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Hi all,

It's been a while since I've updated my journal so I'll start 2014 with an update of what's going on in my life.

Firstly, my little boy turned 7 yesterday, time has flown by. It's been a challenge being a full time parent but all seems to be going well. :-)

I'm hoping to upgrade my PC system in the next few weeks to finally get a machine than can cope with the HD editing I'm working on more and more.
Plans are underway to also set up a small studio area at home to start producing a regular vlog and also a possible YouTube series with my niece who's an avid Anime fan.
So with anime and film being big parts of our lives, we'll look at producing something along those lines. Reviewing anime and manga, digging out relevant news articles of new releases and also dropping in at a few of the regional Anime conventions.
(I'll be mainly behind the scenes & production where as my niece will be more the on screen presenter with friends)

The bigger news is my IMDB credits are starting to fill out nicely and there are some big film projects on the horizon.
Two post-apocalyptic Britain Action/Drama's based around a civil war between England and Scotland. Hopefully these will expand to be part of a series of short & features revolving around this concept. ("Broken Nation" and "Severed Nations")
A second project is the pilot episode of fantasy stories based on Celtic Legends and Monsters, small period dramatizations of the stories about the legends.
(Pilot episode is called "Ach Ooshka")

Finally the biggest project I'm looking forward to is "Dead Trust", a british based crime action feature film. A story of 5 criminals masterminding a big money heist in the UK. But when the stolen money then disappears from their safe house, everyone is at each others throats trying to discover who stole the cash.
A great story of cops & robbers, friends trust & betrayal with an extra twist to finish.
I'm excited to be a part of this large production, not only for the fact it'll be the biggest project I'll have worked on (and we're talking major film budget/size) but also the chance to work alongside some worldwide famous people.
Confirmed so far are Bill Maynard, better known as Greengrass from Heartbeat and also TWO stars from AVP & Clash of the Titans. Adrian Bouchet (AvP, Coronation St.) and Ian Whyte (AvP, AvP2, Prometheus, Game of Thrones)
Last but not least is also someone who I could only have dreamed to work alongside. Unconfirmed at this time but a man who is WELL known and list of credits include Reign of Fire, Phantom of the Opera, 300, Gamer and How to Train your Dragon just to name a few. :-)

So, here's hoping for a fruitful 2014   *raises glass*
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Hi everyone,

Once again it's been a very busy time.

My friends and I are launching an IndieGoGo campaign to help us fund a huge charity drive. Our plan is to buy three cars (for under 200 each) fix them up, cover them in sponsor stickers and tour the North East of England along side our chosen charities to raise funds for them. Our final goal is to run in the Crumball Rally in 2014, again to raise as much money as possible for two great charities.

Every penny our campaign raises will go to preparing the cars and running in the Rally next year, touring the UK will be paid for out of our own pockets. ALL the money raised by both touring and running the Rally will go directly to the charities.

Team One will be raising funds for the Great North Air Ambulance. The team has recently lost a close and dear friend in a road accident to which the paramedics on board the Air Ambulance attended; they went above and beyond to help the people involved that day. We want to show our appreciation for what they did for our friend and help keep their irreplaceable service running so they can provide that same relentless dedication and help to others.

Team Two's charity is Red Dreams. A multi-media studio providing young people of the North East U.K. with professional & industry grade studio facilities. The studio was set up by the founders in memory of their son who they lost at an early age. They provide a host of services including vocal coaching, acting, music tutoring, film production, sound recording and full media production facilities. On top of all this, they hold small and large scale music events across the North East, showcasing some of the best talent including X-Factor legend James Arthur. To us they are pure gold and have supported and helped us develop our media skills over the last two years and gave us some amazing opportunities.

On top of all this, we will be filming EVERYTHING for the next year to produce a light hearted documentary from day 1 when we buy the cars (Hopefully in the next 24 hours) to 1 year from now when we run in the Crumball Rally.
This will be available on Digital Download and DVD with loads of extras, behind the scenes, mishaps and out-takes and personal thank you videos from the people & charities we are helping.

