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dot.Yorchi Extension Icons

Hello, chicos!
I'm very excited about you viewing (and possibly downloading) this icon set! To me, it shows that you had some interest in my art and hopefully decided to give it some use, so thanks a lot!

I'd like to make a special dedication of this icon set to Jacquie A.K.A. ~beliefrules, who is part of the Deviant community. I hope that somehow, through this or through some other way, I can give you some sort of support (even the most seemingly minimal) in dealing with your condition. I sincerely hope all your illnesses disappear and that you get back to 100% health. In any case, all my prayers are focused on your rapid recuperation. Also, I'd like to include my brother ~ccreativo, and deviants ~rainstar0612, ~watehey, ~graywz, ~janosch500, and ~parry in this dedication for posting the first few comments on my deviations and adding them as favorites. It might seem strange, but I really appreciate small things like those. Thanks!

Anyway, I created most of these icons a while ago for personal use and had never released a (n almost) complete set until now. Since the beautiful community of DeviantArt showed some degree of interest in a pre-release set I had posted, I decided to submit the rest of my old icons and make some new ones for the sake of this set's completeness. A lot of credit goes to Apple Inc. since I used quite a few of their images on this set, hehe! I think the set came out quite cool, so I hope you enjoy them!

I appreciate your views and downloads and hope you enjoy these icons! See ya!


Yorchi Porchi, A.K.A. GooGooJoob

P.S. If you guys need some specific file extension icons, just leave me a comment and I'll try my best to come up with something, alright?
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looks really cool. thank you.
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Gorgeous! Thank you!!
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The best for winXP ;)
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I love them, I'm definitely going to use them, any extra icons whould be appreciated.
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please add >> mkv
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Sorry hehe...
allready in there... thanks
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This is so Great!!

Would you make PNG, GIF and Bitmap?

Well done
Again, very good work. You have done something with your icons that I don't see done well very often if at all. You have been able to add fairly large font sizes to identify the file type yet still be able to keep enough room to add your artwork which is good looking and most importantly to me, clean.

I mentioned on your trial set of these that I would love to see a set of file types based on max such as .hdri and .tga and the others. At best, I'll see a max app icon but never one set up in a file look as these are.

Since I'm getting greedy, I might as go all the way. Have you considered making the same set but with the background color and font color switched? I don't know, maybe it wont work. These look so good I can see that idea not working.

Again, good job.
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Brother, your review means a lot! Thanks!
Sure I can make those icons you mentioned without a problem. I only need to research the program a bit (sorry, never heard of it, hehe!) to see which filetypes do what and come up with something. In fact, I should have released some icons that were requested by another user before. I hadn't had much time for this... I've kinda neglected DeviantArt for a while, but you know how final examinations can get a bit messy, hehe!
Anyway, give me some time and I'll be happy to work something out, cool?

P.S. When you said that about switching the color of the background and type, did you mean something like one of the .EXE extension icons (black and white) I included in the set?
thank you so much
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add ► ogg, odp, odg (and) flv.

Those particular extensions would be fabulous, thank you.
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