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This is for the ones who don't know coding/scripting, who are not familiar with it, or for those who are... lazy, LOL ;-).
Simply comment in this journal.. and.. be patient!!!!!!
Of course it is free, i do ask for nothing in return. well a thank you maybe.. lol-)

Free Templates

See the menu : 'CSS Templates'!
I'm adding more.

First of all this offer is FREE!!!
I do not asking for anything in return, well a thanx. lol-) and credits!
If you WANt to donate you can, but NOTHING mandatory!
Make a Donation

A few things you should know first.

1) CSS coding is here only to customize the look of your journal. It will change as you want the colors of your font, backgrounds, borders etc, and the size of you font and some links behaviour.
2) So knowing this, where you type your journal (text area) if you used any html tags for font size such as (without the spaces) < sup > or < sub >, delete them.
3) When you'll get the code i've made for you you just have to edit your journal, look at the bottom and click on 'css beta', a box appears, paste my code here.

You have 2 choices.
1) If you have a precise idea of what you want you can send me back the infos under (fill the questionnaire via a NOTE);
2) You can only send me a graphic or two (for the header and footer) of your own (dA gallery) and i'll customized it according to your graphics colors!), and NOTE me...

Now that you're aware of this give me these infos :

0) adds-ons :
- do you want that the journal image next to your title appears?

1) backgrounds :
- what font size do you want : little, middle, big?
- what MAIN background color do you want?
- what header bg color do you want?
- Do you want your main bg filled with an image?
- Do you want your header bg filled with an image?
If yes give me a link to the image (one of your deviations).

2) Font size :
-  what font size do you want for your header?
-  what font size do you want for your main journal area?
-  what font size do you want for your mood box?
-  what font size do you want for your box links?

3) Font color :
(keep in mind that it must NOT be the same than your bg...)
-  what font color do you want for your header?
-  what font color do you want for your main journal area?
-  what font color do you want for your mood box?
-  what font color do you want for your box links?

4) Links :
For special effects.
- color change when you pass you mouse over the link? (yes/no)
- the size of the font (caps or not) change when you pass you mouse over the link? (yes/no)
- the weight of the font change (bold) when you pass you mouse over the link (or the reverse)? (yes/no)
- the appearance of your cursor change when you pass you mouse over the link? (yes/no)
If yes, what kind of cursor do you want (classical ones).

Request CSS Here.

thank you!


- Visual help by nichtgraveyet can be found here.
- A complete tutorial by NyssaDuck can be found here.


© 2007 - 2021 GoodiesForYou
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quinteros-lama's avatar
ohhhh... you are soooooo sweet!
Mottenfest's avatar
I'm curious... :o within a journal, is it possible to change the color of the font? like, using [font color=x]
DarkDelusion's avatar
sorry for being stupid, but can I ask is the "Box links" like that part of your journal named "Menu?"
grace-note's avatar
So I can just request one...? 0.o? Simply by filling out the questionaire?

*realises she has just wasted 2 hours of procrastination time*

*pokes you* Are you a saint or something? :hug:

*makes a note of filling out the questions.*
Filmchild's avatar
Ok I’m a photo-manipulator and I create a variety of work. Problem is I don’t have a CSS that reflects what I do. Now I have just opened yet another art account strictly for my fantasy work with literally no journal because I’m tired of using other’s journals because they don’t work with my art.

Anyway I understand if you don’t have the time, but I would really appreciate it if you could make me something for my accounts. I run a club too and we need a better a avatar but I think you have better things to do other then make all this for me.
If you could take a look I would be grateful. Please note that my new account is very small as I have to submit more yet.
*Filmchild and *Fincayla

Thanks so much
Oxana-lee's avatar
C'est tout simplement exeptionnel! Je n'avait pas encore pris le temps de visiter ce compte, mais c'est tout simplement fantastique, vraiment on devrait te nommer grande prétresse de deviantart ou faire un culte a ton nom :XD: . Sérieusement, c'est vraiment sympas de ta part de venir en aide aux pauvres gens comme moi qui savent pas se servir d'un pc (c'est une honte je sais...:sniff: ). Je sais que je te donne déja beaucoup de travail, mais quand tu aurra le temps je serai bien tenté par un petit journal personnalisé. Je vais t'envoyer une note pour confirmation. En tout cas, merci beaucoup!! :hug:
GoodiesForYou's avatar
envoie-moi une note sur ce compte pour le css et donne moi ta dev favorite dans ta galerie pour que je l'utilise pour tonjournal.
attention j'ai bcp de retard sur mes css!
Oxana-lee's avatar
déjà fait ^^ mais je t'en enverrai une autre rien que pour te faire plaisir :XD: (et pour surcharger ta boite aux lettres encore plus :evillaugh: )
notagak's avatar
You are an exceptional person!! what a wonderful thing you are doing!
GH-MoNGo's avatar
Hey hey, I kinda need a new CSS layout. If you'd like, I can send you a note with details. There isn't a pressing need for one time-wise, so take as long as you need to.
GoodiesForYou's avatar
yes do it dear!!
i'll happily make it for :kiss:
Moniki's avatar
Please please help me :please: I just hate the grey background on my journals. I tried to change it but I absolutly don't understand anything in css. Could you help me? I have two account :iconmoniki:
and :iconflowerpowerstock:
You could take any image of my stock account and you can make any style you want and that will be much better than grey.

Please, help me :please::please::please:
HiROBii's avatar
your layouts are really nice~
nocturnalbliss's avatar
your creations are really beautiful!! well done! :D
GoodiesForYou's avatar
GoodiesForYou's avatar
please respect my rules : NOTe me!
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