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Kingdom Hearts
The 14th/and 15th
Chapter 1 – Purity
“What measure is a non-human?” – Anonymous
White. That was what everything was at this castle. Everything, so pristine... and yet, it had a feel of arrogance and malice to it. Even in the rooms, everything had a strange feeling.
In one such room,  three figures stood, draped in robes as black as the night. Laying on a bed in the room was two more figures, also in the robes.  Other then the bed, it was completely empty, and completely white. The only light came from the door to the hallway.
“Newcomers? Huh.” said one of the figures.
“Shh, they need their rest. It’s hard being killed.” said another.
“They seem kinda different... are you sure they are one of us?” said the first.
“Of course. Have I ever been wrong before?” said the other.
“Uh...” started the first,  but was interrupted by “Don’t answer that” by the ot
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The Long, Cold Tale of Bear Hugger - Part 1
Sit down, child. It is time for me to tell you the tragic and melancholic story of my childhood.
My story starts before I was born. My father was a priest named John, which means "God Is Gracious," despite him being anything but. At the age of 26, he begot me with a 14 year old prostitute from Japan named only "Black Kiko". Her true name, to this day, is a mystery to our entire family.
I know nothing of my life before 6, as I was but a wee lad living a normal life, but at the age of 7, everything changed.
My father, now a womanizing alcoholic, decided to kill my mother. Why? Well, he was a priest, as you know, and for a priest to be the husband of a 14 year old Japanese prostitute would be a rather… interesting career choice. So, my mentally-unstable father and I lived together for but a couple weeks before he started the chain of events that changed my life.
It was May 26th, I remember it like it was but a day ago. He came up to me, his large, bulbous nose jiggling as he heartily
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Kingdom Hearts
The 14th/and 15th

Chapter 1 – Purity

“What measure is a non-human?” – Anonymous

White. That was what everything was at this castle. Everything, so pristine... and yet, it had a feel of arrogance and malice to it. Even in the rooms, everything had a strange feeling.
In one such room,  three figures stood, draped in robes as black as the night. Laying on a bed in the room was two more figures, also in the robes.  Other then the bed, it was completely empty, and completely white. The only light came from the door to the hallway.
“Newcomers? Huh.” said one of the figures.
“Shh, they need their rest. It’s hard being killed.” said another.
“They seem kinda different... are you sure they are one of us?” said the first.
“Of course. Have I ever been wrong before?” said the other.
“Uh...” started the first,  but was interrupted by “Don’t answer that” by the other.
The third stood there in silence, arms folded.
A fourth, noticeably taller figure came in. His hood was off, revealing a tanned face, with long, white hair in a mullet-like hairdo.
“You all should leave them. I have some... experiments I have to do.” said the tall one.
“Yes sir.” said the two in unison. The third just nodded, and they all walked out.
The taller man walked over, and pulled the hood off of the two other figures. Under the first was a girl with short, dark hair, and the other, a girl with curly hair, fiery like hell itself.
“Hmm... females. Interesting...” he muttered to himself. He raised his right hand and took off a glove. Suddenly, black wisps and tendrils started to surround his whole hand, extending up to his arm. His placed his hand over top of the two girls.
“Awake...” he muttered, the tendrils stretching out onto the bed and under them, raising them up. Their eyes began to slowly open,  and they sat up.
“Wh... where am I? Who... who am I? My head... it hurts...” said the dark headed one, holding her head with her hands.
“I can’t remember... anything! Why? Why!?” the red haired one screamed.
“Shh... it’s alright, you two.” the tall man mused.
“You are in our care now. We will tell you everything.” His smile was like that of a snake, inviting but deceiving.
“O... okay. Just who are you? And who are we?” the dark haired girl asked.
“I am called Xemnas. Imagine me as your father, for now. Your names are,” he put his hands up, and traces a line of darkness into the open space. The lines turned into letters. “Alxamei,” he said, pointing to the dark haired girl, and pointed at the red haired girl “and Arxon”. The letters were not floating uniformly. They moved up and down randomly, and the letter X in both of their names was the biggest and shone the brightest.
“Allow me to escort you to the main hall, to... introduce you to your brothers and sisters,” Xemnas said with an escorting arm, “they have waited a while for... newcomers.”

