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:devilish: :earth: :floating: THE GOOD OMENS FAN GALLERY

Welcome to the first deviantArt fanclub for Terry Pratchett's & Neil Gaiman's hilarious Apocalyptic novel, Good Omens. If for some unknown reason you haven't heard of GO, hasten yourself to Barnes & Noble or someplace & pick up a copy. It will be well worth your money, so save your thriftiness for non-essential items like food & shelter & other rubbish like that.

Now that the TV series has aired on Amazon Prime, NO ONE has the excuse for being unfamiliar with this amazing story. If you've never read the book but only seen the show, that's still perfectly fine... though I highly suggest you Make An Effort, because it's an experience all on its own. (Plus that joke will make sense ONLY if you read the book.)

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NOTE: You must be a member to submit work to the gallery.

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And something very very very important, near & dear to Sir Terry's heart:

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Feel free to contact the owner or moderator(s) with any question, comments, or concerns.


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Otherwise known as "The Strictest Rule". But, as I say at the top of the Rules page, I'm willing to reshape just about any rule if there is reasonable dialogue.

In the beginning, I wanted to keep the Gallery more humorous, in keeping with the Book. But things change, hopefully for the better. I've actually changed Rule #5 twice before. The first time was allowing ANYTHING graphically disturbing because, after all, there are scenes in the book itself that would be disturbing if illustrated properly, so canon scenes were accepted. The second time was adding fanfic illustrations, because non-canon work can get very graphic indeed.

Now, today, I see that I completely failed to realize something important: Comics are not just pictures with word balloons, they are illustrated stories. The dialogue or narration part of a comic is, essentially, a fanfic in itself. (And I am rather embarrassed at myself for NOT seeing it this way, since I've been creating comics for most of my life. Mea culpa, I've been so blind.)

So here are the major changes to Rule #5...

► Some graphic non-canon content may be acceptable under these circumstances:
[a] Fanfics or RP's.
:bulletblue: By itself, written content is fine because there are no thumbnails with obvious graphic images.
[b] Fanfic illustrations.
:bulletblue: If containing graphic elements, you must include a LINK TO THE FANFIC (or RP) in your artist's note, otherwise it is assumed to be a stand-alone image and will likely be rejected.
[c] Comic pages.
:bulletblue: Images combined with either dialogue or narration can be considered a form of fanfic, and may be acceptable even with Rule 5 elements. This will still be at the mod's discretion, so please ASK FIRST.

Final note: If an image is deeply disturbing to me I still might reject it, because I cannot control PTSD completely. One thing I will ALWAYS reject is an image showing realistic harm to animals, and NO EXCEPTION will be made for that.
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