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Nero Rawnd Battery Pod

Hello, Deviants!

Here's another flavor of the previously released Rawnd Battery Pod, now available in black! Did you know that black clothing "makes the wearer appear thinner and more sophisticated" (Squidoo, 2008)?

Well, after that completely irrelevant piece of information... I created these icons to replace the stock icons in a battery meter docklet I downloaded. Since I did not create the accompanying .DLL file, I'm not releasing it along with this icon set to avoid any infringement on the intellectual property of anyone.

There are many battery meter docklets floating around with editable images, so just find one and just replace those images with the ones in this download.

Hope you enjoy these icons! Thanks for your continuous support, guys!
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really nice clean icons. Ive been looking for something like this for ages now and even tried to make my own, but these are great. :D
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Loving these icons, can I have your permission to use them for a phone theme I'm making?
It's for non-profit free distribution as part of the Android open-source community.
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Super late... but yes, you may! It'd be cool if you post a comment with a link to the final product, or something. ...if you still wanna do it after all this time, of course, hehe!
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yea definately, will do :-)
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Sorry guys for the negligence! I searched probable sources for the docklet I used and I found one with enough states to cover all the icons here:


I don't know if this is the exact docklet I used. If needed, just rename my icons as you see fit.

Have a good day, ya'll!
Awesome set. Can you supply the name of docklet where I can replace the images with these? The ones I seem to find only have eight battery images, a N/A image, and a charging image.
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I am also searching for one that can utilize all the supplied icons here
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actually if you have object dock you can just go to the installation folder and in docklets\power\ youll find the dll also there is the \icons folder in wich you can just replace the icons
i think you can go to and donwload the docklet there
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I'm using your first Rawnd Battery Pod icons now. These, I think, I like even better. Thanks for making more.
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Hehe! Cool! Glad you like them, man!
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