Many thanks for sticking through this Looooong entry.

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I just noticed it's been nearly a year since my last journal entry and probably just as long since my last deviation.

Last time I spoke of my new camera, since then it's travelled across the North East of England and filmed & photographed quite a lot.
So far I've filmed music videos & events and also a romantic comedy short film. But mostly it has been meeting celebrities, The list does go on a bit...
Mallory Knox
Don Broco
Tony Wright (Terrorvision)
Heaven 17
Bowling for Soup's Jared & Erik
Mike Starr of Steel Panther
No lights 'til Lockdown
Def Havana
Frank Turner
Scouting for Girls
...and more!!!

Needless to say, most of this is due to working voluntarily at the Red Dreams Charity Studio, a fantastic bunch of people offering music, dance, singing, etc. to the local young adults. It's been a great time there.

On a more personal  note, my life is a bit stop & start at the moment and business stuff is slightly on hold. (Which is a little frustrating but a must). I'll try get back here a little more often, I'll also be adding my Canon 550D practice work as I'm still experimenting with my new(ish) camera.

Will update more soon!!!
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Ok folks,

The time has finally come!
After ordering a Canon 550D via the interwebs, the first one delivered was faulty (guessing a fault with the motion sensor since it turned off if you tilted the camera)

After a little wait (and a small fortune to return post the broken one), it has finally arrived.

A spanking new Canon 550D! WOOOHOOOO!

The Sigma 28-80mm lens I bought, also appeared to have a fault but once I cleaned the sticky fingerprints and muck from the lens, it has fired up and working fine. Although by this time I'd also gone out and bought the standard 18-55mm Canon Lens.
I was offered my money back for the Sigma but I've decided to keep it.

And best result of all was the Minolta MD to Canon EOS converter ring. This has now give me access to all my 35mm manual lenses on the DSLR. 18mm wide, 50mm, 135mm telephoto, 70-300m zoom and a 500mm mirror lens. (And also the minolta x2 converter)

With different combinations of the above, I've been capturing some amazing practice images, nice portraits on the zoom and some amazing macro shots with the 18mm wide & x2 converter.
(The depth of field is about 2-3mm deep and focal length is about 60mm - this rig can pick out hairs on a spider's leg)

A little more practice and my photography section of my gallery should start filling up once again.... it's been too long!
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I thought I'd post the good news in a separate journal entry, as it deserves it!!!

Rick Mcleod's short science fiction film "Lost Transmission: Never Forget the Fallen" is close to completion and the promotional material has begun to roll out.

I have had the greatest opportunity, and enjoyed every minute of helping out with filminf and editing this film and look forward to the already planned follow up film and other projects in the pipeline.

The first piece of Promo work, edited by myself is the films short Teaser Trailer...…

Two more, full length trailers will be released shortly.

A big shout out for our friends in Colorado, the Stone Soup Soldiers who have produced a simply awesome soundtrack to the film and also recorded the title song, "Keep Breathing". As a token of thanks, Rick and myself agreed to gift them a full music video for all the hard work they put into this project.

The full video and music can be found here,

Keep Breathing - Stone Soup Soldiers…

More trailers to come and also the films Bloopers Reel! :-D

Keep Doodlin' peeps.
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Hi all,

Good news & bad news.

Bad News...
Once again I've had to take some protective measures the best I can due to some rather unsavoury individuals causing yet more trouble and claiming I've indulged in theft of their work and/or stolen accreditation of other works. This claim also undermines the fact they are still using a substantial amount of my photography on their business website after I requested for it to be removed.
(Update: The site in question has since been removed in it's entirety at this time. 1st Aug 2012)

In the wake of this, I have chosen to remove several items from my DevArt for several reasons. First, to avoid it being used elsewhere without permission and secondly to remove all association with the past and possible future works produced by these other people. This is to distance myself from them and their business for my own personal and professional security.