 Chapter 2 – Loyalty
“Should I auld acquaintance to be forgot, and never brought to mine?” – Robert Burns

The room was huge. It lacked the pristine nature of others, as it was more dark, almost a grey, and situated in it were  couches and chairs, with enough for at least 20 people.  Randomly placed around the room were 12 other people,  each in their robes. Their hoods were off, showing a motley crew of faces.
“Let me introduce you two to the rest of our group.” Xemnas said with an open arm.
A smaller member piped up and said “AHEM!”
“... and Larxene. Line up so I can introduce our new members!”
The 12 of them lackadaisically got up and lined up. No order was apparent, however.
“From left to right, we have...”
A tall, red haired man stood there. He was rather lanky, and had strange facial markings that looked like two small tears of blood. His posture was relaxed.
“I’m Axel! Got it memorized?” he said with a chuckle.
Next was a small boy, younger then the two of them. He had short blond hair.
“Umm... I’m... er...” he muttered and stumbled.
“This is Roxas, my best buddy!” Axel said with an arm around him.
“He’s the newest guy other then you two. I think you’ll get along fine, eh buddy?”
“I guess...” Roxas said, looking at his feet.
Next in line was a short, young female. She had long blond hair, styled almost like antenna.   She was the shortest, but Arxon could tell, in terms of Ego, she was the biggest.
“So, like, I’m Larxene, but you already know that, cause, I’m like super cool and stuff compared to these bozos. Its going to be nice to have a couple more girls around for once! So, like, whats your affinities?”
“Er... excuse me?” Alxamei asked.
Xemnas cast a glare at Larxene, and she shrunk back.
“Um, like, I meant... uh... favourite stuff. I, like, get words all mixed up all the time.” she said, bonking her head.  
“Well... hm... I don’t really know. I can’t remember.” Arxon said, holding her lip.
Larxene let out a small sigh.
“Oh, well, thats fine, you’ll remember, like, eventually.”
Next in line was a shorter boy, in his teens. He had spiked up Brown hair, and had a guitar care on his back.
“’Sup,  I’m Demyx, the team rock star.” He smiled arrogantly.
“I know, I know, you’ve already fallen in love with me, but remember, we don’t have emotio...”
Demyx was cut short by an intense glare from Xemnas.
“Well, were teenagers, we just angst and stuff.... yeah...”
He retreated like a cat from a dog.
The people in line looked ticked off.
“Let’s hurry this up. I’m Luxord, and I’m the Poker Champion here.” Said a tall man with a blond beard and short hair.
“I’m Xigbar, the sharpshooter. Not much else to say.” His look was enough. He had salt and pepper hair tied back in a ponytail, and a scar on his face, covered by an eyepatch.
“Lexaeus.” said a huge man, with stringy brown hair.
“I’m Vexen, the smartest one here. Hmhmhmh....” he chortled to himself. He had long, light brown hair, and a face of a weasel.
“I’m Marluxia, the most BEAUTIFUL man here!”
“Man...?” Arxon whispered.
He had long, bright pink hair, and a face of an angel. A female angel.
“I’m Zexion.” said a shorter boy with long, white hair covering his face. He was reading a book, the title in a font illegible from a distance.
“Xaldin. Pleased to met you.” He was a big man with dark hair tied back like a samurai.
“And finally, I’m Saïx.”  He had long hair, blue as the moon. He had a scar in the shape of an X on his face.
“Well now introduce yourselves.” Xemnas said to the two.
“I’m Alxamei....”
“And I’m Arxon.”
“Well, now that that’s done, we can tell you what we are about.” Xemnas said, guiding them to the exit of the room.  He took them to a smaller one, with only a table in it, and 3 chairs.
“So... what does the group do?” asked Alxamei.
“You died.” Xemnas said.
“Wha... what? But how, I mean, I’m right here!” Arxon stammered.
“Not all of you. Both of you are only have here.”
Alxamei and Arxon sat back, shocked.
“Place your hand over the right side of your chest. Feel anything?”
They did... and nothing.
“We... don’t have hearts?” Alxamei concluded.
“No. You are both incomplete. We are all incomplete here. Our mission is to get back our hearts. That is the purpose of our group. We are Organization XIII.”
“So... what now? What do we do?” Alxamei asked.
“We train you. To get hearts, we must obtain Kingdom Hearts. And to do that, we have to defeat monsters known as The Heartless, for every Heartless killed releases a heart for Kingdom Hearts.” Xemnas said, calm and cool.
“Wait... if we don’t have hearts.... how are we alive?” Arxon wondered.
“Hearts do not sustain a life. They only contain the emotions. As Nobodies, we do not feel  emotions.”
“But... I felt joy when I saw how good friends Axel and Roxas were!” Alxamei shot out.
Xemnas was drawn back by this.
“You... you lie. We have no emotions.”
“And I felt fear when I realized I have no memories!” Arxon added.
“No, no you must be lying to yourselves. We cannot feel anything.”
“But I swear...” Alxamei started.
“ENOUGH.” Xemnas cast a glare that could light a fire. “Tomorrow, you start training. As for now, you may go to the Grey Room to wait.”
Xemnas lift his arm, and the door flung open.
“Y... yes sir.” Arxon said, the fear taking over.

