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Iron Man Update

This is an updated version of this here:

Though they are a bit different. This one here is closer to the original.
I got the DVD for Christmas and realized how much I really wanted the poster, so I went to work on it to make it perfect (it's not, but enough for me).

This is also purley for my enjoyment and not for profit.
The original style (from the Obama Hope posters) is from Shepard Fairey and the iron man version is from Michael Riva. Those are great artist and far better then me.
All the credit goes to them. They are awesome. I am just a lowly fangirl.
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Fantastic job, looks like you took it right out of the movie [link]
That's really good. Is it possible to get permission to printer off a poster for my house? No big deal either way. Thanks!
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its looks very cool men ;)
awesome job ;)