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Hi folks,

It's been awhile since my last update so here goes.

Work projects have been few and far between at the moment, just a few small special effects shots for a handful of private films. Random effects from godly burning trees to UFO's. There's still one short film edit in progress and there's still a few more UFO effects to finish too.

On a bad note, my Canon 550D has developed a bad fault, lens errors up the yin-yang! Most likely is the auto-focus circuit has burned out. (A common fault when used for filming apparently). The nearest camera repair shop is an hours drive away too. Going to be a while to repair.
Also contemplating a proper starter grade film camera but can't justify the expense against the low workload at this time. (Catch 22, can't work without a camera and can't raise camera funds without work)

Meanwhile I've been helping my niece with her newly founded video making skills as she progresses through her media course at uni. A few helpful pointers, help with screen graphic designs, etc. Also learning a few new things myself. Just keeping busy any way I can.

Also, finally found a stack of old 35mm negatives. Many are my 1999-2001 B&W college work when I first picked up a camera as a hobby and mixed in are a few family photos.
I'll be hopefully scanning these onto the computer, reliving my past work, maybe photoshopping some and eventually posting here as an old archive of my first work.

Lastly, making slow progress at clearing out a "studio" space in my home. Hoping to experiment with more miniature work, possibly green screen various aircraft and spaceship models for some digital stills and experimental effects sequences. And as always, decent results will be posted here as and when they're completed.

Take care all, stay deviant.
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Submitted on
August 30, 2015