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buitreraptor Gonzalezorum

Epoxy resin sculpture. This sculpture measures 1m largo.Representa a kind of theropod dinosaur from the province of Rio Negro.Esta species was named after my brother (Fabian Horacio Gonzalez) and me, that we discovered in an expedition.
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Jan 7, 2006, 5:52:14 AM
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You were the discoverers? Wow!
Awesome sculpture! I like the feather colours! :D
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Wow, that is a really amazing sculpture. Great job! It almost looks as if it is taxidermy.
excellent work!
i think i will make an animatronic buitreraptor!
i saw this animal in a museum and i cant forget it!
but i cannot find material and pics about this animal....
if anyone can help this is my mail:
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WOW! Not only is the sculpture very impressive, but actually discovering this creature along with your brother?!?!? - FANTASTIC! I agree with Swampqueen: you must live a very interesting life!
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Yes, in 2003 with an expedition led by Dr. Sebastian Apesteguia found the remains of this species. My brother, Fabian Gonzalez found the first bone and then I found the rest.
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Incredibly cool, you must lead a very interesting life!
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A magnificent piece Jorge,

I hope you and your brother publish the animal's description in a scientific journal. I'd like to read all about it!
Thanks for sharing,

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Buitreraptor gonzalezorum was published in the journal Nature in November 2005. author of the study are Dr. Peter Mackoviky and Dr. Sebastian Apesteguia.
The cover of this number is an illustration of my authorship.
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Kudos! Nature is a very prestigious peer-reviewed journal. I can only dream of the day that I will get published in such a high impact journal. I'll look up the study at our national library.

Cheers and all the best.

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You discovered this species? Wow. Awesome sculpture.
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