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PKMN Crossing App - Eifah

Edit 2: I lied.

Edit: I'm making a new character, but I'll use her in something else.


:bulletpurple: Name: Eifah Campbell

:bulletpurple: Nickname: Eris(Gil), Doll (Parents)

:bulletpurple: Age: 22

:bulletpurple: Birthday: April 28

:bulletpurple: Gender: Female

:bulletpurple: Nature: Quirky

:bulletpurple: Pokemon / Human: Banette

:bulletpurple: Hometown: Verdanturf Town; Hoenn

:bulletpurple: History: Eifah is the only child of two smothering obsessive loving parents, who did everything for her and never told her no or slightly scolded her - even after she stole acquired several of the neighbor's kid's toys that she still has - but praised her over taking apart her toy lawn mower and eating two boxes of cookies. So, as you could guess, she didn't exactly have a normal bring up.

In school, the other kids weren't very interesting to her, as she had already figured them out, so she ignored them, and therefor didn't have may friends. In fact, she didn't act socially with anyone other than her parents until she was eleven, when another student, a male Skitty, started questioning her. He found her to be suspicious. She found him fascinating. It was the start of a beautiful friendship.

For the next three years, they spent a lot of time together, on 'rival' terms. He, Gil, was always watching her to see if Eifah would 'commit an horrendous crime'(he never caught her), and she was always asking him a million questions, which he never answered. I wasn't until he realized that he couldn't do anything to stop her, Gil gave up and talked to her.

After they graduated, he became a detective. Eifah tried a lot of jobs for about a year, but was always kicked out because of her kleptomanic habits. Eventually, Gil offered her a job as his assistant, he was used to her oddness after all, and she took the job. At first, most of their cases were looking into missing items - most of which, she stole - or helping with police paper work. After a while, they got cases with people asking for info on their neighbors or checking if a spouse was cheating, then, a missing person's case. Gil had successfully done the case so quickly, that he was offered an official position in Lilycove. He was going to turn it down, but Eifah talked him into it, she knew he wanted it.

After he left, things got boring quickly. She knew everyone in town, and knew everything about them. Gil offered her a place, but she didn't want to mess up another job for him, so she declined. And so, several months later, she saved up what she deemed to be enough money, and she went looking for a new home... hopefully, one without her criminal record.

:bulletpurple: Hobby: Pondering the world, asking people odd questions, taking things apart, going through peoples stuff, eating everything in sight, cleaning.

:bulletpurple: Job: None. She's been saving up money since she got her first job, so she hopes that it lasts for a while.

:bulletpurple: Favorites:

---:bulletwhite: Favorite Food: Beef(?) Stew

---:bulletwhite: Favorite Berry: Pamtre Berry

---:bulletwhite: Favorite Color: Red

---:bulletwhite: Favorite Season: Summer

:bulletpurple: Catchphrase: Moga. Has a tendency to ask you something twice.(Right right?; Don't ya think, don't ya thing?; What do you say, what do you say?)

:bulletpurple: Accessories: Her sun glasses, her paperboy hat (Fall and Spring only)

:bulletpurple: Fun Facts:

---:bulletwhite: Eifah's move set is: Gunkshot, Shadow Claw, Snatch, and Thief.

---:bulletwhite: Eifah's Father is a Swalot named Simon, and her mother is another Banette named Juniper. While she gets her love of eating from her father and her hate of filth form her mother, neither of them know where the rest of her personality comes from.

---:bulletwhite: She wears the sunglasses when ever she's outside and it's sunny; the sun bothers her eyes.

---:bulletwhite: She won't set a foot on the ground outside, its too dirt, so she floats everywhere.

---:bulletwhite: She calls her parents twice a day, each, and Gil three or four times a week.

---:bulletwhite: She lived with her parents until the day she left town.

---:bulletwhite: She's still only gotten a few answers out of Gil; seven to date.

---:bulletwhite: List of Stolen Items:

------:bulletblue: Her boots; from her mother

------:bulletblue: Her Hat; One of Gil's sisters

------:bulletblue: A Large Pink Flower; From her first job, in a floral shop

------:bulletblue: The Entire Harry Potter Fuzzy Kettle Series; from her second job, at the library.

------:bulletblue: Her Bed Spread; from her third job, baby sitting at Mrs. Verna's.

------:bulletblue: Her Sun Glasses; From me. Seriously, I have no idea where they were until I drew her...sneaky witch thief...
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Good luck! ^-^ Looks brilliant!