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Sodia of Tales of Vesperia

By gooloo0-o
A character from the game "Tales of Vesperia",
commission with Sinn4u[link]
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I love that you drew in scratches and small wounds in the exposed areas of her outfit. It feels more right that she might end up a little hurt in those areas.
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I didn't like her in the game at all, but this is pretty awesome O:
ArtRoomLitterBug's avatar
Sodia was a horrible horrible woman. No Joke. End of Story. lol I will say you did a fantastic job.
Seaview123's avatar
Great looking character. Nice work.
Kangarou's avatar
beautiful. the wear and tear look so nicely detailed.
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The metal aspect is amazing.
In fact, all the drawing is awesome :D
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simply excellent :woohoo:
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I want to mend her wounds. :heart:

Great art. :clap:
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i love strong girl~ :heart:
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A very nice and realistic looking girl. I'm guessing her light armor is to emphasize her speed and I do like the battle damage she's sustained. Makes her seem more believable.
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ACG armor rules: less armor you wear, higher defence you have!
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While the armor may be impractical, the artwork is, as always, well-done. You're getting really good at armor detailing these days; I imagine it must be all the practice we've given you with your commissions! ;) :) Keep up the fine work.
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nice work making this girl look so powerful despite her battle damage. :D
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