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Monsters Inc.

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Fake movie poster for Monsters, Inc.
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This is too cute! Got to love me some Monsters Inc.!
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It's awesome, you're sososoos good, how can you put all this meanings in a image??!!! you are awesome! :) (Smile) 
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boo is a mermaid and boo sighed as adult and boo become a famous singer and travel a lot in different places and boo sighed but miss her real friends like sully&mike&celia too and so boo went to monstropolis and so everyone recorizes her and boo ran as fast and boo said''oh no'' and boo went to monster inc and close the door and other monsters said'' boo can we have your autograph'' and boo ran off to find somewhere to find and so boo saw the room that has a tree and sully said'' what is going on'' and other monster said'' it is famous boo'' and sully said''what!'' and boo is scared and hide herself and sully said'' ok guys i think it is time you to go'' and other monsters walk away and sully went without nobody is there and said'' hello?'' and boo cried and sully saw her at the corner and said'' hey'' and boo look up and saw him and said'' sully is that really you?'' and sully was shocked and said''boo?'' and boo smiled and tumble on him of joy and boo said'' all i want is to see just you'' and sully said'' me too''
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Oh my! How can there be so much cuteness in such a simple image!? I'll be watching! :)
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Great concept!!!! 
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wonderful!!! u have my respect!!
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Hahaha...great poster.
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I love a good minimalist artwork, this one is perfect.
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Just perfect and adorable. ^^
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this is pretty cool
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this is the kind of stuff every art student WISHES he would think of for his grad portfolio. fucking mint - nice work.
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Thanks, though, I'm not a student anymore so I'm not sure how to take that :)
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Thanks for the fave :)
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you're welcome :)
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Bless this posters heart.
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I love this movie !!!
I've painted some monster inc too !! look here ^^ ==> [link]
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That's awesome and pretty scary.
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