Otherwise known as "The Strictest Rule". But, as I say at the top of the Rules page, I'm willing to reshape just about any rule if there is reasonable dialogue.

In the beginning, I wanted to keep the Gallery more humorous, in keeping with the Book. But things change, hopefully for the better. I've actually changed Rule #5 twice before. The first time was allowing ANYTHING graphically disturbing because, after all, there are scenes in the book itself that would be disturbing if illustrated properly, so canon scenes were accepted. The second time was adding fanfic illustrations, because non-canon work can get very graphic indeed.

Now, today, I see that I completely failed to realize something important: Comics are not just pictures with word balloons, they are illustrated stories. The dialogue or narration part of a comic is, essentially, a fanfic in itself. (And I am rather embarrassed at myself for NOT seeing it this way, since I've been creating comics for most of my life. Mea culpa, I've been so blind.)

So here are the major changes to Rule #5...

► Some graphic non-canon content may be acceptable under these circumstances:
[a] Fanfics or RP's.
:bulletblue: By itself, written content is fine because there are no thumbnails with obvious graphic images.
[b] Fanfic illustrations.
:bulletblue: If containing graphic elements, you must include a LINK TO THE FANFIC (or RP) in your artist's note, otherwise it is assumed to be a stand-alone image and will likely be rejected.
[c] Comic pages.
:bulletblue: Images combined with either dialogue or narration can be considered a form of fanfic, and may be acceptable even with Rule 5 elements. This will still be at the mod's discretion, so please ASK FIRST.

Final note: If an image is deeply disturbing to me I still might reject it, because I cannot control PTSD completely. One thing I will ALWAYS reject is an image showing realistic harm to animals, and NO EXCEPTION will be made for that.
I'm largely back to normal, health-wise, and am mostly caught up with memberships & submissions. Except a couple of times, with a couple of members, their submissions were rejected or possibly failed to submit properly after I hit the "YES" button.

One thing I can promise all members is that if a submission is TRULY being rejected, I always send a note along with that rejection to explain the reason. So if your submission is rejected and you DON'T hear from me at all, then you can happily assume it was the same glitch as before, and just resubmit the item.  

In fact, I think the last time I outright rejected anything was about four years ago, and that was because those images fell under Rule #5 -- i.e violence, trauma, death, angst, etc. -- which I am fairly strict about. Otherwise, virtually everything is accepted even if I don't personally fangirl over every single item, because Good Omens is my greatest fandom love and I want other fans to see as much of it as possible. The Gallery is just my way of helping to collect the largest volume of GO artwork and so on, in a centralized location.

(Except Rule #5, and there are millions of other places you can post that content, and honestly it's probably less than 1% of the artwork that gets submitted here anyway.)
June 4, 2019

Now that I've had a chance to view the series twice, I have very nearly begun to consider the possibility of calming down again. :D

It's a little sad to lose our tiny, insular, oh-so special book fandom to the masses... but also very gratifying to see the whole world FINALLY squeeing over something we've known for 29 years as one of the best books ever published. So I'm excited as I can be to welcome all the new fans!

Personally, I was getting goosebumps at how well the TV script followed the book. The small changes that were made were still quite acceptable (for instance, losing the Four Other Horsemen was sad, but it would've probably bogged the last episode down badly). The added bits were also a big thrill, because I LOVE finding ways to expand canon. And if anyone, ever again, screams in my face saying Aziraphale & Crowley can't possibly be a couple, I won't have to merely plug my ears and ignore them. I will just point to the show and say take it up with the actors & writers & Gaiman himself, tyvm. :devilish::floating:

NOW! Everyone else who wants to start a discussion thread, you can do so right here. I'll be moderating as closely as possible, but if anyone gets wanky or abusive and I miss it, please send me a note and I'll ban them/delete comments/whatever is needed to keep things civil.

:spotlight-left: ALSO!!!!! :spotlight-right:

I will be coming up with a contest for the first time in years! I figured something for Adam's birthday again, since that's in August. I'll get the details up in a separate blog post in a couple weeks.

ETA (July 4, 2019):
Sadly, the contest idea may have to wait a bit longer due to health issues. (See these blog posts for the reasons [ 1 | 2 ]) I'm sorry for the delay, but I literally have no choice in the matter right now. *sigh* HOWEVER, I am still quite devoted to having a contest this year. It's too damned special an occasion with GO in general NOT to have a celebration of some kind!

New memberships and submissions will be slow the next several weeks.

The moderator contracted a bad case of shingles which covered her entire right hand and arm, and she is on heavy medication and beginning pain management for neuropathy. Her husband will process everyone as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience. If by chance someone's submission expires, please resubmit.



Armageddon is imminent, and quippy, in the Good Omens trailer




Good Omens Official Teaser Trailer



News from SDCC! I cannot believe how expanded the world will be! Not just a simple retelling of the book, it may be similar to how American Gods was developed to show much more backstory, extra characters, etc.

GO behind the scenes VIDEO

And honestly, Neil's reasons for doing GO himself is just heart-breakinging perfect.

(I apologize for not seeing and posting this link when it was first created, but the last two years have been unrelentingly tough on me, both body and spirit.)



Some early images that you MUST SEE!

These were all tweeted (or retweeted) by Neil Gaiman:

Adam & the Youngs
OMGGGG... and ummm..??*
*Note: The dogs probably aren't part of the show.

If anyone sees other photos or news, pass them on so I can post here.

*squee!!* I am genuinely excited for this, which I never in a million years thought I would be!

EDIT: There's now an imdb page, with many more photos. Omg redhaired Crowley is going to murder me, I love it.

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