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I´m just only a simple SSJ3
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Twilight Supersaiyajin Evolutions Version Z-GT-AF

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Hola soy Gonzalo, me encanta hacer crossovers son mi pasion, tengo demasiada imaginación, soy fanatico de Dragon Ball Z hasta la muerte XD sobre todo me gusta caleta la transformación del supersaiyajin 3, me gusta jugar, pasarlo bien en mi playstation y tengo espíritu aventurero

hago dibujos (mas o menos eso si), crossovers en photoshop, linearts & buttons. que mas me faltaria por hacer :| :D

no hago comisiones ni pedidos, lo siento
no do commisions and requests, sorry

Draw for fun-Stamp by Dinoclaws I draw what I want stamp by izka197 True Artist Stamp by chibibarrage Motivation - Or not. by AssClownFish

No Requests by Enjoumou No Comms by Enjoumou

Chilean Spanish language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy USA Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-design

SSJ3 Goku stamp 2 by Nei-Ning Goku Ssj 3 stamp 3 by Evil-Black-Sparx-77 Goku Fan Stamp by Furiael Goku Fan Stamp by XxChiChixX Goku stamp by Sonike SSJ3 Goku stamp by Nei-Ning Goku stamp 2 by Evil-Black-Sparx-77 Goku Ssj 3 Stamp 2 by Evil-Black-Sparx-77 Happy Goku Stamp by XxChiChixX Left Or Right stamp by Dbzbabe Ill Fight, no I will by Dbzbabe Munch by Dbzbabe You thought wrong by Dbzbabe WTF WORMS Stamp by Dbzbabe SSJ Goku stamp 02 by Evil-Black-Sparx-77 SSJ 3 Goku Vs Cell,Frieza,Buu and Broly stamp by Evil-Black-Sparx-77 SailorMoon stamp by Kay-I SSJ God Goku Transforming Stamp by TempestVortex Kuririn .:Stamp30:. by PrinzVegeta Vegeta gets angry stamp by CristianDarkraDx2496 Kid Buu stamp by Evil-Black-Sparx-77 Gotenks fuck you stamp by Evil-Black-Sparx-77 Gotenks stamp 02 by Evil-Black-Sparx-77 SSJ 2 Teen Gohan stamp 02 by Evil-Black-Sparx-77 Goku brushing his teeths stamp by Evil-Black-Sparx-77 From Evil Buu to Super Buu to Kid Buu stamp by Evil-Black-Sparx-77 Fusion Gogeta Stamp by Dbzbabe Saiyan pride stamp by war-armor Saiyans stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps Dragon Fist (BT3, Goku SSJ4) Stamp [Gift] by toni987 Vegeta .:Stamp17:. by PrinzVegeta Vegeta .:Stamp03:. by PrinzVegeta
(Request) Anti Goku X Chichi Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 DBZ animated stamp - Gohan 001 by hanakt Super Saiyan Blue Goku STAMP by MiTexcel Goku Abridged Stamp by ArizonaRed Goku Ssj 4 Stamp by Evil-Black-Sparx-77 Cute Zen-Oh gif by CatCamellia
Akira Toriyama Stamp by NamekianKAI Koromon Stamp by Stamp221 Jumping Koromon Stamp by Stamp221 Agumon n Gomamon Singing Stamp by Stamp221 Angewomon Stamp by TuxedoMoroboshi Lillymon Stamp by SlumberPoppy WarGreymon Stamp by shadowmonkeybaby BkWargreymon Fan Stamp. by Teen-Zetsu Imperialdramon FM Fan Stamp by Teen-Zetsu Agumon Stamp by L3xil3in agumon warp digivolve stamp by Heidelmeier17 V-mon Line Stamp by vanilla-dog +Calumon-Culumon Stamp+ by Blackgatomon +Guilmon Stamp+ by Blackgatomon stamp Guilmon. by ingart15 Guilmon Stamp by omegan13 Terriermon stamp by Kegawa Terriermon stamp by schneckomann
