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A piece for school project by Goody-II-Shoes A piece for school project :icongoody-ii-shoes:Goody-II-Shoes 1 0 Anti and Octoling by Goody-II-Shoes Anti and Octoling :icongoody-ii-shoes:Goody-II-Shoes 4 0 Yellow Puffs and Ruffs by Goody-II-Shoes Yellow Puffs and Ruffs :icongoody-ii-shoes:Goody-II-Shoes 9 11 Say Aah! (Mouth Practice) by Goody-II-Shoes Say Aah! (Mouth Practice) :icongoody-ii-shoes:Goody-II-Shoes 3 0 Mei Victorica Long by Goody-II-Shoes Mei Victorica Long :icongoody-ii-shoes:Goody-II-Shoes 11 8 Eun by Goody-II-Shoes Eun :icongoody-ii-shoes:Goody-II-Shoes 4 4 Bliss (My Version) by Goody-II-Shoes Bliss (My Version) :icongoody-ii-shoes:Goody-II-Shoes 3 4 Tricks of Something Sweet by Goody-II-Shoes Tricks of Something Sweet :icongoody-ii-shoes:Goody-II-Shoes 6 3 Happy International Women's Day 2018 by Goody-II-Shoes Happy International Women's Day 2018 :icongoody-ii-shoes:Goody-II-Shoes 6 0 Gift: Growing Up Frost and Angelo by Goody-II-Shoes Gift: Growing Up Frost and Angelo :icongoody-ii-shoes:Goody-II-Shoes 7 3 New OC(?) by Goody-II-Shoes New OC(?) :icongoody-ii-shoes:Goody-II-Shoes 4 8 Before and After by Goody-II-Shoes Before and After :icongoody-ii-shoes:Goody-II-Shoes 3 0 Our Fireflies (Redrawn) by Goody-II-Shoes Our Fireflies (Redrawn) :icongoody-ii-shoes:Goody-II-Shoes 7 0 Blossoming by Goody-II-Shoes Blossoming :icongoody-ii-shoes:Goody-II-Shoes 3 0 Poncho by Goody-II-Shoes Poncho :icongoody-ii-shoes:Goody-II-Shoes 2 0 New ID by Goody-II-Shoes New ID :icongoody-ii-shoes:Goody-II-Shoes 5 3


RRB personality stuff again
- depressed lil boy
- night owl
- indoors 24/7
- when sunlight hits him he hisses 
- messy hair
- "fml"
- sometimes paints his fingernails black 
- "wtf bubbles you creep why are you always here for me"
- "sometimes I wish there were more ppl like bubbles"
- has the most tattoos out of his bros 
- energy drinks for lyfe 
- "I don't know who you are but f*** you"
- dumb and naive when he was a kid but becomes actually pretty smart later on 
- "why is dumb blonde a thing"
- very rough exterior 
- emotionless face 
- emotionally unstable
- "brick stfu you don't deserve to be a leader"
- always wants to be in control even when he's dating someone 
- gets a new gf every 2 weeks 
- "I wish I wasn't such a narssaist" 
- no leadership skills 
- but still wants to be the leader
- long spiky hair 
- "blossom is the strongest girl I met" 
- do
:icontearmint:tearmint 10 1
PPG personality headcanons
- calm and collected 
- but then is sassy and sarcastic 
- doesn't smile that much 
- pities brick a lot 
- has ocd
- has many burdens of a leader
- always makes plans before doing something
- if that plan doesn't work out she paNICS 
- really loves her hair
- "I don't need men I have my hair"
- "ew why"
- fears failing the most
- straightforward 
- mom friend
- very petty
- "oh really? Well according to this book-"
- judges others
- "oh my god just shut up please"
- "am I the only smart one in this world?"
- a girl with kindness and compassion!!
- you can see just a ray of joy around her 
- but is she really innocent though?
- loves to help others 
- has 10000000 pets
- anxiety hahahah
- cries at least 3 times a week
- "why is the world so cruel??"
- vents to her octi doll and maybe butch
- when she's angry YOU BETTER LEAVE ASAP
- "all you need is a little bit more love ♡"
- l
:icontearmint:tearmint 12 1
doodle20181002 by MOCHIKA2 doodle20181002 :iconmochika2:MOCHIKA2 77 17 [G:RS] The Amazing Agent Ellis by PrincessCallyie [G:RS] The Amazing Agent Ellis :iconprincesscallyie:PrincessCallyie 100 15
One-Shot: Fellowship of the French
Raleigh and Levi leaned against the table and stared across the gym at the mysterious girl who had come in earlier. It didn’t seem like they were making any real effort to hide how they were staring at the girl, who was teaching Nia some fencing techniques. “Damn man. She’s just… damn,” Raleigh said shaking his head.