Chapter 3 -   Affinities
“Words are only painted fire; a look is the fire itself”

The first thing that stuck the two girls was boredom. Everyone else was doing something, and they were left alone.  Luxord was playing Solitaire, Larxene was reading the works of Marquis de Said,  Demyx was writing a song and Axel was eating a slice of pizza reading a newspaper called “The Traverse Times”.
“So... what shall we do?” Arxon asked.
“I don’t know... I don’t want to get lost, so exploring is out of the question... and its too warm to do anything in these stupid cloaks...” Alxamei yawned.
“No other clothes, either.... and why are there like twenty different zippers on it? Is that REALLY necessary?” Arxon’s voice raised.  A few members glanced over, but didn’t do anything. That is, except Roxas. He got up from his chair, and moved over to see the girls.
“Hey... sorry about earlier. Just had stuff on my mind.”  he said. His voice was calm now, like a pop singers.
“Thats fine... hey, what is that Affinities thing they’ve all been talking about? What does it mean?” Alxamei asked.
“Well, it’s like... the element for the magic you use.” Roxas said slowly, eyes half shut.  He looked rather tired.
“Waitwaitwait. Magic? Like pulling rabbits out of hats?” Arxon asked, and even Alxamei couldn’t tell if that was sarcastic or not.
“No, more like being able to shot it out of your weapons... speaking of which, you don’t have ones yet, do you?” Roxas asked, folding his arms onto the table and resting his head on it.
“Weapons? No... you mean we’ll be fighting?” Alxamei asked.
“Yeah, we all have to. Come to Vexen’s lab afterwards, we’ll choose one for you... or rather, it will choose itself for you.” Roxas said with a giggle.
“Wow... sounds... kinda awesome!” Arxon beamed.
“Arxon, this may be dangerous. Maybe we should find a way out of here...” Alxamei said cautiously.
“Nah, this’ll be great! Besides, where would we go? Have you taken a look out the window?”
Alxamei peered out. Only space would be seen, and a small moon, shaped like a stylized heart, for some reason.  

As they walked the soft, white hallways, they felt some strange feelings. They felt as though... they were being watched.
“I have a bad feeling...” Arxon said with a slight touch of fear in her voice.
“Calm down, there is only the Organization Members here. Its not like...” Alxamei cut herself off. She too felt the presence of something watching them.
Instinctively, they began to run. The walls, lined with columns, began to look all the same, a white blur. As they felt their blood pumping, they realized how their outfits were not made for running. As they turned a corner, they saw a figure pop out of the wall.
“Wha... what is that?” Arxon said, horrified.
It looked like a person in a white version of their cloak, but zipped up. Although... the zipper was its mouth. And it lacked eyes. Its hands were tapered to a point, and was moving like snake.
“AGHHHHHHHHHH!!” Alxamei let out an almighty scream.
It leapt back, startled. Out from behind him, Xigbar walked up and put his hand on the shoulder of the monster.
“So, you’ve met one of our pawns. Ladies, I give you, a Dusk. They are the lowest of the low of the Organization, and are our slaves. Well, the Dusks are everyone’s slaves, but, we all have our own personal slaves.  For instance, I have Snipers to help me. Good cannon fodder too. Never complain... well, their mouths are zipped shut.. most of the time.”
Arxon, still in shock, squeeked, “What are they?”
“They’re nobodies like you and me. Except they didn’t have a strong enough heart to become humanoid like you and me. One would say its sad, but its life.”
“...thats... I... can’t feel it.” Alxamei said, “I can’t feel any emotion.”
“What, expecting to feel it? We can only respond to things the same way our past selves would. We can’t feel any emotions like that.” Xigbar said, with a contradicting smile.  
“Wow.... being a Nobody is overly complicated.” Arxon said.
“Well, its gonna be a lot harder soon. C’mon, we got to get your weapon ready for you.” His smile promised pain.

