but for now they had very silly sister to attend to.
Here's a story that was inspired by a conversation I had with MuddyDog7, who really likes Sakura. Let me know if there's an FE character you'd like to see get knocked silly and I'll consider doing a story about them if I'm into them.

Artwork done by the undefeatable Zarvex3

(...did Leo summon those birds with that tree...?)
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MegaTLP Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2018
How about a story with Rey from Star Wars?
MegaTLP Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2018
I had read this haha, but could you draw a picture about this story?
gord122 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2018
Oh I’m not the artist, it’s Zarvex that does the drawings. You can find a link to his page in the description for this story if you wanna commission something from him
MegaTLP Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2018
Ok thanks!
Foxboy1 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2018
I love this story, and I love the image and sound effects that go along with it. I also love the imagery of the little pegasi trotting and flying around her head and I love the little birdies being mentioned and described a little.  I got excited reading it. 
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