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General Products Hull #4 Long Shot by Marian87
CBC-001 Copernicus by Ywander
FCAI Recovery Unit by Marrekie
Win Some, Lose Some, Wreck Some by Marrekie
SONYA by scifilicious
CORRIDOR OF DEATH by scifilicious
Arno AssassinsCreed by scifilicious
M-Tec Noehs -Tama Arms Industries Ikta P-09 und PK by NikitaTarsov
M-Tec Noehs - Tama Arms Industries Ikta P-07 by NikitaTarsov
Cold war era Senshado by NezumiYuki
Lost, but Found by Borg-Man
SciFi Vehicles and Machines
Eastbound and Down by Reactor-Axe-Man
My version of a DMC-12 by aconnoll
Midnight Resistance by aconnoll
M-Tec Geist IFV Urban by NikitaTarsov
Architecture and Construction
The Starspire by Vumpalouska
CHINESE GATES by scifilicious
Underground Security Gatehouse by aconnoll
Tutorials - Learn SketchUp here
SCIFI STAIRS by scifilicious
Quad Based Tuts by Scifiwarships
Sketchup Modelling/Rendering - YouTube Workflow by aconnoll
TUTORIAL How 2make a Mobile Home in 10min by scifilicious
SSS14 FORTRESS MAXIMUS free sketchup download by kaxvandam
SSS13 RUINATION free sketchup download by kaxvandam
SSS12 G2 HERO OPTIMUS PRIME free sketchup download by kaxvandam
SSS11 ENERGON TIDALWAVE free sketchup download by kaxvandam
WIP - Work In Progress
[WIP] TNG Turbolift by radishdalek
STATION by scifilicious
CYBERCITY Break Down by scifilicious
HAIR by scifilicious
Community Project No.1 "Anti-grav Racer"
Skyracer Redux by Marrekie
YELLO anti-grav racer by Ywander
REDLINE anti-grav racer by Ywander
MIDNITE anti-grav racer by Ywander
Community Project No.2 "Deep-Sea Mecha"
Hippocampe views by flaketom
High deep meca - Ifremer by WraithDouser
Behemoth by NemesisMax
Submarine Steamwalker by flaketom
Sketchup Aided Designs
The Harp by chrisryder123
Movie Related
GHOST IN THE SHELL '95 Tribute by scifilicious
Cars, Trucks and Bikes
01 CUB-DK-Presentation-01-Scene-13-32m-55s-2048sp- by duanekemp
SciFi Tech and Gadgets
sketchup scene 84 devices DOWNLOAD LINK!!! by kaxblastard
There's a new Challenge for you Sci-fi creative types over on our affiliate group sketchup-overdrive.deviantart.…

You can find more details about it in the write-up here.…

The ultra short version of it is: Mars is starting to feel the effects of the terraforming process and humanity lives in domed cities. Between them an ultra high speed race takes place with vehicles that are  a cross between jet fighters, formula one cars and spaceships.

If that has got you're creative juices flowing please feel free to submit your WIP in the FCAI folder on sketchup-overdrive group.

Martian Aeroracer Challenge2 by Scifiwarships

Have fun.
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GENTELMEN'S LOUNGE :iconscifilicious:scifilicious 5 3
MEDITATION breakdown by scifilicious MEDITATION breakdown :iconscifilicious:scifilicious 8 2 MEDITATION by scifilicious MEDITATION :iconscifilicious:scifilicious 36 9 TBM by scifilicious TBM :iconscifilicious:scifilicious 8 0 ZED'S PLACE by scifilicious ZED'S PLACE :iconscifilicious:scifilicious 20 7 FLYING COTTER4 - WAVING by scifilicious FLYING COTTER4 - WAVING :iconscifilicious:scifilicious 13 2 INDIA BUILDINGS PACK by scifilicious INDIA BUILDINGS PACK :iconscifilicious:scifilicious 5 0 NEW RETRO WAVE by scifilicious NEW RETRO WAVE :iconscifilicious:scifilicious 9 0 ALIEN HATCHING EGGS by scifilicious ALIEN HATCHING EGGS :iconscifilicious:scifilicious 9 5

Group Info

This group is to show that the 3d program Trimble SketchUp and a rendering program really is all we need to make good 3D Models! True artists don't need bulky and/or expensive programs.

Join now!
But only if SketchUp is a program you use and/or support!
Founded 13 Years ago
Jan 12, 2010


Group Focus
3D art made with Trimble Sketchup

956 Members
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OUR RULES! (Newcomers read this please)

Trimble SketchUp is a free simple-to-use 3D modelling and sketching program for both Mac and PC it can be found here:
If you then want to render the models (make them look more realistic) the program called Kerkythea is recommended, but that is up to you as an artist.

1. The entries in this group MUST be made in SketchUp! but can be rendered in different rendering programs such as Kerkythea etc.

2. Quality submissions will be allowed to get featured, meaning that if you don't have so much experience, you can still submit, but won't be able to get the submission featured

3. No pornographic, racist, ideological or religious models!

4. Use nice language, so if you don't have anything nice to say about a submission, don't say anything.

5. Constructive criticism is always welcome, as long as it doesn't violate rule no. 4.

6. All entries will be submitted to vote unless you're an admin, then they'll be automatically accepted

7. To ensure not to have TOO many of the same artwork the maximum amount of duplicates is 2, a duplicate is the same model but in a different angle, progressive WorkIn Progress is not concidered as a duplicate, since the model changes. Changing the scenery does NOT make it a new model.


Due to the fact that this group isn't super I can't rename the member types, but here they are:

Member: The regular member, is allowed to submit deviations, to any folder but the featured one, and the closed contest ones, all submissions are up for vote. Anyone can become a member at will

Contributor: is the regular administrator (admin for short) are able to accept or decline pending submissions, thereby having more of an influence on what content comes in, and what doesn't, and any of their submissions are automatically approved. Only those invited can be promoted to Contributor

Co-Founder: the most misleading, is the Super-Admin, and have been entrusted to be able to do most of the things in the group, they are able to change the page, manage deviations etc. Most of the stuff they do is automatically approved.

Founder: Is the one who founded the group (obviously) and is able to do whatever, whenever. Even change the rules at odd times. Though most of the major changes have to go through the Co-Founders to get fully decided.

Also, don't forget to check out or join our "sister" group: :iconkerkythea:



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duanekemp Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2023
8 different posts expired for the second time.

Each image clearly has the workflow marked and follows rules.
But, they just won't get seen or published.
Since January 25 (this is now March).... same issues.

So, is this a confirmation that the group is fairly dead?
What's the point of sharing in the group if admins won't admin?

GoogleSketchUp not approving submissions by duanekemp

duanekemp Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2023
Past posting here expired. So... I republished renders to the galleries. Can you check them in before they too expire?
duanekemp Featured By Owner Edited Jan 26, 2023
Yesterday, I submitted 5 varied SketchUp works within several gallery categories... and they were ALL are awaiting approval. Is this normal for admin interaction time? I haven't posted enough to know.

scifilicious Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2023  Professional Artist
Sorry for the wait, life happens sometimes. Good job 👍
duanekemp Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2023
Will you be approving the others too?
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