Levi hummed in agreement. “I know what you mean partner. Here I was thinking I wasn’t ever gonna fine a girl prettier than Persi,” he said looking her up and down. They had no idea who she was or where she came from, but they were hoping she was sticking around.
“You guys are being really creepy…” They looked over and saw Hank repairing another training bot. A lot of their heavy hitters ended up wrecking them and he would get called in to patch them back up. He really hoped that training facility would get finished soon.
Raleigh scoffed. “So what, you’re telling me you don’t think she
:iconkururu418:kururu418 7 3
One-Shot: Hot Streak
Adam panted as he tried to catch his breath. He was by no means out of shape. He was quite fit in fact, despite what his thin figure would lead you to believe. But he knew he still needed to train both physically, and with his powers. But when it came to some of the others members like Anthony, who had trained his whole life, well, it was hard to keep up.
“You alright friend?” Anthony asked as he walked over and offered a hand to him. He nodded and reached out to take it. The alien prince pulled him back up to his to his feet. “You’re improving. At this pace I’m sure you’ll be able to rank up in no time.”
Adam smiled at the kind words. “Thanks. But I still have a ways to go,” he said looking down at his hand. He was definitely improving physically, but his powers were a bit harder to get a handle on. He was getting better at them, just… slowly.
“Ah, there you two are. Perfect timing.”
They both looked over and saw
:iconkururu418:kururu418 4 2
Tales of Mewni Chapter 24: Father-Son Bonding
“Why do you keep coming back?” Typhon asked. Rosetta moved around him measuring his wingspan with a tape measure. Once she was finished she began scribbling it down on her notepad. It had been like this for nearly the past two weeks.
She kept coming back to study him, despite the obvious danger. Most people who were lucky enough to survive one encounter with him didn’t dare try again. But she had strolled right back as if she was waltzing into a friend’s house.
At first he didn’t bother asking. He just tolerated her presence since he had little to no interaction and he found her a bit bizarre. But now he questioned if this women really was sane or not.
“I have an interest in ancient magics and history, and you my dear are living history,” she said closing her notepad back up. “I couldn’t pass up a chance like this.”
His eyes narrowed. “Tell me something. Does studying history have anyth
:iconkururu418:kururu418 5 5
Tales of Mewni Chapter 23: Homecoming
“You have nice abs.”
Typhon stood in front of the woman with a raised eyebrow at the blue haired woman. When she had walked into his den as if owned the place, he had been more than ready to end her life. He had no love loss for anyone in the Butterfly Family, and he had been bored out of his mind being stuck here for so long. It would be nice to have a fresh kill.
But when he towered over to her and flashed his most intimidating smile, he hadn’t expected that to be the first thing out of her mouth. “Excuse me?” he asked.
Rosetta Butterfly smiled before reaching out and touching his chest. “All the pictures I saw made you look hideous, but you’re actually quite handsome,” she said not even trying to be slick about groping him. “Oh, so well-toned.”
He scowled down at her. “Are you… are you not aware of who I am? You don’t seem to register that you’re in danger,” he
:iconkururu418:kururu418 5 2
Tales of Mewni Chapter 15: The Not So Great Escape
The fact that Nia was gone didn’t change Astro’s priorities. He knew there was no chance he could take out all of the Youngblood members in this room. He needed to get out of here. But now that the portal was closed he had very little options here. He could try to take back his own scissors from Drake and open a portal for himself.
But that was essentially the same as trying to stand his ground and fight, and that was just a losing situation no matter how many times he ran it through his mind.
The second option was getting out of here on foot. That meant getting out of an unfamiliar enemy territory and just running until he found some place far enough to use the All Seeing Eye again. But he wasn’t sure just how well that would work out either. If they had members that were faster or good at tracking he’d have a tough time.
“You really didn’t think this through too well did you?” Priss said smirking. She and her brothers were eager to get a litt
:iconkururu418:kururu418 6 3
Tales of Mewni: Schooled by the Queen
A nine year old Astro growled as he swung his sword as the tree like creature in front of him. It blocked against the attack, but was knocked by a few feet. It charged back at him with it’s own wooden sword, aiming right at his head. Astro swung back, his sword smashing right through it and then slicing the creature in two.
It fell to the ground before shrinking back into a small wooden doll. Astro grunted and then reached down and picked it up. He needed to ask Higgs for a new training dummy. This one was too weak. It wasn’t really training if he could take it down this easily.
“Whoa, that was awesome!”
