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One-Shot: Odd Team Comp
This was by far the most backward group Heath had ever been a part of.
Like ever.
Of all time. 
But since a few other members were busy this was apparently the best team composition they could come up with on the fly. He glanced up from the screen on his arm at his teammates for this mission. Xiang was just sitting with his eyes closed and arms crossed. He hadn’t uttered a word since they’d left.
Then there was Artemis who was just cleaning her gun. She was the one he knew best here, mostly because of Rogen. He wouldn’t exactly say they were friends, but they were on the same page. The one who he was really worried about was the new girl.
She was looking at her phone and smirking at something. He didn’t know what, but he didn’t like it. He didn’t like any of this. Whatever security system their target was using had was top notch. They needed someone here to hack past it in person. And since Charles was working on something else they
:iconkururu418:kururu418 6 3
Sector Black: Hidden Talents
Renee sighed as she carried the large stack of books down the hall. She needed to do some research on these talisman the Youngblood seemed to be taking an interest in, and there was little to no info on them online. So she would have to research them the old fashion way. It was a lot of work, and the others were busy, but she could tough it out.
She wasn’t a lead officer for no reason.
As if fate was mocking her for having such confidence, she tripped, stumbling forward along with the tower of books. Just as it seemed like she was going to fall, a pair of hands reached out and grabbed the front of the books, helping Renee balance herself as well. “I got you.”
Renee let out a sigh of relief and then looked forward to see Lily. The little blonde smiled back at her. “Oh, thanks Lily. You really saved me there,” she said gratefully.
“It’s no problem. I thought you could use a little help,” she said before grabbing some of the books from the p
:iconkururu418:kururu418 5 1
Tales of Mewni: A Day in the Life of Sear
It’s not easy being a firebreather like myself. I spend all day looking after my brother and the wingless ones. They’re such odd and strange acting creatures, they need my protection. But since I am loyal I am always up to the task.
Sear sat and waited next to Astro, looking like a cat ready to pounce on a mouse. After a few moments he jumped forward and landed on the boy, licking his cheek nudging him with his snout. Astro chuckled and slowly pushed him away. “Okay, I’m awake. I’m awake boy,” he said patting Sear on the head.
It starts with making sure brother is awake. He rarely sleeps in, but when he does I am always here to ensure he rises. And I am rewarded with a treat!”   
Astro got up and scratched his head. “Good job waking me up boy. Here you go,” he said pulling out sardine. He wiggled it over Sear who eyed it excitedly, and then dropped it. The dragon snapped it out of the air
:iconkururu418:kururu418 9 4
Tales of Mewni: Couples Spat
Astro laid on the roof of the castle and stared up at the sky. Today was one of the rare days he had to just lounge around and do nothing. His mother was in a meeting with the king and queen of the waterfolk, his sister with visiting the Lucitors, and his grandparents were having their date night. That left him all to himself.
He didn’t mind it really. Sometimes it felt nice to just be able to sit back and cloud watch. He felt something press against his face and then looked up to see Sear next to him. “Hey boy. What’s going on?” he asked rubbing his head. The dragon grunted before tugging at his shirt, trying to pull him towards the edge of the tower.
The prince looked confused. He stood up and then followed Sear towards the edge before peeking over. Astro’s eyes widened when he saw a figure down in the gardens. “What the…?”
He jumped off of the edge, going from tower to tower until he got close enough to the g
:iconkururu418:kururu418 5 2
Therapy pt 2: Nia
Nia rung her hands nervously as she sat in the chair across from Jocelyn. When she had first come in, she didn’t have any problems opening up to the woman. She was eager to get some of her troubles off of her chest. But then a very sensitive subject had popped up.
The throne…
Jocelyn looked down at the girl with a raised eyebrow. The moment she suggested talking about her royal responsibilities she seemed to grow far more weary. “Nia, if you don’t feel like talking about this we don’t have to. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”
Nia looked up and then shook her head. “Uh, no. It’s fine. I should probably talk about it with someone anyway. Besides, it’s not like… I mean…” She sighed and sunk down in her seat. “It’s complicated.”
