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A Glorious Collection in 1080p

As requested by :icondjgoldnf:, here are five wallpapers presented in glorious 1080p. Simply download the .zip file and unzip it to find all five in both low-compression .png and 100% .jpg.

The Vinyl Scratch Wallpaper, Scootaloo Daydream Wallpaper, and Scootaloo is Metal Wallpapers are mostly just resized versions of the original wallpapers, with minor differences and touch-ups to better fit the new screen size.

The other two are remakes of my android wallpapers. The DJ p0n-3 wallpaper is mostly a reformat for the computer, but the Octavia one is a very different design. I'll upload these on their own later, but for now they're only available in this pack.

Original wallpapers in 1366 x 768 or Android format:
[link] - Scootaloo is Metal
[link] - Scootaloo Daydream Wallpaper
[link] - Octavia Android Wallpaper
[link] - DJ p0n-3 Android Wallpaper
[link] - Vinyl Scratch Wallpaper

All characters and vectors belong to their respective owners.

That silly Derpy!

[Update 2 - Major Update]
:iconwidsithgrey: has kindly pointed out a major mistake I made in the 1080p version of the Scootaloo Daydream Wallpaper. This has been corrected, and the 1080p should now look a lot better. I also added the 1080p version of Rainbows Make Me Cry to the collection. This resolution and many others are available for download on the wallpaper's main page.
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