In addition to these measures, I have also replaced the DevArt watermark onto my work and withdrawn download options to reduce any further chances of my work being taken and used without permissions, or used in any context that could possibly harm my working practices.
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Hi, all.

Hope everyone in DA land is well.

Things are now starting to pick up in pace and getting a little hectic.

I'm coming close to final edit for the sci-fi short film Lost Transmission: Never Forget the Brave. We're almost picture locked for the edit and we have some great & talented people in the U.S. working on the sound mixing and music.

Big shout out to Mike Hughes, Charlie Armour, Gary Slaughter and Sean Gill of The Stone Soup Soldiers for their soundtrack music and also an awesome song "Keep Breathing" featuring the amazing vocals of Rae Gronmark.

I'll be posting links to the completed film once all is sorted and our Director Rick Mcleod is happy with the results of all our hard work.

Meanwhile, back in the land of the U.K. the pace is also building for our business plans.
I have my first full photo shoot this week for a young lady's acting portfolio. I'd say I'm slightly nervous as this will be my first time back behind the camera in a studio environment in 7 years. Fingers crossed all goes to plan.
Again, some sample will be uploaded right here on my deviantart account.

All that's left for now is to brush up on my studio poses and air-brushing techniques and look forward to the photoshoot.

Will update soon with details of how everything went.

Keep doodlin'

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Hi all,

Due to the fact I've recently been pointed out that some of my photography has been used on other sites, which in itself I am pleased my work is out and about on the internets.

Only problem I have is, they haven't credited myself for the photographs or made any indication they are someone else's pictures and not actually their work.

I've politely messaged the website but I'm still yet to get a reply, partly due to the fact the website is non-English or they're just plain ignoring the fact they're happy to rip other peoples work to display on their own sight.

Because of this (again) I'll be adding watermarks to all my work again, sorry to all you people who've showed your appreciation to my work but it's just a thing I've tried to remove before but has yet again suffered abuse.

All of which could have been resolved with either a simple link or credit. Oh well.

On with planning the business... (details to follow once more things are in place)

Thank you all for your understanding,
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I've just been told that there's a deadline for the sci-fi trailer is in 8 days. This is so it can be included in the pitch for a $1mil (USD) fund for the main film.

Considering I've got to take off 2 days for days spent with my son (6 days left)
Deduct half a day for video editing at work (5.5 days left)
Most of Friday is setting up & filming a xmas music show (4.5 days left)

Yup, just four and a half days to edit together a 15 minute sci-fi short film, fix any & all sound problems (which there is many due to a faulty microphone lead) AND add in some digital effects. The biggest effect is a crossbow bolt to the back of an evil guard's head. Not too complicated but time consuming.

So goodbye Land of Nod and hello Ocean of Coffee!!!!

Unfortunately it's all down to a little bit of mis-communication. Hopefully I can pull this off, probably the scariest of challenges to pop out a film in such short time.
Also the foot note of the emergency e-mail in question also noted that this film will also be needed to post to TWO judging panels to be entered into film festivals... one of these being Cannes!

So... top notch job in record time!!!

Since it's already 2am and the clock is ticking (loudly), I'm gonna stop typing now and crack on.

See you all on the other side.
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First thing I want to do is give a big shout out for ~dadocs for adding two of my films to the group, if you're a documentary film maker (or not) get yourself into the group and share the films available. Please feel free to comment or critique any of my works.


It's been two weeks since starting at the Red Dreams studios, I'm slowly feeling more like one of the gang now and the nerves are nearly past. I've been busy editing more footage of live bands playing at the Pitch Invasion 2011 music festival, all the bands and videos can be found on the Red Dreams YouTube channel…
Please have a look at some of the amazing young artists and the different range of music they are creating. Fantastic people and I'm enjoying being a part of it all.