The three stopped in a small room, filled with darkness. In the center stood Vexen, with a small table with a small device on it.
“Welcome, to my own personal laboratory, ladies... and Xigbar.” Vexen said, illuminated by his sliminess.
“...” The two girls stood still, fear holding them.
“Well, what are you waiting for? Come and receive your weapons... hmhmhmh...” Vexen let out a giggle.
Arxon and Alxamei looked at each other, and they both nodded. Alxamei went up first.
“Okay, put your hand into this analyzer here. With this, we can determine your fighting style and elemental affinity.” Vexen mused, holding his hand to his face.
Alxamei put her hand into the box... and screamed. Sparks flew everywhere, the room lighting up with electricity.
Vexen laughed.
“I didn’t say it wouldn’t hurt, girl.”
The pain rushed through her body. She tried to pry her arm out, but to no avail. Finally, the light stopped, and she collapsed.
Vexen brought out a computer from a drawer, and turned it on. Alxamei got up from the ground, panting.
“Hmm... interesting. Hold out you hand, and imagine in your hand, a weapon.”
Alxamei did, and a large Katana appeared out of nowhere. Its blade was curved, and pure white. The hilt was blue, with a small Kanji on it. “水”. Water.
“Oh, this isn’t going to end well when Demyx hears this. Water is his element. And he is a very, very stubborn child.” Vexen said, with a face as straight as an arrow.
“Now, child, it’s your turn.” He said, looking at Arxon.
“Umm.. maybe I can stay back and provide moral support?” She whimpered.
“Hardly. We have Demyx do that already.”
“… fine. I’m stronger then Alxy, so this shouldn’t be so bad!” Arxon said, with fear still in her voice.
She put her hand into It, bracing for the worst. It flew on again, and she didn’t budge, holding back the pain.
After it was over, Arxon held her hand out. On both of her hands appeared red, metallic cuffs. She held them in a fist and they glowed red. She  did a one-two punch, followed by an uppercut, of which orange flames shot out of.
“Ah… Fire. Axel will not be pleased either. You may want to not use magic in their company, they will not be pleased…”
“For the first time, we have people using the same elements… this could be quiet problematic indeed…” Vexen cackled. The two girls looked at each other, both wondering ‘What now?’

Chapter 4 – Message
"Prepare for the worst, expect the best, and take what comes."
While walking down the hall to the Grey Room, the two girls heard a booming voice from the meeting room.
“Ladies. Come in for a second.”  Xemnas.

The two girls, worried something may be amiss, slowly walked in.
“Take a seat.” His expression was as stoic as ice.
“As you ladies may know, you possess the same elemental affinities of some of our other members. Do you know why?” He asked, stroking his non-existent beard.
“No sir, we just thought that it was a coincidence.” Arxon replied.
There was a long silence, followed by anger from the master.
“You two are not normal. You must tell me of your past lives. Anything you can remember.”
“Nothing sir...” Arxon replied.
Alxamei sat there, thinking… until it popped into her head.
“I remember… some emotions.” She said, head tilted.
“… Impossible. Nobodies don’t have them.” He reaffirmed.
“But I’m sure. I have no other memories. That’s it.”
“Interesting. Very well. I will do some research. I may call you back at any time. You may go.”

Back in the Grey Room, the room was abuzz more than normal. In the middle were Demyx and Axel arguing.  The other members, sans Xemnas,  gossiping around them in a circle. When the two girls walked in,  everyone in the room glared at them. Axel and Demyx , pushing their ways out of the circle, ran towards the two girls. Demyx jumped and glomped Alxamei, while Axel ran over and grabbed Arxon by the shoulders and shook her repeatedly.
“Oh, we’ll have so much fun together! Water balloons, water surfing, water guns, beach days, hot springs….” Demyx rambled on and on.
“YOU STOLE MY STYLE, YOU LITTLE…. GIRL! WHY, I OUGHTA…. I can’t hit a girl, but…. SERIOUSLY, NOT COOL! AND I HAVE HALF A MIND TOO….” Axel rambled as well.
Suddenly, an alarm rang out. All the Nobodies stopped what they were doing, and looked at Xemnas running down the hall.
“We have an intruder. It may be the enemy. I want you all to go down to the shoreline and make sure its not… him.” Xemnas informed.
“Him?” Arxon pondered.
“A member of a group of individuals who oppose us. They shall not be named for… reasons undisclosed.” Xemnas mused, as stoic as ever.

