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Requiem for an Imperial Knight

By gooloo0-o
Commission with Sinn4u[link]
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© 2011 - 2021 gooloo0-o
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FKAwesome's avatar
looks like an alternate universe of full metal alchemist... edward and winry... :D
AriaRavenscar's avatar
That's EXACTLY what I was going to say!
FKAwesome's avatar
domestic violence
Excellently drawn.
Jin-Ghi-Lives's avatar
Hmm i heard this for a fanfic do you have a link?
Elinewton's avatar
Great details on the ripping clothes and faces!!
DarkerEve's avatar
This girl really known how to get into problems XD.
phoenixleo's avatar
Your amazing deviation was featured on The F Word #11!

Take care! :)
xSakuraKurox's avatar
I hope he didn't hurt her after this! D:
Seaview123's avatar
Hmm, she's just playing 'possum for now, then she's gonna kick some butt! (I hope). Good looking characters and pic.
Rush-'s avatar
what a grip [his legs have on his foe]... Game... Over....
DogsAndRoses's avatar
The image is absolutely powerful! Very nice!
Nice work! That's one brave girl down there getting ground and pound by a (magical) guy!
Tenessi's avatar
It's a little bit shameful that a girl is hurt that much by a guy but whatever (kind of "man pride" and stuff). Hey, they want equality so lets give them :)
A beautiful work, the action is catch at the very right moment and the guy look awesomely stylish ! :D
BluDrgn426's avatar
well that's ungentlemanly like
mortalshinobi's avatar
very nice brutality here. you capture the violence exquisitly well.
bakaneko1126's avatar
Is this the same girl that was fighting the bear? Dang she just can't seem to stay out of trouble!
Beautiful piece again! Love the shading~
Tenessi's avatar
I laugh a lot on your words. xD
bakaneko1126's avatar
Ahaha I'm glad my words made you laugh! C:
gooloo0-o's avatar
Why, did I said somthing wrong or stupid or somthing wrong AND stupid?
Tenessi's avatar
Oh no, I was speaking about bakaneko when she said : "Dang she just can't seem to stay out of trouble!"
gooloo0-o's avatar
Yes, she is Sodia from Tales of Vesperia, the main character of Sinn4u's fanfic.
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