More good news as the rushes for Lost Transmission mini-film "Never Forget The Brave" has been delivered. Nearly 30Gig of scene takes to add to the 27gig already on my hard drive. (And still a few more bits to arrive from 2nd camera crew))
Soooooo looking forward into getting my teeth into editing this little lot together.
After a brief scan through the footage, looks like I've got my work cut out for me. There's a crossbow bolt hit to the head scene I've got to stick a few effects to, a couple more gun fights, one or two pools of blood and general image adjustments.
On a little more worrying note, some of the scenes are going to need extra work as we've discovered a faulty wire in the sound rig somewhere has created a bit of noise, static, crackles and pops over the audio. Not too bad for general action scenes but one or two have cut into dialogue. Hopefully we can salvage the effected scene's by splicing two or three takes together to avoid the junked bits.

Well, seeming as though it's now 4:30am and I've got another parcel to collect before 12:30pm at the sorting office then a full afternoon/evening in the Red Dreams edit suite, I best get myself off to bed.

Take care people.
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Yes, I've already written an epic length Journal today BUT I have more news.
(And the last entry was already mahoooosive)

Today I went for an interview for volunteering at a local charity Red Dreams.
A centre who provide older kids and young adults with media related arts facilities, recording studio, video editing, singing, acting, etc, etc. (The list goes on)

I've decided that the currently looong gaps between filming can be put to better use and gain a little more experience to boot.
So, hopefully when my CRB check gets sorted (which is a pain atm, no passport & lost driving license seems to mean I don't exist to the Civic Centre?!!?!!???!?!)

Reminds me of the Bill Bailey sketch about Video Rental places...
Customer - Here's my ID... Passport, Bank Cards, Drivers License!!
Vid-Store Clerk - Erm... no! Need a gas bill!

Anyways... I digress.

Hopefully, this coming Monday I shall be chilling in their studio, meeting and greeting with the kids/adults who regularly use the centre and see what kind of trouble we can all get upto.
See how out of practise on guitar and singing I am! :-P

Tis now 4am and I still not feeling to great after discovering lumps in my chocolate milk (as I was drinking it) so best get myself off the internets (and avoid Minecraft) and get me some sleep soon.

Later peeps!!!!
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OK, been a bit of a mad few weeks since my last update.

Work went ahead on Lost Transmission filming as planned but with an added extra surprise.
Just days before the weekend filming, one of the camera operator guys was giving the director a bit of a run around and as expected, he cancelled at the last minute.

Luckily we have enough people to continue with the weekend shoot, so ultimately no big loss. (And unfortunately, too many burnt bridges for the other guy!)

So, to move the story along, I was getting things sorted in Teesside, ready for the haul over to Cumbria when I received an e-mail from the director. An e-mail which I stared at with shock for some considerable time.

Roughly worded as he'd been impressed with the editing & effects I've done for the trailer, he'd also browsed my film portfolio and decided he liked the quality of work, something he said has been lacking a little on LT.
So, as discussed previously, he confirmed my role as cameraman BUT also asked if I would be the Director of Photography for the weekend.

*Commence staring at e-mail in shock for 20 mins*

Anyways... to try cut a long story short, I fought with worries of doing a good job and not ruining a weekends filming but already decided to do it. It was a golden opportunity now dangling on a string in front of me, I was hardly going to say no.

The weekend arrives, the nerves kick in big style and off to Cumbria we go. Had a fantastic time filming, got almost knee deep in mud and cow... poop! (We had use of a farm for one of our locations)
Bagged a load of footage with a young lad, Gary, on the 2nd camera, pulled a 17 hour day then was fed the most amazing Lamb in BBQ sauce by the directors wife. Amazing people and there couldn't be a better person to work for. Fantastic time.

Now home and relaxed, I've been contacted by the Director who really likes the footage we capture, although I've yet to see it yet for editing (Should be here via snail mail soon)

Then the news just kept getting bigger. I must have done something right as I've now been offered work on the next THREE projects he has in pre-production.
The feature length sci-fi film of Lost Transmission,
A sequel to a previous Brit Cop & Robbers style film he produced (hopefully seeing the return of Leslie Grantham & also starring Vinnie Jones - OMG!)
And finally, a zombie horror.