“I can see that. You’re still very young. I imagine knowing you have that kind of responsibility in your future could be a little stressful,” J
:iconkururu418:kururu418 5 2
Tales of Mewni: The Prince's Future Plans
“Thank you milord,” A nine year old Nia said looking bored out of her mind. She really couldn’t stand these royal lessons. She didn’t know how her brother had taken to them so easily. It was just repeating and memorizing family crests, and titles, and stuff that happened years before her great, great, grandmother was even born.
“It’s my lord,” Astro corrected. Since Moon had planned to spend the day with River, he had volunteered to takeover Nia’s lessons for today. He was more than capable of taking her place for a day. “Milord is how common folk pronounce it. Since we’re royalty we’re be expected to speak it properly.”
The princess pouted and let out a groan. “Thank you, my lord.”   
Astro nodded. “Good. Okay, now that we’re done with titles for today, let’s go on to some of the noble families,” he said grabbing another book. “I’ll name a fam
:iconkururu418:kururu418 6 4
Lore of Mewni: Higgs and Margo
If you were to ask who the greatest swordsman in Mewni is, you would get three possible answers. One of them would be me. Many little boys and girls I’m told look up to me as their hero, the strongest warrior in Mewni. But I don’t really agree with that. I’m strong, powerful. But if we’re referring to pure swordsman ship, I believe I pale in comparison to the others.
One of the other candidate for that title is the queen of the Underworld, Margo ‘The Demon Blade’ Lucitor. When they were first married there were many doubters, but anyone who was fool enough to think she was just some frail Earth woman was quickly given a harsh reminder of how deadly she was with a blade in her hand. Myself included.  
Then of course there is the final candidate. The former captain of the queensguard. Higgs the Swift. My main mentor, my childhood idol, and the most feared warrior in the kingdom.
I had the honor of being taught by both of
:iconkururu418:kururu418 5 3
One-Shot: Hank Rising
An eight year old Hank sat outside and frowned as he looked up at the sky. He really didn’t know why his parents had made him come out here. He knew he had been cooped up in his room, but… well, he just didn’t want to go outside. Being outside meant looking up at the sky, and looking up at the sky just reminded him he was stuck down here.
His gripped the armrest of his chair. Not being able to use his legs was just... it was the worse. His counselor kept telling him he wasn’t handicapped, he was handi-capable. Well he didn’t feel capable of anything right now. He wasn’t capable of walking. He wasn’t capable of building. He wasn’t even capable of grabbing something off of the kitchen counter by himself!
But the worst thing was that he wasn’t able to fly anymore.
Hank’s whole life had revolved around flying. He’d been building planes since he was five, and despite all of his mom’s warnings, he spent most of hi
:iconkururu418:kururu418 7 3
doodle20181002 by MOCHIKA2 doodle20181002 :iconmochika2:MOCHIKA2 93 17 [G:RS] The Amazing Agent Ellis by PrincessCallyie [G:RS] The Amazing Agent Ellis :iconprincesscallyie:PrincessCallyie 108 15
One-Shot: Fellowship of the French
Raleigh and Levi leaned against the table and stared across the gym at the mysterious girl who had come in earlier. It didn’t seem like they were making any real effort to hide how they were staring at the girl, who was teaching Nia some fencing techniques. “Damn man. She’s just… damn,” Raleigh said shaking his head.
Levi hummed in agreement. “I know what you mean partner. Here I was thinking I wasn’t ever gonna fine a girl prettier than Persi,” he said looking her up and down. They had no idea who she was or where she came from, but they were hoping she was sticking around.
“You guys are being really creepy…” They looked over and saw Hank repairing another training bot. A lot of their heavy hitters ended up wrecking them and he would get called in to patch them back up. He really hoped that training facility would get finished soon.
Raleigh scoffed. “So what, you’re telling me you don’t think she
:iconkururu418:kururu418 7 3
One-Shot: Hot Streak
Adam panted as he tried to catch his breath. He was by no means out of shape. He was quite fit in fact, despite what his thin figure would lead you to believe. But he knew he still needed to train both physically, and with his powers. But when it came to some of the others members like Anthony, who had trained his whole life, well, it was hard to keep up.