He looked over and saw his sister and Vera watching him. Both of them had looked impressed by the fight. Not that he would really call it that. “It was nothing. I need a stronger one…” he said annoyed. “Higgs keeps making me practice with these stupid dummies. I want to spar for real.” These exercises were for babies. He needed real
:iconkururu418:kururu418 6 3
The New Kids: Family Holiday
    "You'll take care of everything for us, Envie?" Astro asked, handing Envie the list of assignments he had been given. He and Nia stood in the Vanguard League's foyer with bags slung over their backs.
    "Do you think I'd offer to help if I couldn't? Relax, Astro, and go have fun on your vacation." Envie waved Astro and Nia off.
    "Fun is hardly the word to begin describing the Sun Dance Celebration," Astro mused.
    "It's one of the best celebrations in all of Mewni! There's a huge parade and then we have a huge ball that everyone's invited to, and there's this huge buffet with all sorts of delicious foods. At the end of the night everyone gets a slice of Moon Frosting cake, the most delicious dessert in all of the Butterfly queendom!" Nia was jumping up and down excitedly. She may not have wanted to admit it but she was beginning to feel a little home sick before she and Astro received a call from their mother through Astro's magic
:iconthepaladinl:ThePaladinL 5 3
Tales of Mewni Chapter 10: Partnership
Cayenne landed down on the ground in front of the Vanguard base. She dropped Nia and AJ. The former looked very excited, while the latter was still sulking. AJ clearly didn’t like the idea of being carried around like he had. Cayenne headed towards the base and gestured for them to follow. “C’mon in pipsqueaks. We’ll keep you here until we can contact your brother and sort all this shit out.”
Nia quickly followed after her. This was so awesome! She was going to get to see the inside of a superhero base! AJ on the other hand didn’t look all that impressed. He had his hands shoved in his pockets and wore a scowl on his face. “Man, this is going to be so cool! Can you believe it AJ? I’ve been here less than a week and I already get to see the Vanguard.”
“Yeah, it’s real nice blondie,” he said sarcastically.
She looked at him confused. “You’re not excited?”
He shrugged. “I don’t know. In m
:iconkururu418:kururu418 6 3
Tales of Mewni Chapter 7: Tea Time
The Butterfly siblings’ first night on Earth had been an interesting one. They’d spent about an hour talking with their mother from Nia’s mirror and telling her about their experience. Astro had left out a few details about his day, not wanting them to think he was regretting coming here. He had told them he was going to give this place a chance, and he meant it.
After that Nia ended up waking him up in the middle of the night and asked if he could stay up with her. She had always had trouble sleeping in new places, and Earth was no exception. After staying up half the night, they ended up nodding off on his bed, with Sear curled up around them.
When morning came, they had found that Janna was gone. She left a note saying she had some business to attend to and told them to take whatever they wanted from the fridge. When it was time to go to school, the two had varied reactions. Nia was excited. She wanted to meet up with AJ again and hopefully make a few other new fri
:iconkururu418:kururu418 5 3
Tales of Mewni Chapter 5: Butterflies vs. Bullies
Astro scowled as sat in the office and waited for his escort. Janna had dropped him off here and told him to find the principal’s office, after which he was given a schedule and told he’d be paired with a fellow student who would show him around.
This whole school thing didn’t really sit all that well with him. On Mewni your parents taught you everything you needed to know for basic living. If you needed to learn a craft or skill you found a mentor who would teach you.
Having someone teach you info in a room filled with other kids seemed inefficient to him. How could one person focus on so many people at once? It seemed impossible. But Janna had said if he really wanted to blend in he needed to come here, and unfortunately, Nia couldn’t be with him. They divided these places up by age, and she was supposed to go to another school.
Not being under his watch made him nervous, but no one here knew who she really was, so they had no reason to bother her. He told him
:iconkururu418:kururu418 5 3
SeptiplierPastelPunk [WS] - Part 2 by LadyValKatt SeptiplierPastelPunk [WS] - Part 2 :iconladyvalkatt:LadyValKatt 63 19
Sector Black: Pop the Question
Hank sat across the room and stared dreamily at the green skinned girl. He was eating lunch with Yonji and Vince today, while Tizzy had opted to eat with her big brother and sister. What were Vain and Cat doing in the Vanguard base? They had no idea. But nobody was willing to tell them to leave so here they were.
Hank didn’t really care much himself. Whether it was from up close or afar Tizzy was a pretty as ever. A piece of carrot suddenly hit his forehead, breaking him from his thoughts. He looked over towards Yonji who was holding his spoon up. “Oops, sorry mate. Was just getting tired of you staring back out into space,” the blonde said smirking.
“Very funny Yonji. You’re too old to still be playing with your food you know.”
“And you’re too old to be staring at some girl like a fourth grader with a puppy dog crush,” he shot back. “I’m sick of watching that dumbass look on your face. Get your ass over there and ask he
:iconkururu418:kururu418 4 4





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