Agumon by Marlenesstamps Greymon by Marlenesstamps Metalgreymon by Marlenesstamps Wargreymon by Marlenesstamps
Blackwargreymon stamp by LadyBeelze VcitoryGreymon Stamp by LadyBeelze ShineGreymon Stamp by LadyBeelze
Spongebob Rape Face Animated by Fyi-Sus Yu-Gi-Oh Saga Fan Stamp by blueyescyberdustdrag Osiris the Dragon of the Heavens by blueyescyberdustdrag Dark Magician Girl stamp by OA by DuelMonstersClub Blue-Eyes Ultimate Stamp by TheLastHetaira Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Stamp by AESD blue eyes ultimate dragon attack by KisaraAkiRyu blue eyes ultimate dragon by KisaraAkiRyu Galaxy eyes photon dragon by KisaraAkiRyu Neo Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon by blueyescyberdustdrag 004 - Charmander by PokeStampsDex Charmander Stamp by colinlover45 Charmander Stamp by Kasen-Valantine Charmander stamp by Numbuh9
006 - Charizard by PokeStampsDex Charizard Fan Stamp by rossmallo charizard stamp by PFV0-Stamp
004 Charmander Stamp by Kevfin 025 Pikachu Stamp by Kevfin 006 Charizard Stamp by Kevfin Charizard Stamp by PeppersStamps Mega Charizard Y Stamp by FireFlea-San ~Sylveon Stamp~ by Bunri Sylveon Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps Sylveon stamp by S-Laughtur 700 - Sylveon by Marlenesstamps Sylveon by Marlenesstamps Jolteon Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps
718 - Zygarde by Marlenesstamps Oshawott Dance by Marlenesstamps Pokemon Stamp : Oshawott Cute Face by Kevfin
Stamp: Pikachu and Mijumaru by Endless-Rainfall Pokemon Stamps : Charizard Stamp by Kevfin Charizard by PeachTabby Charizard stamp by sandy9797 Charizard Stamp by Kibichu Dragonite Stamp by Kibichu Raichu Stamp by Kibichu Lugia Stamp by Snuf-Stamps charmander stamp by ingart15 PKMN Sun and moon - Mallow Fan Stamp by Aquamimi123
Fire-Type Support Stamp by Natsu714 Electric-Type Support Stamp by Natsu714 Dragon-Type Support Stamp by Natsu714 Grass-Type Support Stamp by Natsu714 Water-Type Support Stamp by Natsu714 Fairy-Type Support Stamp by Natsu714
WWF Stamp by laprasking CM Punk Stamp by kydragon :thumb93168211: :thumb93304464: :thumb93304313: The Edge-stamp by Claire-Wesker1 Long Haired Jericho Stamp by aWWEsomeSoph Y2J Stamp by aWWEsomeSoph :thumb93303129: :thumb93303464: :thumb93303882: Hola soy German-Stamp by Karu12 'Great Scott' by Sunshinylisee Back to the Future Stamp by Drayon84
Jim Carrey Fan Stamp by nirman Ace Ventura Stamp by acww-freak08 Jim Carrey Stamp by Grincha
Cat Love Stamp by cloudrat Another Catwa Stamp by Baka-Monkey Stamp: I love cats by jelloween
Kitten Stamp by iiiiCrisp Sleepy Kitten Stamp by TwilightProwler Cat Cleans Stamp by TwilightProwler
Stamp: Fries by Shaudnly Stamp - Photoshop User by firstfear Stamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfear Estampilla chilena by LadyBeelze SOY CHILENO by twozard FUERZA CHILE QUERIDO by KazumiAkai

