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No problem, nice gallery.  :)
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Wandered over here because I see we're both running around trying to explain asexuality to people on Aenea-Jones' poll, and I see you like Mass Effect and Portal! Portal was my first video game and I still love it (I'm working on Portal 2) and Mass Effect is my absolute favorite! ^_^ (this is my awkward nerdy way of saying hi)
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Haha asexuality and videogames are always a nice way to say hi.
actually Mass Effect brings up an interesting question here, I use an rpg game full of choices like that to really pretend im someone else, and so I romanced/sexxed Tali and really loved that path for my character. If you are also asexual, did you remain single or pursue someone romantically or sexually? I guess it depends if you were playing Shepard as if it's yourself, or if you were playing Shepard like a totally different person?

Portal/Portal 2 are definitely in like my top 5 games of all-time lol, I love them like way too much, honestly.
I have very few friends and family who I haven't sat down and played the Portal games with them, playing through it again to show it to people is like one of my favorite things haha.
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I am not actually asexual myself, I just have friends who are ace or demisexual so when I see uninformed people I'm like 'here let me help'. I do know that my demisexual friend romanced Garrus (as I did) and we both had a great deal of fun with that, but that's not quite coming from the same place.

I consider Portal the ultimate gateway to videogames because it was my introduction after coming of age in the era of 'videogames are evil they're all about killing people and will make your children violent!' Portal proved that videogames didn't need to be violent to be fun, but while you still got to run around viewing the world through the character's eyes. And of course now that I'm older I can understand both the legitimate concerns and the overblown nature of that news-hype and can enjoy things like Hawken (fps with mechs!) as well, but Portal will always be special to me for showing me that videogames existed with more personality than SimCity and more depth than GTA (which my cousins played).

Also philosophy aside it's frikkin' FUN AS HECK. I always love that room everyone I know hates where you're flipping through a ton of portals to basically climb up that one room with acid all at the bottom and it screws with your sense of up and down but you basically spend the entire room FLYING and I love it.
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Yeah! I love that Portal is essentially pacifist as well! As dark as some of the humor may be, compare it to it's sister-series Half-Life and it's like night and day that way, there is never any true violence going on in the Portal games so far.
Not that i didn't like Half-Life too lol I did, just a lot of violence, and it totally contrasts with Portal in a way that I love.
Portal and LIMBO are the two games i've used to get all my non-gamer friends a little bit more into appreciating videogames, both as a valid form of art/entertainment and as just plain fun!
Whenever I hear someone saying videogames are overly violent and sexist and say they're bad because of that, it does frustrate me, it really is just ignorance. I always try to explain it this way: Some games are violent and sexist, much of music and movies are violent and sexist and you still respect them as forms of art and entertainment. Yes I could play GTA or CoD, but I could also choose to play (or happen to play) Journey or Portal. It can be just as diverse as any other art/entertainment medium. It would be like me choosing to (or happening to) watch Scarface or Saw 7, and saying "omg wow this is just violent trash"... when I could have just as easily chosen to watch (or happened to watch) 12 Angry Men ('57) or Disney's Mulan lol.
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Ahh I've heard of LIMBO but I can't remember what sort of game it is...

It's so true! I hadn't thought of that approach before. I bet the ''all videogames are violent and evil'' thing was partly just because parents didn't know how to sort what was and was not violent... somewhere I saw written ''ours will be the first generation of parents to know that you can't pause a multiplayer match''. I hope our generation will be better about trying to sort media rather than just falling into ''new media are evil'' and remember the lessons of our childhoods if something totally new crops up and go learn about it rather than try to ban it entirely.
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