I don't think I've got over the shock yet!!! Will keep updating as I know what's going on, as it happens.
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Hi folks,

Thought I'd give a little update to what's happening with me at this time.

I'm currently working on another Sci-Fi trailer for Lost Transmission, this time it's full of gun fire, explosions and other special effects. It's the biggest digital effects projects I've undertaken and I'm experimenting with many elements and different methods for muzzle flashes, blood squibs and exploding buildings.
So far things are going goo. There's still a few bits that could do with tweaks or are not as perfect as they could be due to limited resources and know-how.

As for actual work, things are still a bit dry BUT hopefully with the work on LT, it'll get me that bigger notch on my CV. The other option I'm looking into is working voluntary for a local media course run for a community project, helping people write and film their own story ideas. Should be interesting to see different work and ideas plus it'll also get me networking more.

Meanwhile, I hoping to hear more on another possible film project to be launched nearby, this one includes talks with a well known toy manufacturer who own the rights on a very popular fantasy book series. If talks go well there maybe a sizeable, mostly UK based attempt at a film spin-off of the fantasy series. All I can say at this time is the series is similar to Dungeons & Dragons series and I'll be bouncy like crazy with happiness if we get the go ahead on the project .

Well, going to go and photoshop some more bits for the explosion sequence of the LT trailer, hopefully it'll be complete soon (Ugh... keep forgetting I've yet to add the soundtrack & SFX) and will be posted on my Dev account as soon as possible.

Take care people,

PS Forgot to add, my Lost Transmission film poster has now turned up on a few film review websites for articles regarding LT. Feel a little proud to see my artwork out on the internets. YEY!
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Hi all,

I've almost recovered from a thoroughly exhausting weekend.

Firstly was Saturday, attended the second casting meeting for a local film called "Making Gods Bleed", a Superhero movie to be filmed in Newcastle around August.
Script is nearly ready, and I met a lot of the potential actors and enjoyed a full day of general meeting and greeting with a bunch of activities thrown in. Script readings, fight training, etc. unfortunately due to weather & time, the free running taster lessons didn't happen :-(
But all in all, a great day meeting a bunch of wonderful people and a promising chance I'll be one of the main editors (and possibly camera operators) for this little flick.

Then comes Sunday,

This time, a few hours across the Pennines to the Kendal area of the Lake District for more film work on another project for the very pleasant Rick McLeod.
McLeod is working on a trailer/promo for his Sci-Fi film/series idea and required cast and crew to help out film what we need to secure some funding (a rather tasty amount).
Luckily the rain held off, mostly, and we had dozens of Space Pirates running around farm land and run down buildings, covered in all sorts of fake blood and injuries.
The film camera's were already manned for this but I stretched my dusty skills as photographer to get the production stills and behind the scenes fun.

All in all, a fantastic day with one of the friendliest cast and crew someone could hope to work with and also, hats off to a very generous host, Mr McLeod, for using his own time and money to keep the cast n crew fed and topped up on hot drinks, a pleasure to work with.

At this very moment I'm uploading some of my favourite shots from the weekend and is now sitting back and resting my aching feet/legs/back/shoulders, etc.

Think I better get back on the exercise machine if this is how knackered I am after 2 days out and about, because both films are going to be a few weeks of intensive filming when they hit full steam ahead.

Anyways, gonna go finish uploading more picks.

Take care all.
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Hi to all,

Things have been pretty busy the last few weeks, here's just a few things going on.

Again I've been out meeting and greeting with people and hopefully I've landed a few more opportunities to work on films. Main one I'm REALLY interested in is a Sci-Fi feature length film which may stem into a series (depending current interests from the U.S. funders)

I finally polished up my Digital Effects Show Reel, mostly the same effects as before but one or two more recent ones added. I will hopefully be working on some more experimental effects and also more model work the the aeroplane and possible more.

I've also been dusting off the pen and paper and currently draughting up a fan-fiction film for Silent Hill. It's too early to say IF I can pull in the resources to create it but I'm trying to keep the story simple (to keep filming costs down) yet broad enough to be worthy of a Silent Hill.

