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Scale Cosplay Weapon Tutorial

Tried a new technique to make my patterns for weapons, mainly because the weapons I've done in the past have been, for the most part, geometric and straight forward in their design and Final Fantasy X's swords, like Brotherhood, Masamune, and Nirvana, are very much more fluid in their profiles. So here's the process I used, I hope others find it useful!

P.S. You'll want to full view it or even download it
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This is so useful! I will so use this for making props in the next few months! Thank you so much!! ♥
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Happy you find it useful!
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Really helpful thank you !! I used it for my next project :) 
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We're glad you like it!
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I understand the tutorial, and it will be really helpful to me, but I was wondering about the next steps, like forming the shape of the decorative pieces, how to make the intricate shapes, and then your method for securing and painting parts...I've seen a tutorial where they have all this EVA foam and some kind of plastic mat over the wood before painting, but all that stuff sounds really expensive and complicated...I'd like to use primarily wood, but more so I want the props to look good, so I was just wondering what all is needed to do this...
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There's no single way to approach making any prop. Some people use an additive method, building up layers, like I tend to do. Others might work more in a subtractive method, starting with a single large block of their preferred material and working it down/carving out specific details. You can find an overview of my process for building Brotherhood here (…). I also have a more in depth tutorial on Instructables (…) if you'd like to check it out.
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Alright, thank you so much!
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Do you have any downloads for the stencil you made?
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Sadly this was on an old laptop that crapped out on me :(
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I never thought of using image slices before.  Good idea.
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Thank you! Hope it helps ;)
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Glad to hear it!
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This is very nice.
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