They  all ran out of the castle, like a swarm of black bugs. They reached a beach, in a realm that was dark, but not scary. It was humid, and the black coats didn’t make it better.  As they reached the far end of the shoreline, they saw a man in all red, with belts covering his face, and glaring yellow eyes. He looked down to the ground for a second, then disappeared in a flash of light. Left below him was a message written in the sand:
“Combined, you thrive”

Chapter 5 – Mission
“The best test of a man is the measure of his heart”

A few weeks past after the incident, and Alxamei and Arxon had finished their training. They were considered the best combination for missions in the castle. Arxon was physically powerful, able to take down a Neo-Shadow in a single punch of her mighty gloves. Alxamei had the best magical prowess in the castle. She could use Meteor, a spell even Zexion didn’t know about.  The last couple of weeks were very eventless, but that would soon change…
“Team Arxalmei, I have a mission for you.” Saix administered, per the usual.
“Today, we want you to investigate a new world called Mysterious Tower. Take your Nobodies with you, and find out about the mysterious character living in the top.”
“Yes sir.” Arxon replied. After a few snotty remarks followed by punishments, she always gave Saix the utmost respect. Behind them opened the corridor of darkness. They both walked in, unaware of what was about to occur.

They walked out of portal to see a massive hill on a starry night sky. At the apex of the hill was a massive tower. Behind the two girls were two groups of nobodies. Behind Arxon were red and white ones, as large as a dusk, with black belts on its arms and legs. Its hands were replaced with sharp blades, and its head was sleek and compact, like a helmet. Arxon dubbed them Ninja Nobodies, due to her obsession with ninjas and their aesthetics. Behind Alxamei were smaller nobodies, with round heads, large eyes and small, rectangular bodies. They were streamlined and silver, like a robot. In their hands were books, with text only visible to them. She named them Oracles, because of their ability to detect danger before it occurred.  
“Well, we better get going.” Alxamei murmured.
“Yup. This’ll be fun…” Arxon sarcasmed.
They started the climb, their respective Nobody armies staying behind by a few feet.  The green grass was moist, like it had just been sprayed with a fresh coat of morning dew. As they continued onward, they felt a strange presence.
“Do you feel that?” Arxon asked.
“It feels like…. nobodies.” Her partner replied. “High level ones. Nobody else was sent on this mission though….”
Wonder why backup was sent, they hurried up the hill at a breakneck pace.

At the peak of the hill was the titular tower. Slowly, Arxon grabbed the handle and turned it. Their Nobody comrades tensed up. They felt it now as well. As the door opened, and inside was…
“You kept us waiting.”
“Yeah, and I missed Jersey Shore because of you two.”
It was Axel and Demyx!
“Whats wrong? We never asked for backup!” Alxamei questioned.
“Backup? Lady, you got it wrong. We’re not here to help you…”
Axel’s hands lit up in a fire. His chakrams appeared in his hands, and he leapt forward, attacking the two girls.
“W… why? We’re part of the Organization, like you!” Arxon shot.
“Well, you see, you and your partner have been totally bumming our shifts. If I don’t get missions, I don’t get heart points, which I need to buy stuff, like…. Sitars.”
“So, we decided to off you.  Its for the better of the group, okay?”  Axel  held his chakrams out, and shot a rapid assault of fire balls. The partners dodged, and it missed them by an inch. Arxon equipped her gloves, and ran up to Axel to try and hit him. She missed both punches, and he teleported in a tower of flames behind her, and hit her with a counter, launching her backwards.
“Arxon! Counter him after guarding!”
“I don’t like to counter! Its too complex!”
“Then why did you do the counter training?”
“In case of the slight chance that I might need to!”
As they argued, Demyx ran behind Alxamei, and grabbed his sitar and started playing.
“Dance, water, dance!” He mused in his Chad Kroeger-like voice.  From the ground popped up fifty water clones, all dancing to a beat only they can hear.  They circled her, like a wild group of lions. She brandished her katana, and sliced through one after another.  After 50 seconds, only one remained, but it grabbed her from behind and engulfed her in a deluge of water.
“Alxamei!” Arxon screamed. She punched, and a fireball shot out of her fist towards her engulfed body. It hit, releasing a fury of steam.
“Thanks!” she thanked Arxon. ‘I need a plan…’  she thought. ‘When did this all start…. wait, one the beach!’