Last, but definitely not least, is this week has seen the official release of Dead Bird Productions. We've finally bitten the bullet and built/launched the website and FB page, where we go exactly with the whole thing is a bit uncertain.
It's not quite a full production company as yet but more a central point for all our resources, references, show reels, etc.
Either way our flag is now flying and we can start to use it to promote ourselves and get the experience and confidence together to look at starting our own productions.

There's probably more but it's 5:12am and my brain is not co-operating and my warm bed is calling!

P.S. Portal 2 is great fun, only 2 days to complete but well worth it! :-)
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Hi all,

Still ploughing through editing my friends first length drama film (single handed). It's slightly run over on the running time (currently clocking 2hrs and still about a 3rd of the film left to edit) and probably need a few scene's cutting n trimming. But... it's getting there.

Once that project is in the bag I'll be back to writing two more stories/screen plays I've been working on for some time.
Secondly, one of these projects will require some special effects for certain scenes (not giving too much away at this time) but best way to test run this is with miniatures.

It's been a while since I've worked with miniatures and models so it should be fun to get back in the swing of things. I'm planning on a sizeable scale model of a run down room or some sorts to record on film and add effects too afterwards.
Another scale model project to try for the other film project (and to see if I can pull off such an effect with reasonable results) is hopefully a plane crash. Sounds odd but the plot for one short film requires one and I hope to add a model to real life footage in an OK or impressive crash scene.. just think Knowing with Nicholas Cage.

On a side note, I'm going to pick up the pens and pencils once again and give Chibi drawing a go, my manga stuff needs a little work but with the help of some Deviant's tutorial I'll be spending my few spare hours doodling.
Found some nice tute's by...
and many more

As always, I hope to post up all my work and progress on my dev account as it get's done.
Feedback will be much appreciated as always.

Take care peeps and see y'all soon.

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Well, things have been busy within the last few weeks.

Firstly, I'm near completion on a feature length student drama film titled "Saviour"
We have two scheduled days of shooting left then my role goes from lead cameraman to editor to piece together all the rushes.
So far it's running time is aimed for 1hr 20mins but the footage suggests it could be as much as a 2hr feature (We may have to trim a few bits to shorten it)

Either way, this is the first feature length production I have worked on and is looking forward to edit.... single handed I may add!!!

Secondly, a great bit of news dropped into my inbox earlier with the notification that my short documentary "Bright Blue Eyes" has been selected for a public screening at the local, monthly Concept Film Night.…

A chance to publicly introduce my work and do a small Q&A afterwards.

BUT on a better note, the entry judging panel looked through my entire show reel DVD as to the two entries I put forward and have also informed me they would like to also feature "Southfield Road" on the same night.

I'm hoping I can get some of the others who worked on that studio project to come along as I was simply a cameraman for that project and many others deserve the credit for our studio show.

Thirdly, much to my surprise and happiness, I've had TWO industry grade people me my ideas and opinions on special effects shots.
One guy, head of effects on a (hopefully) up and coming TV show asking my ideas for creating realistic cat ears for a leading female cast; either CGI or prosthetics. (I think due to the amount of screen time, prosthetics would be a wiser option, otherwise it'd be alot of CGI work)
The second guy was also seeking my advice on the best way to produce muzzle flash effects for a night scene - the current test is with light fittings to the weapons, strobes and touch-up CGI. Decisions will be made on the best test screen outcomes.

SO.... I finally feel I'm using my skills, keeping the dust off and definitely feel I'm starting to make the connections with industry professionals and hopefully a rung or two up the ladder into the industry.

I'll keep y'all posted as things progress! :-)

Take care peeps!
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Just over six months now since completing university and things have been up and down but I'm hopeful there's a new light on the horizon.

I've finally sorted some major issues in my life, including sorting problems with seeing my son and also throwing a so called girlfriend in the trash. These were pretty big problems and are all clear now.