“You alright friend?” Anthony asked as he walked over and offered a hand to him. He nodded and reached out to take it. The alien prince pulled him back up to his to his feet. “You’re improving. At this pace I’m sure you’ll be able to rank up in no time.”
Adam smiled at the kind words. “Thanks. But I still have a ways to go,” he said looking down at his hand. He was definitely improving physically, but his powers were a bit harder to get a handle on. He was getting better at them, just… slowly.
“Ah, there you two are. Perfect timing.”
They both looked over and saw
:iconkururu418:kururu418 4 2
Tales of Mewni Chapter 24: Father-Son Bonding
“Why do you keep coming back?” Typhon asked. Rosetta moved around him measuring his wingspan with a tape measure. Once she was finished she began scribbling it down on her notepad. It had been like this for nearly the past two weeks.
She kept coming back to study him, despite the obvious danger. Most people who were lucky enough to survive one encounter with him didn’t dare try again. But she had strolled right back as if she was waltzing into a friend’s house.
At first he didn’t bother asking. He just tolerated her presence since he had little to no interaction and he found her a bit bizarre. But now he questioned if this women really was sane or not.
“I have an interest in ancient magics and history, and you my dear are living history,” she said closing her notepad back up. “I couldn’t pass up a chance like this.”
His eyes narrowed. “Tell me something. Does studying history have anyth
:iconkururu418:kururu418 7 5
Tales of Mewni Chapter 23: Homecoming
“You have nice abs.”
Typhon stood in front of the woman with a raised eyebrow at the blue haired woman. When she had walked into his den as if owned the place, he had been more than ready to end her life. He had no love loss for anyone in the Butterfly Family, and he had been bored out of his mind being stuck here for so long. It would be nice to have a fresh kill.
But when he towered over to her and flashed his most intimidating smile, he hadn’t expected that to be the first thing out of her mouth. “Excuse me?” he asked.
Rosetta Butterfly smiled before reaching out and touching his chest. “All the pictures I saw made you look hideous, but you’re actually quite handsome,” she said not even trying to be slick about groping him. “Oh, so well-toned.”
He scowled down at her. “Are you… are you not aware of who I am? You don’t seem to register that you’re in danger,” he
:iconkururu418:kururu418 6 2
Tales of Mewni Chapter 15: The Not So Great Escape
The fact that Nia was gone didn’t change Astro’s priorities. He knew there was no chance he could take out all of the Youngblood members in this room. He needed to get out of here. But now that the portal was closed he had very little options here. He could try to take back his own scissors from Drake and open a portal for himself.
But that was essentially the same as trying to stand his ground and fight, and that was just a losing situation no matter how many times he ran it through his mind.
The second option was getting out of here on foot. That meant getting out of an unfamiliar enemy territory and just running until he found some place far enough to use the All Seeing Eye again. But he wasn’t sure just how well that would work out either. If they had members that were faster or good at tracking he’d have a tough time.
“You really didn’t think this through too well did you?” Priss said smirking. She and her brothers were eager to get a litt
:iconkururu418:kururu418 5 3
Tales of Mewni: Schooled by the Queen
A nine year old Astro growled as he swung his sword as the tree like creature in front of him. It blocked against the attack, but was knocked by a few feet. It charged back at him with it’s own wooden sword, aiming right at his head. Astro swung back, his sword smashing right through it and then slicing the creature in two.
It fell to the ground before shrinking back into a small wooden doll. Astro grunted and then reached down and picked it up. He needed to ask Higgs for a new training dummy. This one was too weak. It wasn’t really training if he could take it down this easily.
“Whoa, that was awesome!”
He looked over and saw his sister and Vera watching him. Both of them had looked impressed by the fight. Not that he would really call it that. “It was nothing. I need a stronger one…” he said annoyed. “Higgs keeps making me practice with these stupid dummies. I want to spar for real.” These exercises were for babies. He needed real
:iconkururu418:kururu418 6 3





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