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8 different posts expired for the second time.

Each image clearly has the workflow marked and follows rules.
But, they just won't get seen or published.
Since January 25 (this is now March).... same issues.

So, is this a confirmation that the group is fairly dead?
What's the point of sharing in the group if admins won't admin?

GoogleSketchUp not approving submissions by duanekemp

Past posting here expired. So... I republished renders to the galleries. Can you check them in before they too expire?
Yesterday, I submitted 5 varied SketchUp works within several gallery categories... and they were ALL are awaiting approval. Is this normal for admin interaction time? I haven't posted enough to know.

Sorry for the wait, life happens sometimes. Good job 👍

Will you be approving the others too?

I only saw & approved two, i don't see more.

Maybe they expired, in that case you have to submit them again.

Welcome back from real life. Completely understandable. :-)