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:devilish: :earth: :floating: THE GOOD OMENS FAN GALLERY

Welcome to the first deviantArt fanclub for Terry Pratchett's & Neil Gaiman's hilarious Apocalyptic novel, Good Omens. If for some unknown reason you haven't heard of GO, hasten yourself to Barnes & Noble or someplace & pick up a copy. It will be well worth your money, so save your thriftiness for non-essential items like food & shelter & other rubbish like that.

Now that the TV series has aired on Amazon Prime, NO ONE has the excuse for being unfamiliar with this amazing story. If you've never read the book but only seen the show, that's still perfectly fine... though I highly suggest you Make An Effort, because it's an experience all on its own. (Plus that joke will make sense ONLY if you read the book.)

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:star: *** THE RULES *** :star:
:bulletred: =HOW TO JOIN & SUBMIT=

NOTE: You must be a member to submit work to the gallery.

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And something very very very important, near & dear to Sir Terry's heart:

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Feel free to contact the owner or moderator(s) with any question, comments, or concerns.


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Since the beginning, the Gallery has rejected stock photos and screencaps, since our focus was on original artwork. Another reason was having no canon character designs, unless you count the myriad book covers (even now, neither Book nor TV versions will reign supreme, and the Gallery respects both). The biggest reason was too many copypastas of people's favorite pre-TV Series actors with a character's name slapped underneath, which was neither original nor artistic.

But seeing just how many memes have sprouted in the internet's fertile soil in the 15 years since this group was created, and after such great Good Omens memes in the last few months, there needs to be a slight change to the Very First Rule of the gallery. The changes are in BOLD below:

►  Only club members may submit their work to the gallery. DO NOT submit anyone else's work on their behalf, it will be rejected.
:bulletblue:  You may submit a non-member's work to the "Featured Faves" folder -- this automatically informs the non-member of the gallery, should they wish to join.
► As of October 2019, we accept memes using stock photos or screencaps from copyrighted material.
:bulletblue: Keep in mind that the moderators may not be familiar with EVERY SINGLE MEME, so please provide evidence that this meme exists elsewhere, or it will be rejected.
► Copy/pasting screencaps from the TV Series must include significant editing to make it "original" material. (ex.: Scenes with altered dialogue, altered colors, etc.)

Memes will be added to the "Crack, Crossovers, Memes + Miscellany" folder.
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