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Let's look at things that make me think of snow. And/or things that have snow in them! - Rascal

Ah. I first heard about this artist from my artist. She's been watching for a while and i can totally see why! Wonderful shading, that bare-knuckle anatomy, and enthusiasm. It is something that makes you want to binge through their entire gallery.

It isn't snow, but it's a snow leopard. Crisp lily, yet delicate. How can you not love this?
If you haven't, go see this artist. You won't regret it.

Filament by SterlingKato


There is this one painting that i was rushed to go see soon after the creation of this account. I was told it was full of bunnies, and snow. A must see for anyone who wants to smile. Even at 5 years old, the soft magic is still there.
Check out this Snow Bunny. Will warm your heart. :)

Snow Bunny by celesse


Snow painting by SilverFox. When seeing this, i have the urge to attack with the icy goodness myself! Cheerful and adventurous. :)
Commission for Teckly by Silverfox5213


A "fantasy cat" by DJ88. Artist also recommended her early on! Love her clean creations. Fine lines, big effect. Always a joy to see her stuffers in my messages! 
Look at Snowy Stroll!
Snowy Stroll by DJ88


Sweet, yet frosty submission by the never boring Apofiss! Teamwork produced a sweet snow gang. :la:
Apofiss paints really sweet stuff. So go look!
winter co-op by Apofiss

Okay! That's all for now. Will share more soon! 
My artist human just gave me two premium memberships! They said,
To my dog. And his friends.
To my dog...again...and his friends.

Now i can feature artists i love so much. We watch some of the same people, but not always. So this will rock. All from my point of view. :) 
Gift art too!
1000 Page views already and we're not even done with commissions!? WOW! Thank you everyone!
Keep telling about us please! :heart: :star:

You all are amazing! Xoxoxo - Rascal
We have one now!
Please follow us! We'll return the favor. :)

Hai! :wave:
Yep. I'm on Tumblr. If you are too, post, or note me!

Rascal's Art i Fact

So, we are fairly new to DA with a bit of a late start, but we will finally be active on this account!
For a short intro, a Go Puppy is a character created by :iconsanglamore: and we love to live a dog's life.
A good description would be short, chunky, light-hearted pups who collect friends. Not all of us are puppies, but diversity is somewhat good, right?
Any who, we would like to share our art with anyone who cares to see.