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Poortinga is a dutch construction company specialized in building houses.
My goal was to make the sky resemble the letter P and the negative space to look like a house.
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I love this! I want a logo designed like this too and I am willing to pay you. How can I contact you regarding this possibility? Regards
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Thx for creating our new Logo! I like it!

Next month we will launch our new website

Jacob Poortinga
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What font did you use?
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I loved the idea behind the logo and the execution of that idea :)
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Great logo design gopurify :) I like it

Carried in Cruzine: [link]
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Claritate și coeziune. Bravo!
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wow nice one!!
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Awesome!! I love the logo, and the type is amazing!!! It's bold and strong, well done!
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love it, and I think the gradient works well... subtle but gives it a little more depth. Love the typeface used too, very nice!
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Awesome :D, it turned out great with the P, altought I didn't see the P at first :p, Are you yourself dutch? I am :D
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Nope, I'm not dutch.
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jaaa, beetje lichter blauw, dan issie geniaal!!
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I agree with the gradient comment-it is a bit distracting. I'd try reversing it (making the light part near the house and dark away from it). If I see it correctly, the gradient is light in the middle and dark on the edges? This seems to give it an odd 3Dish look to it and gives it depth which is somewhat distracting.

Or maybe my eyes are deceiving me. Either way, I think the blue gradient could use some tweaking.

Other than that I REALLY like it. Simple and elegant, and the integration of the 'P' is icing on the cake. Well done.
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I didn't see it right away but you got it... I think the gradient was throwing me off... idk.
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