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WOW Alexstrasza

By gooloo0-o
Is that very odd someone doesn't paly WOW but keep drawing WOW characters?
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If to say that dragon ladies are the sexiest, I would say the most chick is Tyri since even in true form she is pretty attractive because of her modest shape, mixed with enormous appereance.
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Sexy and amazing art work.
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Great illustration ^^
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You might want to see this [link]
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someone has reposted your image: [link]
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In response on what you say at description: It's not odd at all, trust me. You just like the characters and make them look PERFECTLY AMAZING!
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Excluding the fast that Alexstrasza should be an Dragon Titan, right?
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Hehehehe! Sort of... ^^
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I agree its not odd, escpecially when its THIS character. I <3 Alexstrasza. And I agree that this is an amazing piece of art.
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It would be my honor to feature your beautyful work in:iconhigh-vision: :heart:


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Nice contrast..

This could easily second as Shyvanna from LoL.
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Shes awesome.... My one criticism is that her horns always seemed bigger to me xD
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*jaw hits floor* Not odd at all, especially when done this well.
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simply outstanding :heart:
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You really need to submit your wow art to some of the Warcraft groups here on DeviantArt so more people can see them!
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Any recommend one?
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Here are some good Warcraft groups on DeviantArt:

Warcraft Art : [link]
The Warcraft Legion: [link]
Blizzard-Warcraft: [link]
The Art of Blizzard: [link]
Warcraft Worgen: [link]
WoW Artists Unite: [link]

Those are just a few that I use, and there are many more, but those are a good start.

All you need to do is join each group and submit your art. Your art really deserves to be seen by more people. It's really good! If you have any questions, just let me know! Good luck!
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I don't play anymore, but keep reading the novels!

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