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Shojo x Kuruma - Sukeban Girls

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They like to skip classes and destroy cars 
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Really really love this! you inspire me now!

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This looks gorgeous!

Also, instagram link is broken :(
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Whoa seriously Scarry :D
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The colors are perfect.
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The fact that you dont use to flashy colors makes it even better, love it, excellent Artwork you did here.
noomi-art's avatar
So cool! Love all the details 😍
xelAkari's avatar
Yeay I love it 😍
Talktothebox's avatar
God Work a fine piece of art!! 
SethAdmirer's avatar
Nice composition! :D Love how you drew the car and background. The colours are very well done too, for the skin and hair of the bat-carrying girl especially. 
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My favourite piece of yours^_^
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This is awesome!  Love your style also!
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This is cool wish I knew some girls like that.
Rovintus1's avatar
good work! ^-^
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that's really cool and badass :D
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Bruh! that is amazing!!
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Smashing picture! :D
Beautiful females, I like they are not over-cute looking like common japanese type art. (I dont peruse that style so of course I woudn't know if it turns out that this is indeed a common substyle for those in the  know.)
Holy Moly! your art is great!
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I really like your art Mako Star Eyes 
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