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Summary for Busy People:

  • I offer landscape/fantasy paintings, character drawings, book cover illustrations and animations.

  • Send me a note to book a spot or to inquire further about your commission idea.

  • Payment process: PayPal, 50% deposit at the start of the process, 50% at the end.

More info on Prices, Process and FAQ below.

Packages & Prices:

Landscapes (may include small characters):

  • Speed paint; $70 AUD Australian Dollars (around $55 US Dollars): A fully coloured landscape-heavy painting completed in 4hrs or less. No revisions.
    Journey To Dragon Island by goofymoNkey At the Eleventh Hour by goofymoNkey

  • Full landscape/fantasy painting; $150+ AUD (around $117+ USD): A landscape-heavy painting with one or two small and/or silhouetted characters, as per your specifications. This may include humans, animals, fantasy creatures, fantasy settings, nature, or whatever your creativity can muster. :)
    Sunset Picnic in Paris by goofymoNkey Into The Wild Unknown by goofymoNkey
    This City Will Kill Me (If I'm Lucky) by goofymoNkey Wolf and Hawk by goofymoNkey The Whole World Is Ours by goofymoNkey


  • Coloured Character Sketch; $30-50 AUD (around $25-40 USD): A sketch-style character of your choice with flat colours and limited/no shading. No background. Prices start at $30 ($25US) for a headshot or simplistic character (like Ickis below), and move up in complexity to full body poses. Add $25 ($20US) per extra character. Want something in between? Just ask and I'll quote you a price.
    Ickis by goofymoNkey Rocket Power: Twister Rodriguez by goofymoNkey Kiss by goofymoNkey  Suave Milhouse by goofymoNkey

  • Character Showcase; $60 AUD (around $47 USD): A character of your choice, coloured and block shaded, with atmospheric stock background. Any pose. Add $20 per extra character.
    OUAT Gender Bender: Emma Swan / Emmet Swan by goofymoNkey
    Recess: Hustler Kid by goofymoNkey OUAT Gender Bender: Reginald the Evil King by goofymoNkey

  • Full Character Painting/Drawing; $150+ AUD (around $117+ USD): Either a fully painted illustration starring 1-2 characters, or a block-shaded drawing of a 'group shot' up to 6 characters, with full backgrounds.
    Dorothy Meets The Scarecrow by goofymoNkey Nowhere Boys by goofymoNkey There's A Dragon Under My Bed by goofymoNkey
      OUAT: Snow Hates Regina by goofymoNkey


  • Book covers: I am very interested in creating covers and illustrations for your book project. I price and license these on a case-by-case basis. Note me with the details of your project and we'll work something out.

  • Animation: I'm a qualified animator open to freelance work. From animated avatars to full character animation, I can offer a professional output in whatever format you need. I price and license these on a case-by-case basis. Note me with the details and I'll give you a quote and links to my previous animated works.

  • Another kind of art you want isn't listed here? Or you're not sure what you want will fit in these categories? Just ask! I don't bite. :)

*NOTE: All US price conversions are estimates based on the exchange rate as at March 2nd 2015. They are for assessment purposes only. Please google the current exchange rate for the accurate conversion (See more at 'FAQ > Currency')

The Process:

  1. Contact: Send me a note or comment on this journal to book a spot or inquire further about your commission idea

  2. Pay 50%: Once we've discussed and locked down your commission idea, we sign a contract and you pay an upfront 50% deposit through PayPal. This secures your commission booking.

  3. Sketch approval: I develop a layout sketch and colour palette idea (for full paintings) or very rough pose sketch (for character drawings) which I then send to you for your approval. Any major changes/revisions should be made at this stage.

  4. Artwork: Once you're happy with the sketches, I get to work. Inking, colouring, painting, researching, shading, lighting, scratching my chin while staring at the picture in an artistic way, and painting some more. For full paintings/drawings I can send you one or two low-res progress images for your approval during the process (note: this may add to the timeframe).

  5. Final approval: Upon completion of the image I send you a low-resolution, watermarked version for your approval. The only revisions that can be made at this stage are slight changes to colour/tone and minor effects.

  6. Finalise payment: You pay the remaining 50% of the fee. I send you the completed high-res image (as a .png or .jpeg) for you to share to your heart's delight / make all your friends jealous / print off and roll up to use as a makeshift fly-swatter.

FAQ Info

  • Reliability: I've been a member of the dA community for over 10 years now. IRL I've worked for several years on various freelance creative projects and have a bachelor's degree in animation from a media college in Australia. You can trust me to provide a professional transaction and not to just run off with your money (without offering you an awesome commission in return).

  • Timeframe: Mostly, you'll have your commission sometime within 2 days and 2 weeks. This depends both on the complexity of the image, and the speed of your own communication.

  • Payment method is through PayPal. If you don't yet have a PayPal account, no worries, it's free and only takes a few minutes to set up. I may accept a few points commissions on a first in, first served basis, but please ask first.

  • Currency: All payments are to be made in AUD, Australian dollars. That's actually great news if you're using US Dollars or Euros. As suggested above, the current exchange rate means prices will be even cheaper in your currency than the listed Australian fee. PayPal offers a currency conversion service at the time of payment for a small fee (around 4%). It's not complicated and I will keep strong communication to guide you through the payment process.

  • Package Discounts: Got a few commission items in mind? I might be able to offer a package deal for multiple purchases in one transaction.

  • Usage: After a piece has been commissioned and sent to you, you may use it for personal, non-commercial use including but not limited to avatars, icons, signatures, layouts, wallpapers, personal site themes and/or blogs, crediting and/or linking back to the artist wherever reasonable (this helps keep the business and client-artist relationship running :)). The artist's digital signature must stay on the original image for all sharing purposes. (Note: I can make exceptions to this for avatars, icons, etc. Contact me for more info)

    • You may not however claim the work to be your own, set it up for redistribution, repost it on Deviant Art except for the personal uses outlined above, or use for any commercial gain.

    • Likewise, this means the artist retains the right to use the image for portfolio purposes, for sharing and prints on dA and other art websites and on any personal websites. Commercial copyright of the image remains with the artist, but you will always be credited wherever reasonable as the commissioner.

    • If you'd like to use your commissioned image for a commercial purpose, contact me so we can discuss the terms.

  • Size/Resolution: For a full painting I usually work in 300dpi with dimensions around 3840 x 2160 or larger. This is double 1080p dimensions. If you'd like me to work larger or with particular dimensions, just let me know in your initial booking. I don't charge extra for this.

  • I only work digitally for commissioned work. That is, using a Wacom graphics tablet to draw/paint directly into Photoshop. Therefore, I cannot ship traditional media of commissions.

  • I generally don't draw vehicles, architecture or interior environments unless they are small and in the distance like the carriage in this image. There are exceptions. If you're not sure, ask.

  • All commissions and deposits are non-refundable.

  • So what are you waiting for? Send me a note/comment now to discuss your future masterpiece further! :)
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