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Great work!
The armor type and the weapon reminds me of Natural Selection 2.
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reminds me to XCOM
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I love everything!
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Excellent work!!
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Absolutely love this one.
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Great work! Love her curves!
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I remember seeing this piece of artwork a while back on another persons gallery I think, I remember that they had crudely attempted to Photoshop a different head onto the body as well as included a Swastika on her shoulder as well to turn it into some cheesy Nazi soldier. I just thought you should be aware that someone may have stolen your artwork.
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Thanks for your concern, I never saw the painting you mention, but I'm rarely upload painting on the internet now since my artwork already been stolen by several times.
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You're welcome. It sucks that people have to drop so low as to steal another persons artwork for themselves but that is just life I guess. I have had my artwork stolenmany times before so I know how you feel. 
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你好 今天第一次看到你的作品感觉你的作品很风格很喜欢人 一时找不准具体的词汇来形容 但是就如每颗宝石都有它们独特的美一样
冒昧的问一下我第一次看到这幅画 类似的作品是一位GN12的西方法艺术家 只不过他画的是个女纳粹党徒 这幅画应该是你原创的然后被他PS(大陆对使用数字手段修改图像的称呼)了对吗?(多余的话如果造成不必要的顾虑 这里提前向您表示道歉)
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"Do Not Come In My View"
Love it! Great work:)
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Great drawing!!! :)
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I'm running out of surprised-looking emoticons over here.
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very beautiful!!
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hot but low res
Very beautiful.
nice work! and the face is touching!
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love the look on her face ... wonderful
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