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Yorchi File Types

Hello, Deviants!

And here it is... my first submission! Please, go easy on me, hehe!

This is a sample of some icons I had created some time ago but had never released.
I found them on my disk and decided to submit them for a reaction/criticism analysis, hehe!

If the reaction is positive, I will gladly release the rest of them and take requests, if any come up.

I created these icons based on the OSX file type style, so I guess some credit goes to Apple Inc.



El Yorchis, A.K.A. GooGooJoob

P.S. Sorry for the stupid icon set title!
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cool icons. thanks.
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I love this Icons, really nice!!! I downloaded them and will use on my computer, thanks for your job ;)
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Me love em, MOAR please Xd

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Thank u my friend
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Excellent icons, man. Make moar! xD
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Xcellent icons! thx
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These are some of my favorite file icons :) Very clean and simple, but stylish at the same time. Excellent work!
wow..these are one of the greatest icons i´ve seen..
keep up the good work
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Wow! That means a lot. Thanks!
I think these are pretty killer. I don't know why you would be nervous to the criticism. You said that we should ask if there were ones that we wanted so I will. I cannot find any filetype collection for 3ds max. That would be things beyond just the .max extension but also things like .hdri, .exr, .ies, .tga, etc.

Good Job!
How appropriate (smile) ... This is your first submission and this is "my" first browse as a new member in Deviants!

For my own "personal opinion" ... I REALLY LIKE YOUR ICONS and feel on a "scale of 1-10" they would rate an easy 10 PLUS ....

FYI: I base my "opinion" (smile) and my "ability to share an opinion" (smile) after spending the last 10 days surfing, viewing, browsing and snagging more "icons files" than any "sane person" would most likely have patience to view (hee)! Bu, having finally decided to "customize" and create an icon environment "I" want to view ea day ... and altho too often a bit frustrating (i.e., opening the .rar and finding only 1-2 icons that "fit my standards" - smile) ... in the end (smile) it will be well worth the time invested. But, in addition to that (eek) ... I admit this excursion helps to keep me entertained and out of trouble (smile)!

Unfortunately I've been disabled the last 7+ years due to a spinal disease that is "eating away at the cartliage in my spinal column" and try hard to focus on anything other than the intensity of pain that is with me 24/7 ... eek!

In any event - "I" would appreciate you posting the remainder of your collection to "snag" for my own personal use (pwease)?

God Bless - Jacquie
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Thanks a lot guys!
I really appreciate your comments.
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great icon set - boyant, optimistic and bright.

I'd like to see more too.....

Well done
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Very nice.

I would like to see more. :nod:
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great work hp :)
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