On work matters things have been difficult, there was a choice to move away, namely to Salford Quays but I've opted to stay in my home area and keep searching through the very limited work here.

As previously mentioned I begun working voluntary on two local film projects, one a vampire film/pilot, "Christian", based around Whitby and it's folklore and a second community project film, "Billywood Blues". A story of a young lads struggle to make it big with his amateur band only to have it all fall apart.
"Christian" turned out to be a bit of a joke and strange going on's behind the scenes and now it's been scrapped and relaunched (for the third time) and most of the 2nd set of crew who have shown concerns have been replaced or left. So, for professional (and personal) reasons, it was check-out time on that project.

Billywood Blues was on hold over xmas but will be full steam ahead very soon and I'm really looking forward to it.

Last, but definitely not least, is the possibility of work. Again, voluntary at this time but working for a local community business who've recently built an awesome media centre in the area. After a tour of the place last week, I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll get a call back this week to go help out with the technical side of things.
A chance to put my degree to good use and get to create music, film, drama and so much more with the local kids and young adults! :-)
Can't wait.
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After 5 years of hard work, 3 houses, 2 cars, 1 son, a sizeable student loan and 8 films later I have finally received the official notification that I have graduated University with a 2:1 degree.

One hell of an emotional and physical roller-coaster ride but a worthwhile journey I have enjoyed, made new friends, experienced new things which has left with filled with pride and accomplishment.
I'm grateful to all my friends who have shared the good and the bad times and also extremely thankful to the University tutors and staff who have supported us all throughout our time there.

Now it's time to return to the big wide world and hunt down the ever increasingly illusive work and put these new skills into action.

I'm lucky to have stumbled across two local community based films, one being a modern day vampire film/TV pilot, based upon the Dracula legend and bringing a modern day twist to the story and returning the legend to the small fishing town of Whitby!!
The second, a dark(ish) comedy/drama about a young lad and his own local blues band trying to build a little bit of fame but struggling to hold his own life together.

I'm hoping to have a lot of fun working on these and some other planned projects for the future and gain that valuable experience to bulk up the old C.V.

Lastly, I've finally managed to upload my Uni Finals film to my Dev account and it's now available for all to see. Feel free to comment, we went all out and managed to pull off one of the most ambitious projects our tutors have ever seen so I hope you like it!

Thanks to all who helped, gave kind comments, supported me. I'll always be grateful!
Take care people, see you soon.
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Hi all,
Once again I've been seriously busy with a few things atm.

First off, I've been completing my Final film for my Uni Major module, this is the biggy that goes towards my degree.
We decided to push the boat out and try something immense in the production side of things.

My friend went through a traumatic time after a nasty car accident in Scotland last year (2009) and we decided to recreate the crash and events following the accident to tell her story.

We managed to get hold of a hospital ward and courtroom (Both mock/training ones) and the main success was buying a car, then physically rolling it over (by hand) down a stretch of the A19, just outside of Stockton-on-Tees.

The film is near complete, and a final rough cut has just been reviewed by Mr Tom Gutteridge (Producer or Robot Wars, Big Brother and founder of Mentorn Productions) and to our relief, he loved it!
There was a few recommendations for alteration in layout  of some scenes but overall he was impressed. We couldn't of hoped for anything better.

Watch this space, as once the film has been marked by Uni I can then upload it onto my Dev Account.

Second and just as important was I recently spent an evening in Leeds, meeting and greeting with the cast and crew of Chronicles of Syntax. For those not following my Journal atm, it's (hopefully) going to be an all new BBC sci-fi style series.
I had the official invite to go mingle with the writer, producer and other members of the show, so things are looking promising on the work front and getting taken onto the project. I'll be hopefully doing digital effects. (See my Dev-Films for some examples)

That's all for now folks,
just uploading some more stills and behind the scenes photo's from our film then spend the weekend relaxing before back in the edit suite on Monday to smooth out the last bits on the film.

Thanks for peoples support, comments and favourites on all my work.
Keep doing the art that you do and enjoy everyone else's! :-P

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