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when i say appropriate art i mean since basically everything is "art"  is it appropriate and fair to post here (cant stop posting elsewhere)

i'll list my pros and cons

i am personally against it for the reasons below

first the cons

it generally requires theft of both the image of the celebrity which is property of the original photographer ,the image likeness of the subject ,the thieft of the body image from that photographer and the original model

the general disrespect of the original model who has the wonderful body and the disprespect for the celebrity

the lack of giving any credit to the celebrity and body model  cant really give credit without risking calls of "you thief"

the attitude that if they* have a complaint i'll take it down (*all persons who have a claim on the image)

and most sinister theory of all is that they just want to post a stolen image but throw a celeb head on just to call it original artwork there is enough people posting fetish images from pay sites

i guess if its ok anybody can take any image they want throw on a mustache and call it original art

pro its real appropriate art

(from many excuses given)

its original because shopper worked hard on it to scale and clip head to correct porportions

its fair use because celebs are basically public domain and it is also protected via parody and satire use

since i have removed the head from the original body i use she is unrecogniseable so its fair game

every thing ever posted is fair game for composite use or they wouldn't post it without watermarks

the image is years old so photographer and model already got paid

tumbler/redit lets me do it so why not here

well i dont feel like calling anybody out  so just do your own "celebrity fake" search


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