“Combined, you thrive”

“Arxon! I have an idea! Shoot your magic at me!” Alxamei screamed.
“J…just do it!” Alxamei  held out her hand, and a sphere of water appeared. Arxon punched, and a giant fireball headed towards her.  They clashed, and the fire was absorbed by the water. Nothing happened.
“Whats wrong? Are you trying to scare me with STEAM?” Axel ridiculed.
Suddenly, the ball began to spin. The blue sphere became a black one. It grew and grew and grew. She could barely hold it up. She raised it above her head, and Arxon ran towards her to help.
“Th… this is….” Alxamei was in shock.
“RAGNAROK!” Arxon yelled excitedly.
They both held up the mystical ball of darkness, ready to throw it at their new adversaries.
“Oh frick on a sandwich.” They both said simultaneously.
“RAGNA… ROKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!” They both threw the orb, and it hit them dead on. Their bodies,  upon colliding with it, began to slowly disappear. Finally, they were gone completely.

Final Chapter – Revelation

“We have to tell Xemnas about them. They were traitors.” Arxon said, tired after using so much energy.
“Tell me what now?” A voice boomed from behind them. It was their leader, Xemnas.
“Master Xemnas. Those two decided to attack us because we were too good. They said we were making them look bad. It had to be done.” Arxon said.
“Oh, it did? Then so does this.” His arm’s turned into twin lightsabers.
“Ah!” Arxon’s eyes turned large. She looked down, only to see her body split in two from the blade. Her last sight was of Alxamei, crying and screaming.
“ARXONNNNNN!!” Alxamei cried out, but she knew her cry fell on dead ears.
“My god…. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? YOU MONSTER!” Alxamei got out her sword, and dashed towards the forsaken master. She held it, ready to strike with the force of a rhino. As she got closer, she felt time stop.  She couldn’t move.
“Sorry, love. Its all part of the game.”
“Now, time to do what I should have done since you two purebodys came to my door.” Xemnas said, brandishing his blade.
Her body, sliced asunder, fell to the floor, the sound it made echoing through the cosmos itself.

“NO! No no no no! This was meant to be flawless!” Vexen screamed, smashing his computer.
“You see, I told you we don’t need any more members to our team. We are Organization XIII. What the hell would we do with a 14th, let alone 15th member? Change the name?” Xigbar said, leaning on the chair Vexen was on.
“Fine, fine. Here’s your 2000 Heart Points.” Vexen handed over a pile of green balls.
“But… it was calculated perfectly. I should have won…. Project M.A.R.Y.S.U.E. is going to be shut down, then.” Vexen whimpered.  
“You know machines, always having the fatal bugs.” Xigbar said, counting his money.

Meanwhile, in Twillight Town,
“Data-DiZ, you did a good job.” It was DiZ, on his computer.
“But Real-DiZ, what did this accomplish?” His computerized twin asked.
“Nothing, I just like messing with them!” DiZ laughed.
“Well, sir, I think we accomplished that.” Data-DiZ laughed as well.
“This just goes to show. The Organization doesn’t need any more members. Right?” DiZ lifted a single eyebrow.
oh god this is from 2011 what the hell



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southpawper Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
And now, thanks to you, someone with your username is watching someone with my username!^^
southpawper Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks to you, someone with your username faved my work!^^
Nakmak Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013
Hey, it's Hideo Kojima's birthday! Sing with me!

♫Standing here
 I realize
 You are just like me
 Trying to make history ♪
Justout12 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013
Goodbye18000 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013
Hamha to you too!
Justout12 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013
I'm a bit blushie for saying that. But, I would like to givehoo whatever happened to the Hamtaro Let's Play. I recently watched it and it really bestest! I don't want to make a fussfuss about it. But swellie if you have other things to do.  I just want you to hushgo a update. (Sorry if I sound a bit pushy :P)
Goodbye18000 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013
I finished it though! I just decided to not do the post-game stuff as it is a bit tedious and that I've actually never done it. I might do another Hamtaro game in the future though!
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Nakmak Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013
Y'know, I had a dream involving you punching that ninja girl from Bravoman in the breasts followed up by a intro with a montage of video games that replaces everyone's face with Felix the Cat and the actual video being a show that you and your friends draw sketches into reality. Tell me, am I crazy? If not, can you make this into reality?
Goodbye18000 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013
I punched Waya-Hime in the boobs? AWESOME. I TOUCHED A GIRLS BOOBS. 

As for the Sketching-into-reality, I can't draw (at all) so yes, you are crazy. Slightly. 
Nakmak Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013
Good 2 ♫.
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