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:devilish: :earth: :floating: THE GOOD OMENS FAN GALLERY

Welcome to the first deviantArt fanclub for Terry Pratchett's & Neil Gaiman's hilarious Apocalyptic novel, Good Omens. If for some unknown reason you haven't heard of GO, hasten yourself to Barnes & Noble or someplace & pick up a copy. It will be well worth your money, so save your thriftiness for non-essential items like food & shelter & other rubbish like that.

Now that the TV series has aired on Amazon Prime, NO ONE has the excuse for being unfamiliar with this amazing story. If you've never read the book but only seen the show, that's still perfectly fine... though I highly suggest you Make An Effort, because it's an experience all on its own. (Plus that joke will make sense ONLY if you read the book.)

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And something very very very important, near & dear to Sir Terry's heart:

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GO: Crowley and Aziraphale by Soularis GO: Crowley and Aziraphale :iconsoularis:Soularis 66 10 Aziraphale by PikachuGirl152 Aziraphale :iconpikachugirl152:PikachuGirl152 2 3 Crowley by PikachuGirl152 Crowley :iconpikachugirl152:PikachuGirl152 1 3 Crowley and his bentley by chipscribbles Crowley and his bentley :iconchipscribbles:chipscribbles 1 10 Aziraphale v 1.0 by Samantha-Skaramouche Aziraphale v 1.0 :iconsamantha-skaramouche:Samantha-Skaramouche 5 10 Crowley and Aziraphale by SarahLister Crowley and Aziraphale :iconsarahlister:SarahLister 6 2 GO-Crowley And Aziraphale by anotakuami GO-Crowley And Aziraphale :iconanotakuami:anotakuami 111 47 Good Omens -- Crowley by howabout Good Omens -- Crowley :iconhowabout:howabout 269 29 Good Omens by Cordania Good Omens :iconcordania:Cordania 445 53 GO Halloween by GothicSky GO Halloween :icongothicsky:GothicSky 3 6 ACEO-Card No 003 by nambnb ACEO-Card No 003 :iconnambnb:nambnb 5 1 ACEO-Card No 004 by nambnb ACEO-Card No 004 :iconnambnb:nambnb 3 1 Roommates: Crowley and Azira by AsheRhyder Roommates: Crowley and Azira :iconasherhyder:AsheRhyder 485 166 CROWLEY DEAR BOIIII by Mipeltaja CROWLEY DEAR BOIIII :iconmipeltaja:Mipeltaja 9 8 It's A Great Idea by Shambience It's A Great Idea :iconshambience:Shambience 5 1 That Angel On Your Shoulder by Shambience That Angel On Your Shoulder :iconshambience:Shambience 2 0


Full contest details are not yet hammered out, but it is still VERY MUCH HAPPENING!
The theme is definitely going to be "Before 'Let There Be Light'", so you can start developing ideas now, if you like. The specifics of what can be submitted (and how) are coming fairly soon. I'm currently gathering goodies for the prizes, and when those are all personally in my hands then full details for the contest itself will be announced at the same time. So keep watching this space! :D :dance:
Yep, I read that right. First thing I saw when I woke up this morning was GNeil's announcement about GO2, and after a while I had to stop screaming because it had scared all the neighborhood birds & I really needed to catch my breath.
OH MY FLIPPING GODS YOU GUYS. Never thought I'd be so happy to see further canon, but since it's coming from one of the original authors, I'll take and love it and absolutely writhe around in it like a bathtub full of holy water & hellfire combined. GIMME!
In honor of this amazing piece of Goodness, I'll be announcing a GO GALLERY CONTEST this week (first time in years, so I'll be updating the rules & so on). I'm thinking it should happen on Adam's birthday in August, so we have some time to prepare. I'm also thinking the theme will be something along the lines of "Before 'Let There Be Light'", not yet decided.
Keep watching, this is gonna be bigger than usual, as I'll be giving away an actual prize worth a damn (I'm feeling amazingly happy and generous at the moment & have money to splurge for once in my life). And runners ups can still get a hand-drawn pic from me (oooh speshul).
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