my favourite pokemon
Charmander by CreepyJellyfish Pikachu by CreepyJellyfish Dratini by CreepyJellyfish Squirtle by CreepyJellyfish Bulbasaur by CreepyJellyfish Chikorita by CreepyJellyfish Torchic by CreepyJellyfish Mudkip by CreepyJellyfish Oshawott by CreepyJellyfish Chespin by CreepyJellyfish #704 Goomy by Pokemon-XYZ Eevee by CreepyJellyfish Charmeleon by CreepyJellyfish Charizard by CreepyJellyfish Mega Charizard Y by pokemon3dsprites Mega Charizard X by pokemon3dsprites Dragonair by CreepyJellyfish Dragonite by CreepyJellyfish Pidgeot by CreepyJellyfish Raichu by CreepyJellyfish Dedenne by CreepyJellyfish Salamence by CreepyJellyfish Lugia by pokemon3dsprites Gardevoir by CreepyJellyfish Gardevoir-mega by CreepyJellyfish Goodra by CreepyJellyfish Rayquaza by pokemon3dsprites Mega Rayquaza by pokemon3dsprites Jolteon by CreepyJellyfish Sylveon by CreepyJellyfish Ivysaur by CreepyJellyfish Venusaur by CreepyJellyfish Venusaur-mega by CreepyJellyfish Wartortle by CreepyJellyfish Blastoise by CreepyJellyfish Blastoise-mega by CreepyJellyfish Meganium by CreepyJellyfish Typhlosion by CreepyJellyfish Feraligatr by CreepyJellyfish Golduck by CreepyJellyfish Metagross by CreepyJellyfish Gyarados by CreepyJellyfish Blaziken by CreepyJellyfish Blaziken-mega by CreepyJellyfish Chesnaught by CreepyJellyfish Greninja by CreepyJellyfish Sceptile by CreepyJellyfish Mega Sceptile by pokemon3dsprites Steelix by CreepyJellyfish Mega Steelix by pokemon3dsprites Giratina by CreepyJellyfish Zygarde Complete Forme by alolan-sprites Alolan Raichu #026 by pokemon3dsprites Ho-oh by pokemon3dsprites Butterfree by pokemon3dsprites Primarina 730 by pokemon3dsprites

Me gusta el anime, soy super fan de DRAGON BALL Z, Goku para mi IDOLO, MAESTRO Y DIOS XD, fanatico de la WWE desde la gloriosa Attitude Era hasta ahora, mis luchadores favoritos son: John Cena, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, Edge, Mick Foley, Undertaker, Daniel Bryan & CM Punk "IT'S CLOBBERIN TIME" YES YES YES :D

soy un Triple Crown Champion

y mas esto soy un Gran Slam Champion XD

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Favourite Movies
Transformers, Iron Man, Men in Black, The Avengers, Star Wars, All DBZ Movies, All Godzilla movies
Favourite TV Shows
Dragon Ball Z/Sailor Moon/Digimon/Pokemon/YuGiOh/Transformers/Saint Seiya/Slam Dunk
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Limp Bizkit, Skillet, Korn, Alejandro Sanz, Camilo Sesto, Chayanne, Metallica, Pet Shop Boys, Eros Ramazzotti, Luis Miguel, Men at Work, fall out boy, Motorhead, robbie williams, Coldplay
Favourite Games
WWE Smackdown vs Raw (all years), Burnout 3 Takedown / Revenge, Dragon Ball Z all versions
Favourite Gaming Platform
Playstation 2
Other Interests
play football

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Tus Imagenes son muy buenas,me gustaria ver una Kefla SSJ God,Blue,UI,UIM y tambien esa tipa con pelo al igual que los ponis xD

muchas gracias y eso que tengo pensado hacer a Kefla 20000 e infinito, que loco :D por cierto que es eso de tambien esa tipa con pelo al igual que los ponis?

vi en tus imagenes viejas una chica que era un pony

te refieres a twilight sparkle, la dibujo en estilo dbz con las transformaciones de ssj y es por que la actriz de doblaje de twilight es hija de mario castañeda y ademas que hace tiempo un usuario de aqui hizo un fanfic basado en eso y se me pegó :D pero de ella la hago muy poco y ni siquiera le hago render de los dibujos que hecho de ella como los que e hecho con kefla, no creo que sea interesante

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I love your Profil please More Dbs fan art and naruto More...^^🤗

Thank you very much but I do not make drawings of naruto, I do not like it very much naruto, as you see it I do drawings of dbz, digimon, pokemon and others :D